Designed to Last

Adetel Solution, in Montreal, is part of the International Cendum Adetel Group, which has offices worldwide. The company specializes in custom solutions and innovation and is dedicated to taking on unique engineering challenges and designing quality products that last.

Adetel Solution

Something for Everyone

Panama City, Florida is an idyllic place on St. Andrews Bay, along Route 98, with long stretches of white sandy beaches, amusement parks, and an old fishing town that caters to both locals and a large tourist population. Panama City Mall is the perfect complement to the city as it is the only enclosed shopping center for sixty-five miles.

Panama City Mall

Revolutionizing Fashion, Beauty, and Health in Canada

In 2005, Ramin Mesgarlou started Opulence (then known as Global Wealth Trade Corporation, or GWT Corp) from his home office with a vision that was twofold. First, he wanted to create one-of-a-kind fashion and beauty products, and second, he wanted to give entrepreneurs all over the world a chance to build their own wealth by selling these high quality products through their own online businesses.


Living La Vida Local

From microbrewery beer and freshly-picked beets to handmade furniture and neighbourhood bicycle repair shops, spending our money on locally-sourced goods and services has become a passion for many who recognize the benefits to consumers, small businesses, the community, the environment, and even our health.

The Benefits of Buying Close to Home

Lighting the Way in Education

Tufts University is a moderately sized university in Medford, Massachusetts with a focus on scientific research and liberal arts. Named for Charles Tufts, an American businessman and philanthropist, who donated 20 acres of land to the school in 1852 and later an additional 80 acres, Tufts University is now one of the longest standing colleges in the Boston area.

Tufts University

Reimagining the Dynamic of Labour Relations

This year, the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC), is celebrating 65 years of advocacy, representation and success as a union that is committed to creating positive workplaces, lives and communities for its members through its approach to labour relations that is built on Christian values of respect, dignity and fairness.

The Christian Labour Association of Canada

Welcoming Manufacturing Businesses

Across Iowa, more companies are realizing the benefits that come with doing business in this Midwestern state and particularly in Marion County. The county was named after Brigadier General Francis Marion, who served in the American Revolutionary War. This scenic area has been a popular location for businesses for well over a century and is today the home of many respected companies including window and door manufacturer Pella Corporation, Precision Pulley & Idler, Vermeer Corporation and others such as the 3M Company, Weiler Corporation, Cascade Lumber Company, Van Gorp Corporation, Lely and LDJ Manufacturing.

Marion County, IA

Community-Based Economic Development

Midwest Partnership Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit economic development organization in West Central Iowa that was first formed as I-80 Development in 1992. Adair and Guthrie Counties came together to form the organization in order to handle leads and prospects in business development along the Interstate.

Midwest Partnership

The Thriving ‘Land Between the Lakes’

Municipal boosters in Albert Lea, a small city based in Southeastern, Minnesota, were asked a simple question: what is the main thing you want the public to know about your hometown?

“We are a beautiful community that’s open for business,” replies Albert Lea Economic Development Agency (ALEDA) Executive Director Ryan Nolander. City officials are eager to attract new business while enhancing the existing economic base.

City of Albert Lea, MN

The Best of Both Worlds

Pine County has been around as long as the state of Minnesota. For many years it was a rural, agricultural community made up of smaller towns of about fifteen hundred residents. That began to change with the pan-urban growth out of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis – Saint Paul) in the 1980s and 1990s, and there has been a fair amount of population growth since then, particularly in the southern part of the county…

Pine County, MN

May 8, 2021, 1:23 AM EDT