It’s Complicated – but it doesn’t have to be

When used productively, social media can help your business grow and thrive. The 2018 digital report from the firms We Are Social and Hootsuite reveals that over four billion people all over the world use the internet—more than half the global population—and most internet users are also active on social media.

Social Media in the Modern Workplace

Reshaping the Casual Dining Paradigm

Bennigan’s and Steak and Ale once set the gold standard for casual dining, but when the brands drifted from their original owner’s vision, they faltered. Now, thanks to Paul Mangiamele, who recognized their hidden value and brought his ‘25/8’ work ethic to the table, they’re back and offering exceptional franchise opportunities to meet the growing demand for these revered brands.

The Story of Bennigan’s and Steak and Ale’s Renaissance

The Mobile Office

In 2000, I began working in marketing for a software development company that was designing applications for the Palm™ handheld computing device that were set to revolutionize the consumer packaged goods industry. At the time, mobile phones were just used for making phones calls, and BlackBerrys® were the “cutting edge” device that allowed users to text…

Nearly Two Decades in the Making

April 24, 2018, 2:53 AM EDT