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The City of Ruston, population 22,000, is the parish seat of Lincoln Parish, population approximately 47,000. Situated in north central Louisiana, Ruston has lots of appeal – from its churches to its educational institutions, from the strong work ethic of its residents to its close-knit community; the City of Ruston is a great place to do business.

City of Ruston, LA

Small is Beautiful

From hamlet to village, and town to city, the words used to describe areas where we live continue to evolve. In the United States, ‘city’ refers to a large, permanent human settlement, a chartered municipal corporation. A metropolis, or ‘mother city,’ refers to large cities or a conurbation. While many of us have heard these and other terms to describe populated areas, one less familiar is micropolitan.

Micropolitan Areas of North America

Wild Sunsets, Wild Horses, and a Sense of Community

Fountain Hills is a unique community – the town is centered around, and gets its namesake from, a spectacular fountain that reaches 560 feet. “The town was built to take advantage of the views throughout the entire area, including our iconic fountain, the Sonoran Desert and the McDowell Mountains,” says Mayor Linda Kavanagh, who, along with Town Manager Grady Miller and Economic Development Director Scott Cooper, spoke with us from Fountain Hills’ Town Hall.

Town of Fountain Hills, AZ

On the Cutting Edge of Irrigation, Agriculture and Lifestyle for Over 100 Years

The United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) oversees water resource management throughout the western United States, controlling irrigation, water supply and hydroelectric power. As the largest wholesaler of water in the nation, USBR brings life’s elixir to 31 million people and provides one in five Western farmers with irrigation for ten million acres producing 60 percent of the country’s vegetables and 25 percent of the fruit and nuts. USBR is also the second largest hydroelectric power producer in the U.S…

City of Hermiston, OR

The Best Small City in America

Moorhead, Minnesota is a city with something for everyone. Located on the Red River, which separates Moorhead from Fargo, North Dakota, the area is well-served by the intersection of Interstates 94 and 29, rail and air service, making it an ideal location for business.

City of Moorhead, MN

A Winning Location for Residents and Business Alike

With a population of just over 64,000, Oldham County is one of the top three fastest growing counties in Kentucky and has the lowest unemployment rate in the state. Oldham has the highest per capita family income and one of the best educated workforces in Kentucky, combined with an award-winning school system and a number of rich cultural offerings, including a vibrant art scene and even an artisanal distillery.

Oldham Chamber and Economic Development

A Small Town that Packs a Pretty Big Punch

Only a few minutes from the Detroit-Windsor border, Tecumseh’s businesses are within a day’s drive to at least 100 million people in North America, while residents enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a small town and the amenities of city life.

Town of Tecumseh, ON

Making Waves on the Coast

When we last spoke with Dru Garson, the chief executive officer of Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. development organization, he took us through its work in increasing economic development. To see how things have progressed since the October 2015 article, we spoke with Dru once again.

Greater Grays Harbor, Inc.

Combining Innovation and Software to Make Construction Equipment Management Simple and More Productive

Noble Iron is a technology-driven company that offers on-demand construction equipment for rent and for sale, and software applications to equipment owners and users to manage their equipment’s lifecycle.

Noble Iron

State Surveillance

Sometimes it seems like the world has gone mad. Perfectly intelligent (I use the word advisedly) political representatives have, over the last couple of years, taken leave of their senses when it comes to encryption, state surveillance, and privacy.

Not Just a Personal Privacy Problem

April 20, 2021, 9:10 PM EDT