Development in Action

Green Bay is a built-out city with room to grow. Despite the rapid rates of growth and development that have taken place, resulting in demographic, social and technological shifts, the city has remained adaptable, responsive and viable as an economy and as a community.

City of Green Bay, WI

Premier Suburb of Milwaukee Grows More Vibrant While Preserving Its Roots

The City of Wauwatosa, population 47,000, is just five miles from downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Known for its historic beauty and modern amenities, Wauwatosa (named after the indigenous Potawatomi word for “firefly”) features three rivers running through the city, an entire subdivision on the National Register of Historic Places, topnotch shopping destinations and restaurants, and the 19.5-acre Hart Park.

City of Wauwatosa, WI

The Inclusive and Inviting Culture of Southern Louisiana

The Allen Parish Tourist Commission helps to develop the local economy in three municipalities and two villages: Elizabeth, Oakdale, Oberlin, Kinder and Reeves. The tourist commission came into being in 1996, and through hurricanes and economic recessions, it has survived and motivated Allen Parish to grow in various ways.

Allen Parish

Connecting Community with Opportunity

The Redevelopment and Economic Opportunity Department (REO) of Manatee County is focused on stimulating urban areas. It was formed in 2016 with a goal of bringing economic and community development programs into these areas to create more opportunities for the businesses and residents operating and living within them.

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Quality Foods with a Sense of Community

Wholesale food distribution company West Central Foodservice deals in top quality products and caters to boutique restaurants and hotels. One year shy of its fiftieth anniversary, the company is a model for good growth via a socially conscious business plan, and the company plans to continue growth organically. We spoke with President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Dodo and Vice President of Corporate Communications Tracie May-Wagner.

West Central Foodservice

Where Opportunity and Community Thrive

Salt Lake City is no stranger to Business in Focus. In February 2017, the city was featured as the ‘Next Great American City.’ Indeed, this locale boasts countless opportunities for community and economic growth, has a pro-business environment, forward-thinking leadership, exceptional quality of life with outstanding assets and natural attractions, and it shows no sign of slowing its progress.

Salt Lake City, UT

Leading the Transformation of Cardiovascular Stents with Novel Bioresorbable Polymer Technology

REVA Medical was founded in 1998 under the name MD3, Inc. In the early 2000s, the company name changed to REVA Medical, Inc. and redirected its focus to bioresorbable technology. REVA has grown rapidly since its inception twenty years ago and hopes to continue its growth around the world to help as many patients as possible.

REVA Medical

The Robotic Workforce

For generations, television and Hollywood have taught us to believe that robots are usually one of two extremes: cute and harmless, or potentially destructive and deadly. From the flailing-armed robot in the 1960s TV series Lost in Space metallically yelling, “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!” to the unstoppable cyborg assassin in 1984’s The Terminator and its many sequels, to the film adaptation of Science Fiction writer Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot in 2004, robots are charming and clunky, downright menacing, or in the case of the creations in I, Robot, benign – that is, until they defy The Three Laws of Robotics, namely to follow specific orders and never allow humans to be harmed.

How Education is Driving Workplace Automation

An Experienced Team Drives Growth for this Family Business

Norstar Company is a premier truck bed and trailer manufacturing company that sells its products across North America. Its two popular brands – Norstar Truck Beds and Ironbull Trailers – are sold at three hundred to four hundred independent dealers.

Norstar Company

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