Delivering Excellence

When Jamil Murji departed from his career in the world of finance, he sought to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit by finding a market that would show promise long into the future. “Everything needs to be moved on a truck. If you look back at 2013, why I entered this industry was that ten percent of the economy is logistics,” noted Murji. Whether by rail, marine, air, highway transportation or warehousing, “everything has to move.”

Argus Carriers, Ltd.

Global Supply Chain Solutions

MES, Inc. delivers complete supply chain management solutions that allow North American OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to outsource the entire manufacturing process. The Columbus, Ohio-based business maintains offices in China, India, and Mexico, giving the company easy access to high quality manufacturers.


Going the Extra Mile

The philosophy of Hi-Way 13 Transport Ltd. is simple: “logistics is about going the extra mile.” While other companies see logistics as mere transportation, Hi-Way 13 considers it to be about hauling freight seamlessly, and focusing on employees and customers. This is an Alberta-based general freight truck loading company and oilfield specialty carrier, also providing heated warehousing and outside oilfield pipe storage.

Hi-Way 13 Transport

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Here in my car
I feel safest of all
I can lock all my doors
It’s the only way to live
In cars.
-Gary Numan, Cars

Driverless Vehicles

North Carolina’s Trusted Dealership

Paramount Automotive Group of North Carolina offers a range of automobiles with impeccable service that customers can trust. From function to performance, the needs and wants of the buyer are always the top priority.

Paramount Automotive Group

Total Recall

Each day, millions of vehicles with potentially dangerous defects are travelling on highways and roads. It is estimated that one in six vehicles in Canada have an outstanding safety recall. These vehicles carry our friends, our families, our coworkers and community members.

The New Standard in Automotive Quality?

Where Quality of Life Meets Opportunity for Business

Garner, North Carolina is an example of a town that is on the move, and for good reason. It has a population of close to 30,000 people and lies within Wake County, ideally situated less than ten minutes from Raleigh, making it convenient to urban amenities, but still affordable.

Town of Garner, NC

A Great Place to Grow

Iredell County, with a population of approximately 160,000, is a welcoming community located in North Carolina. No more than a couple of hours away from both the ocean and the mountains, it may appear small, but its close proximity to a major metro market makes it a very diverse area, full of opportunities for families and businesses to grow.

Mooresville-South Iredell & Statesville Regional Development

Over Three Centuries of History

Founded by the French over three hundred years ago, Natchitoches is the oldest permanent settlement in the Louisiana Purchase and predates the founding of New Orleans in May of 1718 by four years.

Natchitoches, LA

A Premiere Location for Development and Growth

St. Mary Parish is located on the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. Multi-modal transportation avenues and 660 miles of navigable inland waterways make this an ideal place for the shipping, fabrication and fishing industries. Situated between New Orleans and Lafayette, this area has grown from an agricultural base to a mix of agriculture and industry.

St. Mary Parish, LA

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