The Supply Chain Management Company that has Hit the Ground Running

Setting up a new business isn’t easy in any industry, and supply chain management is no different. But when RD Logistics was founded in the Cincinnati, Ohio area in August of 2014, it took off at lightning speed. In the four years since, the company has grown by an exponential 2000 percent.

RD Logistics

Custom Furniture that is Just Right for You

EQ3, established by Peter Tielmann in 2001, grew out of Palliser Furniture Upholstery Ltd., Canada’s largest residential furniture manufacturer and is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. EQ3 is a vertically-integrated company that designs, manufactures, and sells furniture in its fourteen branded retail stores in Canada and the U.S. and on line in both Canada and the U.S.

EQ3 Furniture

Premium Quality Pressure-Treated Lumber

Madison Wood Preservers of Madison, Virginia packs a mighty punch. This powerful mid-sized wholesale supplier and pioneer of top-quality, pressure-treated lumber leaves even big competitors in the dust.

Madison Wood Preservers

Achieving 35 Years of Success through Specialty Products Extending the Life of Lubricants

Des-Case provides an array of solutions that protect the health and cleanliness of lubricants from contaminants in many applications including gearboxes, hydraulic reservoirs, pumps, and turbines. Its products protect and clean the lubricant throughout its entire lifecycle – from storage and handling, to modifying and sealing equipment and condition monitoring while in use.


Over 35 Years of Heavy-Duty Protection

Since the dawn of man, humanity has understood safety in numbers. As the jungle out there is now mainly made of concrete, this sentiment holds especially true when searching for an insurance company who genuinely and fully understands its field.

USI Insurance Services

Are You Wired for IIoT?

To keep moving, one needs the capability to do so. Data works in the same way and it is increasingly changing how we interact with our surroundings. Just as we got used to the Internet of Things (IoT) taking care of everything from automotive controls to health applications, IIoT arrives.


The Fastest and Most Efficient Ovens, Worldwide

TurboChef Technologies was the pioneer of rapid cooking technology when it was founded in 1991. It began by supplying rapid cook equipment to businesses that were not in the foodservice industry per se, such as movie theatre chains. Today, TurboChef has fifteen distinct product lines that it sells to many businesses involved in foodservice such as coffee and sandwich shops, cruise liners, and hotels.

TurboChef Technologies

An American Success Story

Polyplex USA, LLC is a new company with big ambitions and a focus on innovation, sustainability, and expansion.

Polyplex USA

Comprehensive and Sustainable Wood Product Solutions

Ottawa Forest Products is a provider of high-quality lumber and pre-cut pallet components. It has been serving the upper Midwest lumber market for more than twenty-five years, and in that time, it has developed a reputation for integrity, hard work, and the best quality customer service.

Ottawa Forest Products

Cold Storage Specialists Launch a New Plant to Tap New Markets

While cold-storage specialist Imperial Brown, Inc.’s reach has spread, the core of what it does has not changed since Business in Focus profiled the firm in our February 2017 issue. Customized refrigeration products, particularly insulated panels for freezers and walk-in coolers, remain the company’s speciality.

Imperial Brown

April 20, 2021, 9:30 PM EDT