The Specialists in Temperature-Controlled Transport

Seafood Express is a full-service, temperature-controlled shipping company based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, serving the North American market. The company has a fleet of nearly one hundred trucks and refrigerated trailers, and provides exclusively temperature-controlled full-load freight.

Seafood Express

Third-Party Logistics with a Difference

Trans-Link Nationwide Trucking and Logistics is a woman-owned third-party logistics company operating out of Cranston, Rhode Island covering all forty-eight contiguous states. “We’re very different from a typical 3PL,” says company President Carla Manni. “We operate almost as though we’re an asset-based company. We have several carriers and drivers that work exclusively with us.”


From the Sea to Your Supper Table

In the twenty-first century, we take for granted the privilege of visiting a modern supermarket to purchase any seafood, meats, fruits, or fresh vegetables – food originating hundreds or perhaps thousands of kilometres away, all delivered ready for our consumption. We hardly spare a thought for the thousands of professionals managing the delicate and relentless industry of perishable goods transportation. But companies like Vancouver-based Flying Fresh Air Freight, under founder and CEO Brendan Harnett, ensure we can enjoy our lobsters and pineapple anytime, anywhere.

Flying Fresh

Carrying the Load

Joseph Haulage Canada Corp is a bulk transportation company that is continuously running throughout North America. With a fleet of over 300 trucks and trailers of all kinds, expert employees, and five locations, this family-owned leader in the transport industry makes light work of its competitors.

Joseph Haulage Canada

Efficient, Reliable Service When It Really Matters

Family-owned-and-operated Dickinson Fleet Services is a mobile fleet maintenance and management provider with headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was established in 1997 by founders Bob and Dick Dickinson and began as a three-shop company when the founders acquired Ryder Truck Rental locations in Indiana, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Dickinson Fleet Services

Driven by the Need for Progressive Change

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. – John F. Kennedy


Economic Opportunity Paired with Natural Beauty

Nestled in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northeast Mississippi, lies the small city of Corinth and Alcorn County. On an early Friday evening, while citizens of Corinth are getting ready to go out to a local ball game or one of the many restaurants and live music venues in town, Clayton Stanley and his team are watching the last of the trucks depart from a 200-acre tract of land they purchased in 2013. After a lot of hard work, 40 acres are now “pad ready” for a major industrial manufacturer.

The Alliance - Corinth and Alcorn County

Aerospace, Manufacturing and More

Pearl River is one of the largest counties in the state of Mississippi, with the city of Poplarville as its county seat. From its ideal location to plenty of available land, a skilled workforce, training opportunities, and proximity to New Orleans and Hattiesburg, the county is welcoming to warehousing, distribution, and a range of other businesses and industries.

Pearl River County, MS

Collaborative Efforts Toward Economic and Community Development

Monroe County, located in northeastern Mississippi between Lee and Lowndes County, bordering the Alabama line, is a land of many opportunities. It is a rural area with a population of approximately 36,000, and its largest cities are Amory and Aberdeen.

Monroe County Chamber of Commerce

Creating Opportunities

For smaller, advanced manufacturers looking to expand facilities in the greater Chicago area, there is a manufacturing center just two hours from the city that performs every bit as well in supporting a new business as it does in helping to establish it. Starke County, Indiana, has a population of about 23,000, and here, people are known for rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done.

Starke County Economic Development Foundation