Elevating the Standard for Health and Wellness

Viva Pharmaceutical Inc. is the largest and most dynamic manufacturer of pharmaceutical and natural health care products in British Columbia, Canada. The company has over twenty years of experience bringing together carefully selected raw materials that are guaranteed to be of the highest quality to formulate extensively tested health and wellness solutions.

Viva Pharmaceutical

First Responders You Can Count On

In times of crisis, such as extreme weather events, people and communities are left vulnerable and in need of emergency medical services (EMS). The team at MedicOne Medical Response is ready to spring into action with experience, resources and a passion for quality patient care when it is needed the most.

MedicOne Medical Response

Focusing on Excellent Care

Neighbors Emergency Center is a freestanding emergency room with twenty-eight locations across Texas. It was originally started by eight doctors wanting to change the way emergency room medicine is given and focuses on patients’ needs and quality care.

Neighbors Emergency Center

Going the Extra Mile for Customers and Manufacturing the Future Since 1983

Cameron Manufacturing and Design is a manufacturing company specializing in custom machinery, metal fabrication, and weldments. The company also offers a variety of engineering services. It is a one-stop fabrication, manufacturing, and machining house that can handle small to large scale production runs, turnkey projects, and more. But what truly makes the company unique is its capacity to solve challenging problems for customers.

Cameron Manufacturing and Design

Building a Greener Future

Under the guidance of company President and Chief Operating Officer Pat Cappucci, Schiller Grounds Care, Inc. is growing to expand service to customers in the demanding lawn and garden care industry. The company is committed to the superior and innovative design, quality engineering, manufacturing and marketing of some of the finest outdoor power equipment on the market. Many Schiller Grounds Care commercial mowers, debris management products and home gardening implements are literally used worldwide.

Schiller Grounds Care

Perform, Protect

Propell has become one of North America’s leading producers of oilfield equipment. In addition to making equipment for oil and gas extraction, Propell offers refurbishment, training and after-sales support services. The company is proud of its products, technological edge and rigorous adherence to safety and quality.


An SME Transformation Effort in Pursuit of Industry 4.0

When Kilmarnock Enterprise attended the world’s largest industrial trade fair (Hannover Messe) in Germany in April 2017, the firm really began to understand the tremendous impact that Industry 4.0 would have on its future. Coined by the Germans back in 2011, Industry 4.0 (or what some are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution) was not even a concept up until then…

Kilmarnock Enterprise

How the World Gets to the Water

Since 1953, EZ Loader Boat Trailers has been a leader in manufacturing boat trailers throughout the world. Serving as a one-stop shop for recreational boat trailers, EZ Loader manufactures them for nearly every boat and body of water.

EZ Loader Boat Trailers

Expertise for 120 Years

Selas is a leading manufacturer of combustion components and combustion systems that aims to be the worldwide market choice as a leading-edge, one-stop provider for all combustion technologies.


High Quality, Innovative Kitchen Appliances

The ‘Will It Blend?’ viral marketing campaign demonstrates the strength of Blendtec blenders by blending an assortment of unusual items. In the series of online videos, Blendtec founder Tom Dickson is known to have blended items such as marbles, golf balls and cellphones to show how powerful the machine is. The series began eleven years ago and Tom still travels the globe today blending odd items.


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