An Award-Winning Electromechanical Solutions Provider

Koontz-Wagner Services was founded roughly a century ago with a very simple mission. At first, the company repaired motors, but in very short order, its range of services expanded.

Koontz-Wagner Services

Providing Packaging Peace of Mind

Technically, Carolina Industrial Resources, Inc. (CIR) of St. Augustine, Florida provides flexible packaging products and services. The company takes orders from clients, then utilizes a network of manufacturers to produce packaging which is shipped directly to the customer.

What this family-owned-and-operated company really offers, however, is peace of mind.

Carolina Industrial Resources

On the Cutting Edge of Vacuum Blending

The founder of Blendtec, Tom Dickson, has approximately 900,000 subscribers and 500,000,000 views for his viral “Will It Blend?” videos from over eleven years ago. Viewers delighted in the visual carnage as he blended various heavy duty items, such as cellphones and marbles, to demonstrate the power and integrity of Blendtec products. The videos became a marketing campaign which did wonders for the company’s growing reputation.


A Commitment to Faith, Family, Community and Innovation

On a farm in Bracken, Saskatchewan in the 1970s, brothers Greg and Glenn Honey were a couple of determined young farmers who did not let anything stop them from doing what needed to get done. During the winter of 1978-1979, they spent eighteen to twenty hours a day building a giant tractor from the ground up because they needed something bigger for their farm. It was a 500-horsepower beast that was larger than anything on the market.

Honey Bee Manufacturing

Raltron Electronics Expands to New Ventures with Great Success

Raltron Electronics manufactures frequency management components and antennas. It was founded in 1983 and recently celebrated its thirty-fifth year in business.

Raltron Electronics

IAM Robotics Brings Innovative Solutions and Awareness to Burgeoning Industry

Pittsburgh-based IAM Robotics provides fully autonomous robots that combine transporting and picking items in operations such as warehouses, retail locations, and manufacturing facilities. IAM was founded in 2012 and is growing exponentially at its Pennsylvania headquarters.

IAM Robotics

Saving the Planet One Cell Phone at a Time

We live in a world where technology is growing and changing so rapidly that all of our electronics are becoming disposable at almost the same rate. But what happens to all that electronic waste? That’s where eCycle Solutions comes in.

eCycle Solutions

In It for the Long Haul

Thirty-nine years ago, a trucking company started in a boy’s bedroom. Perry Olson used to listen to stories from the road, as his mother and father discussed route strategies back when Fortune Transportation only had one truck.

Fortune Transportation

A Transportation Company Focused on Employee Satisfaction and Community Involvement

Freight transportation company TransLand of Springfield, Missouri provides full truckload, long haul, short haul, and logistics services using dry van and flatbed trailers. The company is capable of delivering those services throughout the continental United States, although it primarily focuses on the Midwest.


Safety and Sustainability across the Entire Wastestream

Heritage has a long and distinguished history. Born from necessity to service the industrial waste from various offshoots of the Heritage Group in a safe and ecologically sound way, the company has grown to become a nationwide hauler and transportation company that contains and transports hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Heritage Transport

June 20, 2021, 9:05 AM EDT