Setting the Standard for Medical Imaging

Medical imaging technology has undergone important advancements over the last several years that have greatly improved the delivery of healthcare, as well as the associated costs. At the forefront of these advancements is Whale Imaging, a manufacturer of award-winning medical imaging technologies that are taking the medical environment by storm with innovative imaging systems.

Whale Imaging

Improving Lives Globally with Medical Technologies

If you’ve ever worn a cast or a fracture sock, or perhaps used a prosthetic limb, chances are that it was made by Paceline. This all-American team has been at the forefront of medical material manufacturing since 1985. It is a one-stop shop for labs and manufacturers who use large amounts of its products in the manufacturing of medical goods internationally.


The Future of Healthcare, Now

Through its outsourcing solutions, ForTec Medical makes surgical devices mobile, bringing down costs, reducing obsolescence and improving healthcare outcomes for surgeons and patients at its 2,000 hospital partners across the United States.

ForTec Medical

Axonics Prepares for Introduction of its Sacral Neuromodulation System

Axonics Modulation Technologies Inc., has developed an innovative, implantable medical device to alleviate bladder and bowel dysfunction. Based in Irvine, California, the company’s proprietary Sacral Neuromodulation (r-SNM) System is poised to enter a large, rapidly expanding market.

Axonics Modulation Technologies

At the Forefront of a Growing Industry

This is the third article Business in Focus has undertaken with the highly popular Colorado recreational dispensary. Euflora is a true example of how to flourish in a new industry. Cannabis and its by-products have now been legal since 2014 in Colorado, and infrastructure is improving, schools are being built, and affordable housing is on the rise. It is also important to note that crime rates have gone down, and the number of drunk driving charges has fallen. It sounds completely unlike the dystopian world naysayers had predicted.


At the Forefront of Medical Cannabis

Canada’s cultural landscape is changing with the legalization of recreational marijuana. We will become one of the few countries in the world to legitimize this much-maligned plant, and if the experiments with legalization in the U.S. have taught us anything, it is that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Suffice it to say that this cash crop juggernaut will have positive implications.


Third-party Logistics, First-class Service

Non-asset based third-party logistics (3PL) company, Axle Logistics has firmly established itself as a dependable transportation partner for clients in many industries in the United States. It is recognized for embracing technology and well-placed to thrive as the industry changes and grows with advanced technology.

Axle Logistics

Practical Solutions

Tectran primarily manufactures and supplies for the heavy-duty truck and trailer market but also supplies parts for the transit and school bus industry. It concentrates on components and systems relating to the air brake system on heavy-duty vehicles. Tectran also manufactures the electrical systems for large transportation units. It is a specialist in tractor-trailer electrical interfaces and focuses on the essential interconnection point between the large truck and the trailer it is hauling.


Where Faith and Family are Key

Apex Packaging Solutions is a rapidly growing firm based in Honesdale, Pennsylvania focusing on flexible packaging. As the company name implies, Apex is devoted to finding packaging solutions for its broad clientele. The firm is a nimble, hard-working, family-run enterprise that infuses its operations with a strong sense of purpose and religious faith.

Apex Packaging Solutions

Diversified Economic Growth

The Logan County Economic Development Corporation non-profit organization was created in 2001 to manage business inquiries, handle prospective businesses that are looking to relocate sites and work with existing business on potential expansion opportunities. It also assists with any other demands that may be present in the community including workforce limitations, training needs or housing issues. It facilitates discussions between local government amenities and local offices to help processes run as smoothly as possible.

Logan County, CO