Superior Service Built on Strong Values

Providing warehousing and logistics services from its head office in Edmonton and a secondary location in Fort McKay, Fort McKay Logistics is a growing and ever-evolving presence in the warehousing, transportation, procurement and supply chain business. Today, the company has the capacity and expertise to move goods from anywhere in the world by air, marine, rail, and truck.

Fort McKay Logistics LP

Big Projects, Big Breakthroughs

Big things are happening at Nationwide Boiler, Incorporated. The Fremont, California-based company sells and rents boilers, temporary steam plants, trailer-mounted mobile watertube and firetube boilers, and other boiler-related equipment. Since Business in Focus profiled the firm in October 2017, Nationwide has completed their first acquisition, introduced an industry-leading technology for their rental fleet, and signed on to multiple projects involving mammoth-scale equipment.

Nationwide Boiler

Safety First

Troax, Inc. has been in business for over sixty years as the top manufacturer of mesh panels used for safety fencing and industrial partitioning. Its products are used in applications from automotive to manufacturing. After listening to its customers, Troax helps them meet their safety, security and storage goals through quality, innovation, and design.

Troax, Inc. and Folding Guard

Setting the Standard in Flexible Automated Assembly

While there are many integrators in the automated assembly market, Transformix Engineering Inc. is a truly innovative designer and manufacturer of highly flexible machines that leverage precise technology, proprietary software, and a blend of continuous motion and indexed motion techniques to transport components for assembly faster than ever.

Transformix Engineering Inc.

A Leading Innovator & Manufacturer in Custom Wire, Cable and Component Protection

Businesses around the world depend on The Zippertubing Company to tackle virtually any issue with their electrical wiring or components, including electromagnetic interference, heat or chafing, with protective solutions that are tailored to each customer’s needs.

The Zippertubing Company

New Technology and Old-Fashioned Quality Come Together at Tejas Tubular

Oilfield supplier Tejas Tubular Products, Inc. manufactures American Petroleum Institute (API) tubing, couplings, and pup joints, among other products. Currently, the company is embarking on its third endeavor with robotics to improve upon the speed and safety of manufacturing. This includes the invention and application of new technology to help the robots operate at full potential.

Tejas Tubular

Tried and Tested

One rarely thinks about the mind-blowing amount of technology that goes into creating accurate medical diagnostics. These tests can be those performed in a laboratory (like when you get your blood drawn) or in a rapid format, also known as point-of-care tests. Both types of tests aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of a broad range of conditions from flu to strep throat, pregnancy, cholesterol levels and liver function. Luckily, there is an international diagnostics giant that does think about it. Sekisui Diagnostics produces rapid tests and reagents so doctors can improve health and even save lives.

Sekisui Diagnostics

This Handcrafted Italian Picture Frame Manufacturer Demonstrates the Importance of Workplace Culture

Roma Moulding is the world leader in wholesale manufacturing of quality, handcrafted Italian picture frames, and it distributes its products around the globe. The thirty-four-year-old business was incorporated in September 1984 in a classic immigrant success story.

Roma Moulding

Power the Future Through People, Process and Passion

Power Grid Engineering, LLC (PGE), a Qualus Power Services Company, is an electric utility services firm specializing in substation design, field testing and commissioning and consultation for investor-owned utilities.

Power Grid Engineering, LLC

Built to Last

Conveniently located at Ohio’s Akron Fulton International Airport, MB Kit Systems Inc. is the largest U.S. design integrator of extruded aluminum framing applications using extrusion profiles and components. Over the years, the dedicated leaders at MB Kit Systems have worked to build a dependable company that provides outstanding service to both its customers and its community.

MB Kit Systems

April 20, 2021, 9:49 PM EDT