Historic and High-Tech

St. Mary’s County’s prime location puts it not far from Washington D.C. and just a four-hour drive to New York City. Given it hosts Naval Air Station Patuxent River – also known as NAS Pax River – and many aerospace and technology companies, complementary businesses can access skilled talent. And from a quality-of-life perspective, it is a great place to live and raise a family, with options including rural, semi-rural, and suburban areas.

St. Mary’s County, MD

Smart and Sustainable Growth

Business in Focus had the pleasure of speaking once again to the Perry County Economic Development Authority (EDA) Executive Director Scott Sattler as we caught up on the latest initiatives in this vibrant area of Missouri. Part of the area’s success is that the EDA collaborates well to continue to support the businesses and attractions in the community and make this a destination for tourism.

Perryville and Perry County EDA

From Agriculture to Aerospace

Yuma County is proud to be the home of both established and new businesses with a talent pool of young, available, and educated workers, many long-time industries, and access to a population of 1.5 million people within a seventy-five-mile radius. The Greater Yuma Region borders Mexico, providing the added advantage of maquiladora – Mexican factories that manufacture for export – which enables U.S.-run companies to get materials from or have shared operations and labor with Mexico.

Greater Yuma Economic Development Corp.

Capitalizing on its Full Potential

Since 2003, the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) of Greensburg Decatur County has been working to encourage economic development and growth in the region, doing so by bringing a variety of local and regional stakeholders to the table to collectively capitalize on the region’s full potential.

Economic Development Corporation Greensburg Decatur County

The Incredible Growth of a Young, Vibrant Community in Alberta

Airdrie has been one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities for the past fifteen years, and it continues to see an average of over five percent growth annually. Approximately nine new residents move into the community every day, and one of the main reasons for this rapid growth is the city’s location on the Calgary-Edmonton corridor at the intersection of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway and Highway 567.

City of Airdrie, AB

Natural Wonders, Steady Growth and Sustainable Programs for the 21st Century

As Canada’s primary Pacific port and largest West Coast city, Vancouver hardly requires an introduction. But just thirty-three nautical miles away on Vancouver Island, the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia blends natural splendour with cutting-edge technologies and emerging business opportunities, creating a unique mix of old and new close to Vancouver’s bustling metropolis.

City of Nanaimo, BC

Building for an Emerging Industry

Zoned Properties, as the name implies, helps cannabis companies navigate the red tape of zoning, permits, and politicians – letting companies focus on perfecting their product. Zoned is proficient in the areas of property identification, sustainable development, and leasing.

Zoned Properties

Offering Something Extra to the Home Buyer

DiGreen Homes is a Markham, Ontario-based builder that specializes in high-end residential homes in the Toronto area. Construction in Focus last featured the family-owned company in the November 2017 piece “How This New Builder Is Striving to Be Green,” where we discussed the now six-year-old business’ dedication to creating only a small number of high-end, eco-friendly communities every year.

DiGreen Homes

On the Cutting Edge

Many industries rely on band saw blades to cut wood and metal in order to manufacture various products, and WIKUS-Sägenfabrik, Wilhelm H. Kullmann GmbH & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Spangenberg Germany, has been producing top-of-the-line band saws for over sixty years. Wikus is a recognized leader in the area and the largest band saw blade manufacturer in Europe. We spoke with the U.S. organization Chief Executive Officer, Georgi Jossifov, to get the full story

Wikus Saw Technology

A Legacy of Trusted Robotics Solutions

Cable management company REIKU/Drossbach began initially as separate German-based companies. Drossbach was founded one hundred years ago in 1919 and REIKU fifty years ago in 1969. Both companies expanded into American operations in the 1980s before merging in 2002 and later joining the Delfingen Group in 2018. Delfingen Group is a global automotive supplier and manufacturer of fluid transfer tubing and onboard networks protection.


April 23, 2019, 12:36 PM EDT

The Plastic Straw that Broke the Internet

To say the invention of plastic revolutionized manufacturing is an understatement – it literally changed our lives forever. With its roots going back hundreds of years, the development of plastic is credited to English chemist Alexander Parkes and the discovery of Parkesine (nitrocellulose), considered to be the first man-made plastic. Tied in to the evolution of photography, celluloid plates became a lighter alternative to the heavy and fragile glass plates used to capture early images.