Five Generations of American Manufacturing

Detroit Edge Tool is a family-owned manufacturer of machined components specializing in hardened wear parts for the machine tool industry, cutting blades for the scrap, recycling, and demolition industries, surface grinding, and flame hardening. “We make precision components for all of these industries,” says company President and co-owner Ray Ebbing, “but we go far beyond that.”

Detroit Edge Tool

Advancement in the Cryo Refrigeration Industry Through Customer Collaboration

Cryomech manufactures Gifford-McMahon (GM), pulse tube cryorefrigerators, and cryocooler products such as liquid nitrogen plants, helium liquefiers, research cryostats, liquid helium plants, and helium recovery systems. It specializes in elaborate customized systems and can incorporate its cryocoolers into other products for its customer’s operations.


Transforming the Workplace…

How does one define well-being? It can incorporate various concepts including, physical, economic, social, and psychological considerations. There is no definitive answer. In simplest terms, well-being can be described as complete contentment, a life filled with positive emotions that foster a deep sense of satisfaction with most or all of our daily living.

for Total Well-Being

April 23, 2019, 4:38 AM EDT

The Plastic Straw that Broke the Internet

To say the invention of plastic revolutionized manufacturing is an understatement – it literally changed our lives forever. With its roots going back hundreds of years, the development of plastic is credited to English chemist Alexander Parkes and the discovery of Parkesine (nitrocellulose), considered to be the first man-made plastic. Tied in to the evolution of photography, celluloid plates became a lighter alternative to the heavy and fragile glass plates used to capture early images.