Connecting the Front Line to the Bottom Line

RLG International is a consulting firm with a unique approach to performance improvement through a focus on workforce engagement and Critical Path execution. Since 1983, RLG has been successfully engaging front line workers on operational and capital projects to deliver dramatic and visible performance improvement. It is proud of its reputation for integrity and does not take on a project if there is no opportunity for significant measurable progress.

RLG International

An AI Company with Marketing Savvy

AcuityAds Inc. was founded in 2009 and has quickly made its mark in the rapidly growing programmatic digital advertising space with its proprietary technology. The programmatic advertising market is expected to grow from $30 billion to $80 billion in North America by 2020…

AcuityAds Inc.

The Original Concrete Densification Company

Curecrete Distribution, Inc. is the original concrete densification company. It distributes a variety of concrete floor finishing products which are centered on densified and densified-polished concrete. Its sister company, Curecrete Chemical, is the manufacturer of the products that Curecrete Distribution sells through its global distribution network.

Curecrete Distribution, Inc.

Sheer Beauty, Superior Craftsmanship

With the highest Energy Star ratings in Atlantic Canada and as the 2010 Crystal Achievement Award winner, Atlantic Windows in Port Elgin, New Brunswick has emerged from its humble beginnings to become an industry leader, keeping residential customers comfortable year-round, while adding beauty to their homes.

Atlantic Windows

Any Time there is a Critical Connection between a Human and Machine, PKG Provides Solutions to Make those Interactions Seamless

PKG Inc., (AKA: PKG User Interface Solutions) was founded in 1989 by two engineers under the name Promed Keyboard Group. Now, almost 30 years later, the Meridian, Idaho-based provider of design, development and manufacturing services for various system level devices has experienced exponential growth serving dozens of fortune 500 companies by providing products and services around the globe.

PKG User Interface Solutions

The Click it Clam™ – Jamestown Plastics’ Revolutionary Container

Jamestown Plastics, Inc. takes pride in its ability to design and manufacture challenging products according to precise client specifications. A custom manufacturer of thermoformed products, Jamestown celebrated its 60th anniversary this year.

Jamestown Plastics

The Leader in Laser Optics

Advanced Thin Films, leading the way in ultra-high performance optics. From prototype to production, Advanced Thin Films is a trusted partner for the industry’s most demanding optics requirements.

Advanced Thin Films

Investing in the Future

Inteplast Group Engineered Films (IEF) has fostered an industry-wide reputation for quality, delivering plastic films made from the finest materials and unmatched customer service. The company is continually investing in new manufacturing equipment and technologies and is growing at a rate of 10 to 15 percent a year. IEF sells to many markets, including food packaging, industrial, protective films, retail, bags for the poultry industry and others.

Inteplast Group Engineered Films

Transforming the Industry

NWL is a manufacturer of specialized electrical components including transformers, power supplies, inductors and capacitors for demanding industrial and military applications. Throughout its history, NWL has grown consistently, and today, the company operates five manufacturing plants and is one of the leaders in its industry.


Leading the Field for 45 Years

Pultrusion is a portmanteau that combines ‘pull’ and ‘extrusion’ as materials are pulled through the process. It refers to a continuous manufacturing method for composite materials. Founded in 1973, Creative Pultrusions, Inc. is the premier provider of custom fiberglass-reinforced polymer pultrusion products for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies in the United States.

Creative Pultrusions

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