Providing Valuable Savings to Families with Solar and Energy Efficiency

PosiGen provides solar and energy efficiency solutions with a unique approach. Rather than customizing solar products for individual houses, the company offers three separate sizes that work for every customer. The size of the system installed on a house is based on the consumption of energy in the home and the total roof size available considering shading issues. This method allows PosiGen to drive its cost of installing solar down lower than any other company in the industry.


Generating Change

It is always a pleasure to come across a company that is the expert in regard to its field’s best practices and standards. Petrotech Inc., a specialist in the latest industrial instrumentation and controls technology, is just such a company.


Sustainable Energy for a Global Community

Engineering procurement construction company GenPro Energy Solutions focuses on energy efficiency and energy production in commercial, governmental and residential markets. The sustainable energy company has grown considerably over its fifteen years and now serves over two hundred energy dealers across the United States and projects around the world.

GenPro Energy Solutions

Adding Value for Clients through Innovation, Quality and Continuous Improvement

Cogent Power, Inc. designs and produces materials and components for transformers, generators, and motors. The company is the largest manufacturer of electro-transformer components in all of Canada and emphasizes quality, safety, and innovation. It uses lean manufacturing and continuous improvement principles to enhance its products and processes.

Cogent Power

Community is at the Heart of this Family Business

Good forest management and fine-crafted wood products are the foundation of Kendrick, Inc. in northeast Iowa. There’s also a real sense of community and giving back that has been part of this family business for more than 30 years.

Kendrick, Inc.

Leading Industry Change through Innovative Practices

Domino Highvoltage Supply Inc. provides power-related products and services. Primarily, the company is a high-voltage power line distributor, involved in the stocking, packaging, and selling of material required to build overhead or underground distribution lines, substations, Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and transmission lines.

Domino Highvoltage Supply

Seeing Waste Differently

Anaergia’s proprietary technologies create renewable energy and fertilizers from municipal, agricultural, and industrial waste, generating new revenue sources for clients while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Burlington, Ontario-based company has fourteen satellite offices and three manufacturing plants from which it serves nearly two thousand resource recovery customers around the globe.


An ACT® Work Ready Community

When Dorothy was swept up by a tornado into the Land of Oz, all she could think about was how she was going to get back to Kansas, because, as she so famously said, ‘There’s no place like home.’ Nearly 120 years after L. Frank Baum penned those lines, that hometown feeling remains in Kansas’ Cherokee County while it moves forward, attracting business and industry.

Cherokee County, KS

The Boons of Hard Work and a Great Location

The Boonslick Region is a growing part of the State of Missouri, bound by the beautiful Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Boonslick comprises three counties: Warren, Lincoln, and Montgomery. These counties are favored destinations for burgeoning businesses and skilled job seekers, and Boonslick’s population (currently around 100,000) is still set to reach 150,000 by 2030.

Boonslick Regional Planning Commission

Supporting Capital Investment and Workforce Development

Taney County is located in the southwestern region of Missouri and has a population of approximately 50,000. The county seat in Taney is Forsyth, yet the county is more well-known for the city of Branson, a popular tourist destination…

Taney County Partnership

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