MOBIA Technology Innovations

A One-Stop Shop for Technology Solutions MOBIA Technology InnovationsBy Leon Bracey View in E-MagazineView in Brochure Building relationships over time with customers and becoming trusted advisors has become a major part of MOBIA Technology Innovations’ success over the years. We spoke with company president Rob Lane about MOBIA Technologies and why its approach has kept the team in business since 1985. Headquartered near Halifax, NS in the town of Dartmouth, MOBIA Technologies initially started as a distributor of electronic components and by the 1990s, ultimately evolved into a system integrator. “We started to take not just the equipment and sell […]

MOBIA Technology Innovations

Energy in Canada

A major turning point in the history of Canadian / U.S. relations occurred in 1984. The Trudeau government’s plans at nationalizing the oil industry were officially over, replaced by Brian Mulroney’s Progressive Conservative government and the era of free trade. Ultimately, the shape of oil policy transformed from that of a national interest to one of continental and international integration.

Superpower or Satellite?

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are shared space environments where individuals carry out their tasks and duties in a communal workspace. Unlike a typical office environment, most people using coworking spaces do not work for the same organization.

Helping Independent Workers Share and Collaborate

Canada’s Video Game Industry

Canada recently surpassed the United Kingdom to become the third largest industry in the world in terms of employment in the field – after Japan and the United States – with 16,000 employees, 348 companies located throughout the country and an economic impact of $2 billion.

Top Players

The Petrochemical Industry

The early 1970s marked a very important era in Canada’s history as a net importer and exporter of oil and gas. In 1973/74, escalating oil prices caused Canada to question its domestic oil price, its division of economic rents and the relationships between public and private enterprises. At this time, Prime Minister Trudeau and his government announced the construction of a pipeline from Edmonton to Montreal to unify the Canadian market.

An Era of Change and the Loss of Control

The Petrochemical Industry

Canada is the world’s fifth largest energy producer in the world. The country exports 98 percent of its energy resources to the United States, and as demand for these resources continues to grow, management and regulation of same becomes more complex. Canada is also a net importer of energy resources, and has experienced a long and challenging history managing resources which has required much cooperation and coordination amongst the federal government, provincial government and other stakeholders such as members of big business and international market players.

Introduction to the Petrochemical Game

Call Centres in Canada

According to a report from Statistics Canada, jobs declined in the sector by 28 percent from 2007 to 2011. In the sector of the economy where the outsourced call centre jobs are categorized by Statistics Canada, employment has declined by more than 32,000 across Canada since 2007.

Ringing Up Success?

Atlas-Apex Roofing

With a company history spanning over eight decades, John Petrachek chuckles when he remembers finding an old business licence for his roofing business a number of years ago. “I think Atlas was the third company to get a business license in Toronto,” he says. “It was definitely below 10.”

Combining Expertise and Technology

Energy for the Next Generation

The use of energy throughout the world has a huge impact on global ecological sustainability, whether it is fossil fuels, hydro electricity, wind energy, solar power or any other method used to create it. To achieve sustainability we must find more efficient ways to create and use the energy that we have now; the future depends on it.

Green and Clean Energy

The Future of Mobile Communications

The story begins in the middle of the Mojave Desert where the sun relentlessly scorches the earth and everything on it. There is nothing around for miles save for a few sand dwelling scorpions and cacti. The lone adventurer flies over a dune in his well equipped SUV, his thick tires sending sand and dust up into the air, creating a trail behind him. His mission is clear; he is looking for a relic that may have been lost here, but to be sure that he is in the right place he needs a data connection.

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc.

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