A Healthy Company with a Hands-On Approach

Eric Kimmel is the first to say there’s plenty of competition in the nutrition food bar manufacturing business, be it natural, organic, functional, healthy, or diet, but the co-owner of Quebec’s Noble Foods has managed to successfully carve out a particular niche in the medium-sized manufacturing market, delivering superior service for customers needing hands-on involvement, quality control and company growth.

Noble Foods

Trendsetters in the Ice Fishing Industry

A fish house provides shelter to those who venture out onto frozen lakes to cut holes in the ice and fish in the dead of winter, and there is no better place to manufacture and sell ice houses than Minnesota, nicknamed the ‘Land Of 10,000 Lakes’ (though in truth, there are 11,842).

Ice Castle Fish Houses

Immersive Audiovisuals

Leveraging the latest technology, New Jersey-based company McCann Systems is the market leader in immersive audiovisual environments with experiential installations that draw, dazzle, and enfold users around the world.

McCann Systems

From Mood Rings to Big Growth

Now approaching its forty-fifth anniversary, Metro Plastics Technologies, Inc. of Noblesville, Indiana owes much of its initial success to a goofy disco-era fashion trend involving rings with acrylic stones that changed color. However, the company’s long-term success comes from doing excellent work, offering an array of custom injection molding services, and maintaining strong customer relations.

Metro Plastics Technologies

Global Specialists in Operation-Center Integration

The question is, who has command and control of mission-critical Operations centers? The answer seems to be Constant Technologies. At least, a roll-call of the world’s most demanding clients believe it, from the U.S. Government to some of the greatest technology corporations.

Constant Technologies

The Phoenix of Colorado – Kaiser Premier Reinvents Itself

Eighty miles northeast of Denver, Kaiser Premier is reinvigorated and moving into a bold new future. Thanks to international financing, fresh innovation and a new company culture, Kaiser Premier is bringing new excavator technology in addition to its hydro excavator and sewer recycler technology into growing sectors.

Kaiser Premier

Banking, Transformed

In years past, going to the bank was no casual chore. Banks then were housed in imposing stone structures with columns suited to a family mausoleum. Beloved Canadian author and humourist Stephen Leacock captured the intimidating banking experience in his short story My Financial Career. “When I go into a bank I get rattled,” he wrote. “The clerks rattle me; the wickets rattle me; the sight of the money rattles me; everything rattles me.”

The Implications of AI on the Financial Sector

Ohio-Based, Globally Positioned

Randy Horvat founded Cleveland Metal Exchange (CME) in 1994 to broker secondary stainless-steel materials to manufacturers in sectors where small defects didn’t matter. Today, CME’s offerings are far greater – a small but dynamic and effective player amongst industry big boys.

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100 Years of Leadership, Service, and Fellowship

Across the Great White North, Kin Canada members operate hundreds of small clubs in their local communities. These members, who proudly refer to themselves as “Kin”, are like-minded people united in a common goal: to Serve the Community’s Greatest Need.

Kin Canada

The Steam Experts

In the middle of winter, a truck washing facility in Illinois was forced to halt its services. One of its high-pressure vessels had quit and was beyond repair. A full installation would take at least a week. Panicked staff members were on the phone with an installation company they had worked with in the past, desperate to get things working again.

Boiler Equipment Company

May 8, 2021, 12:43 AM EDT