Something for Everyone

Jefferson Davis Parish was founded in 1912 and encompasses 659 square miles containing the five incorporated towns of Elton, Fenton, Welsh, Jennings (the parish seat) and Lake Arthur.

Jeff Davis Parish, LA

Step into Cajun Country!

The Allen Parish Tourist Commission welcomes all to Allen Parish to take part in the unique culture of Cajun Country and have a true Southern Louisiana experience. The population of Allen Parish is approximately 24,000, with Oakdale as the largest city, which has about 8,000 residents.

Allen Parish

Where Ideas Become Reality

Located in South Central Acadiana, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana has been dubbed the “most Cajun place on earth.” The Cajun way of life has certainly influenced the history, culture and flavor of Vermilion Parish, but the community’s diversity – be it cultural, economic or social – is its greatest asset.

Vermilion Parish, LA

One of Louisiana’s Fastest Growing Parishes

Tangipahoa takes its name from an Acolapissa word meaning ‘those who gather corn.’ But these days the parish is gathering a lot more than corn. Instead it’s gathering high-tech industries and major distribution centers on industry-ready sites 40+ feet above sea level, and offering residents and visitors “more fairs and festivals than anywhere in the world.”

Tangipahoa, LA

Strengthening and Supporting Local Business

Recently, Business in Focus spoke with Chief Executive Officer Brenda Bertus and Development Director Ashley Cangelosi Llewellyn of the St. Tammany Economic Development Foundation (STEDF) to learn more about this rapidly growing, diverse, and business-friendly parish and how its focus on people and place has created a community that is ripe for business opportunity.

St. Tammany Economic Development Foundation (STEDF)

The Bayou State

What’s not to love in Louisiana? Everything from the infectious southern hospitality to the music, a history rich in Creole and Cajun culture, festivals, and the great outdoors are just some of the things that make the state both enticing and endearing for those who live there or simply visit.

Louisiana Economic Development

Becoming A Premier City

Fayetteville, Georgia, is a historic Southern city that is growing and embracing new development. A vibrant downtown area and investments by the entertainment industry are fueling the city’s growth.

City of Fayetteville, GA

Where the Midnight Sun Burns Bright

Located in the Land of the Midnight Sun, in Canada’s Northwest Territories, the town of Inuvik draws visitors from around the world who are fascinated by its rugged beauty and many unique charms. For those seeking a truly unique adventure, the town and surrounding areas have plenty to offer during both winter and summer seasons.

Town of Inuvik, NT

An Educational and Economic Hub in the Everglades

Davie is a thriving community based in what was, just a little over a century ago, unsettled Florida wilderness. Currently enjoying a major growth spurt, the town’s highly educated residents live in a region abounding in quality post-secondary schools and a breadth of economic development activity.

Town of Davie, FL

Connecticut’s Most Affordable City

Shelton, Connecticut is making headlines for its low cost of living. “We are the most affordable place in Connecticut,” says Mayor Mark Lauretti. “And we are consistently and historically affordable. When you don’t raise your taxes for eight years, or your mil rates either stay the same or go down 19 years out of the past 26 years, I’d say you’re pretty consistent, pretty predictable.”

City of Shelton , CT

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