Bouncing Back With Thorough Commercial and Industrial Investment

The city of Janesville, on the Rock River, is in south-central Wisconsin, approximately thirteen miles north of the Illinois state border and only thirty-five minutes from Madison, Wisconsin, the state capital. The population of Rock County is close to 180,000, and approximately 65,000 of those people reside in Janesville.

City of Janesville, WI

A Great Place to Live, Work and Play

Adams County, with an approximate population of 20,000, is a beautiful rural area located in Central Wisconsin, twenty three miles from the distinctive Wisconsin Dells. Clean air and ample bodies of water make it a popular spot for tourists, but it is the quality of life found there that truly makes it so special.

Adams County, WI

Sensible and Sustainable Development

Door County is a peninsula in northeast Wisconsin separating Green Bay and Lake Michigan. It is known for its beautiful natural landscape and is home to five of Wisconsin’s state parks.

Door County, WI

Stress Less, Grow More

ShipMonk provides technology-focused order fulfillment services to small and medium-sized e-commerce companies. With its two state-of-the-art warehousing facilities located in San Bernardino, California and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the company serves customers from coast to coast as well as internationally.


Making a Name for Itself by Making a Difference

The average American citizen does not really ponder how their purchased goods get to market; for most, that is irrelevant. But the invisible and vital force behind moving goods in any economy is the trucking industry. At least seventy percent of goods moved in the United States reach their destination through trucking companies.

Davis Cargo

The Most Intelligent Buildings on the Block

When it comes to public spending, taxpayers are concerned about value for money and rightly so. In a bid to serve its communities to the best of its ability, Rochester, New York-based Popli Design Group offers a lot more than this.

Popli Design Group

Growing Communities Through Technology

Access to the internet has gone from being viewed as a privilege to a human right debated on the national and international stage. Even in North America, many communities lag technologically. ALLO Communications is working to bring the Midwestern United States into the twenty-first century with high-speed internet delivered through cutting-edge fiber optics.

ALLO Communications

Artistry in Design and a Passion for Service

The Glengate Company is the premier landscape, pool, and lifestyle company in New England. It provides its discerning clients with a degree of expertise and quality that is unmatched in the industry and takes the stress out of outdoor living projects including garden and landscape design and installation as well as pool design, build, and renovation, and even year-round property and pool care.

Glengate Company

Storage Tanks and the Art of Building Them Better

Few people will claim that they have a true passion for storage tanks – and the maintaining, repairing, altering and building of them. The founders of Elite Integrity Services have spent nearly two decades following just that passion.

Elite Integrity Services

Power Hungry

From our homes to our offices, daily energy use is increasing across the board – both for mundane tasks as simple as charging our cell phones to key operations like global corporations backing up massive amounts of sensitive data offsite. The need for safe and readily available power keeps growing, and some predict energy storage will be the next big business.

Investing in the Future of Energy Storage

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