Where Innovation Thrives

Integrated Project Services (IPS) is an innovative global presence that life sciences clients turn to when they require a comprehensive suite of engineering, procurement, construction management and validation (EPCVM) services.

Integrated Project Services (IPS)

Keeping America Strong

Spirit Electronics tests, assembles and distributes Hi-Reliability electronics all across the aerospace and defense sectors. Operating in Phoenix, Arizona since 1979, the company is now under new leadership and celebrating its fortieth anniversary. It has increased its value-add capabilities, setting itself apart from other distributors while expanding its role of supplying custom electronic components to maintain the strategic edge of the United States and its allies.

Spirit Electronics

A Return to the Traditional Shopping Experience

Neely Powell began designing shoes roughly twenty years ago and entered into the retail business a decade later with her first store. That store, Charleston Shoe Co., provides comfortable, versatile, unique, fashion-forward, comfortable shoes that are machine washable and creatively designed.

Charleston Shoe Co.

STEM Success

It’s that time of year again! Gift-giving holidays are here and parents are out on the trail of the latest and greatest toys as they check off items from their children’s wish lists. And in recent years, STEM toys have become increasingly popular with that segment of consumers.

Where Retail and Education Meet

The Ties That Bind and Prosper

Many companies proudly tout a ‘family atmosphere’ and strive to achieve that environment in the workplace – and with good reason. Family-owned businesses work.

Family Businesses

Gaining Recognition as a Woman-Owned Logistics Company and Proud of it

Being a key player in the world of freight logistics is no easy task. Manufacturers striving to get their product to market require an efficient, reliable, and trustworthy logistics service provider that can comprehend and readily act upon the ever-changing demands of both shippers and consumers.

LYNC Logistics

Hope for the Developing World

Logistics is a simple word used to describe the complex processes of coordinating and moving equipment, items and inventory of all kinds, and even people from one location to another. Through worldwide networks, logistics companies deliver urgently needed medications and disaster relief to nations in need in the developing world – and no one does it better, faster, and more efficiently than Logenix International.

Logenix International

The Evolution of GP Transco

Just a little over a year ago, I wrote about a trucking and logistics company from Darien, Illinois, called GP Transco. At the time, GP Transco was implementing its trucking management software OpenRoad TMS, changing its overall look, and dealing with a driver waiting list that is the envy of the industry. Once again, we spoke with Vice President of Marketing and Strategy Sergey Bort and Vice President of HR and Safety Marija Jamontas.

GP Transco

Customer Service, Growth and Tech Evolution Top Priorities for FlagShip

The dictionary defines the word “flagship” as the best, largest, or most important of a group of things such as products or stores, and if the people behind FlagShip — an authorized reseller of major Canadian courier services — have their way, the company will more than live up to its definition.


Making Light Work of Logistics

Transportation is a notoriously tough industry, and with intermodal transportation, things get even tougher. Avenue Logistics’ impressive list of Fortune 500 and multi-billion-dollar clients highlights the importance of working with an industry leader that gets the job done properly the first time.

Avenue Logistics

February 19, 2020, 12:15 AM EST