Experts in Shipping, Logistics & Fleet Services

Atlas Trucking is a privately owned transportation company located in Taylor, Michigan. With 170 employees and a fleet of over 130 flatbeds, it has been delivering solutions in the transportation industry since 1999, operating as a trucking, logistics and fleet servicing company, with expertise in managing, dispatching and driving shipments of any size. It is plated to operate in every one of the 48 contiguous United States, with most of its trucks going in and out of the Midwest, the Northeast, Texas and Ontario.

Atlas Trucking Company

A Leader in Heavy Equipment Logistics

The perks of running a third-generation family company come in the form of access to experience, knowledge, and foresight. Years of past trials and successes can be used to calculate every need a client could have and can put a company in a unique position to deliver diverse and purposeful services.

M&J Total Transport and Rigging

A Family Success Story for Over 60 Years

Burke Electric is an electrical contractor and subcontractor based out of Bellevue, Washington. It is a small family business, owned by Dominic Burke. “We are your heavy industrial electrical solution,” he explains. “We cover all facets of power generation, substations, wastewater, pumping plants, fish bypass systems, fish traps, and government contracts.”

Burke Electric LLC

Your Health Facility’s Partner in Cost-Effective, Sustainable, Compliant Solutions

Medical Waste Management serves its customer-partners in the healthcare market by providing exceptional service and substantial cost savings while handling medical disposal.

Medical Waste Management

Holistic Redevelopment in New England

Located in central Massachusetts, Devens is a regional enterprise zone perfect for businesses looking to boost their eco-efficiency as they grow. The 4,400-acre former army base, which is less than an hour’s drive from Boston and 35 minutes from Worcester, has been repurposed as a model of sustainable development. Within three years, the community, named for Civil War General Charles Devens, will be LEED certified to the newest standards.

Devens Enterprise Commission

Leading the Future of Urban Development

On a quest to create sustainable, smart and equitable cities around the world, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) launched the LEED for Cities program in December 2016.

LEED for Cities

Functional, Beautiful and Environmentally Sustainable

Although the global push to reduce plastic use in the food industry seems to have gone from wave to Tsunami in a very short time, one company has been innovating and promoting solutions for decades: PackNwood.


Workplace Communication Solutions in the Digital Age

When you need to get important information to your employees on the factory floor or warehouse, a paper flyer or poster just can’t cut it. But prominent digital signage with eye-catching words and images demands attention and takes communications to the next level.


Speaking the Language

Automotive Data Solutions Inc. (ADS), headquartered in Montreal, is an innovative manufacturer of after-market technology. Among other areas, the company specializes in remote start and audio integration products. Over the past fourteen years, ADS has grown from a small team of five to having one hundred employees across Canada and the United States. In 2018, it sold over one million devices.

Automotive Data Solutions

The New Workhorses

There has been much talk recently about vehicles that can drive themselves. Much of this attention has been focused on self-driving cars, designed to take passengers to and fro. Self-driving cars, however, are still largely a dream and remain in the research and development phase.

Autonomous Vehicles Enter the Workplace