Solving the Global Water Crisis with High Recovery, Minimum Energy Water Systems

Headquartered in Texas, Magna Imperio Systems Corporation (MIS) has developed technology that efficiently and cost effectively can purify water sources. Its proprietary systems transform saltwater into clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, and hygiene, and the company has worked on water projects for military deployments as well as municipal and industrial uses.

Magna Imperio Systems Corporation

Firm Expands from Fertilizer Industry to Become a Global Process Engineering and Manufacturing Leader

When FEECO International, Inc. was first established in the early 1950s, the company provided products and services exclusively for the fertilizer market. Today, the company still services the fertilizer industry, but now works in nearly every market imaginable, serving companies around the world.

FEECO International, Inc.

Meeting the Needs of a Connected World

The future is a technological one, and the evidence is all around us as computers are society’s most vital tools. So many aspects of our lives and businesses rely on the continued function of multiple computers across different networks. To keep these running, Comstar Technologies of West Chester, Pennsylvania has risen to the challenge. Comstar has been navigating the realms of telephony and IT support for thirty years.

Comstar Technologies

Achieving Excellence

Malvern, Pennsylvania-headquartered Cenero LLC is approaching twenty successful years of leading the way in integrating audiovisual (AV) and other business communications. The company provides clients with total audiovisual solutions from design and installation to service.


Where Luxury Meets Technology

It was less than 10 years ago that the luxury flight industry changed forever. The digitization of the market has fundamentally altered the way that custom air travel is booked and managed, and Aeronux Airways is leading that change.

Aeronux Airways

Home Away from Home

Driven by experience and a desire to please, The Lixi Group believes every one of its guests is special and deserves the best possible treatment. Staying in one of the Group’s multiple locations for one night, a week or even longer, guests of well-known and respected brands such as Marriott, Hilton and Starwood are afforded the ultimate respect. This has resulted in a strong, loyal customer base, and a badge of pride for The Lixi Group’s Michael Percaccio.

The Lixi Group

Quality Care that Comes to You

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing to accommodate everyone’s needs. Home healthcare and hospice care has evolved to the point that a long trip to the hospital can be avoided to a certain extent. Intrepid USA is on the cutting edge of health care delivered to your home, no matter where it is. We spoke with Chief Executive Officer John M. Kunysz.

Intrepid USA

Number One Priority: Patient Safety in the Operating Room

When you’re scheduled for surgery, the last thing you want to worry about is getting an infection when you’re in the hospital. Superbugs like MRSA and C.Diff can be dangerous, and germs can potentially infect a surgical wound when your body is at its most vulnerable. That’s why operating room and equipment sterilization saves lives.

Advance Medical Designs

A Family Dynasty Packed with Brand Name Quality

Reaching the milestone of 150 years as a family-owned business is no easy feat. In fact, the companies that manage to do so are to be commended for doing something right. Most do not manage to reach beyond the second or third generation. The Sahlen Packing Co. is one exception.

Sahlen Packing Co.

Established Roots Sown in Quality

Quality is derived from a genuine, committed and resourceful approach to ensure the production and delivery of the very best. This is the long-held philosophy to which the Foppiano family adheres as owners and operators of Morada Produce, established in 1998 in the district of Morada in northern California’s San Joaquin County.

Morada Produce

September 25, 2020, 9:18 PM EDT