Accessibility, Affordability and Entrepreneurship

For decades, large industries and home-grown enterprises alike have taken root and flourished in Ashland, Ohio. With a unique mix of both affordability and accessibility, the county offers enterprises a gateway to strategic transportation routes and, most importantly, success.

Ashland, OH

Success Speaks for Itself

The Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corporation (SIEDC) was created in 1983 to provide strong, strategic leadership with the goal of promoting economic development. Today, over three decades later, the organization continues to thrive under President and Chief Executive David Zak.

Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corporation

Working Collaboratively for Community Development

Formed in 1965, the Cambridge-Guernsey County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) was created by the Guernsey County Commissioners and designated by resolution to perform the economic development functions for the County, the City of Cambridge, and the Village of Byesville. Later, in 2000, the Guernsey County Port Authority was formed to also contribute to these functions…

Cambridge-Guernsey County Community Improvement Corporation

A Popular Tourist Destination Opens Its Doors to New Business

Tuscarawas County – a highly popular tourist destination in east-central Ohio – is open for business. Well-known for its historic past, recreational opportunities and proximity to Amish country, Tuscarawas is eager to attract new companies to its fold. This is not just community hype: in 2015, Site Selection magazine picked Tuscarawas County as America’s number two ‘micropolitan’ region for past-year economic and industrial site development.

Tuscarawas County, OH

Strategically Located and Poised for Growth

In early 2016, Site Selection magazine listed the Sandusky County area as number thirty-nine on its list of the best “micropolitan” regions in the US for past-year business investment and expansion. It was the third year in a row Sandusky County was included in the top ranks of the magazine’s micropolitan list (a ‘micropolitan’ being a primarily rural region with no cities over 50,000 people and a total population below 250,000).

Sandusky County, OH

Boundless Opportunity and Potential

As part of the Wheeling Metropolitan Statistical Area of West Virginia and Ohio, Belmont County is looking to take full advantage of its location. Its natural resources, its transportation, and its hardworking population, have made it become a center for boundless opportunity.

Belmont County Port Authority

Ongoing Improvement

When Business in Focus profiled Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in June 2015, the city was in the midst of redeveloping its Official Community Plan. Since then, Prince Albert has begun implementing the new plan—as well as several other notable initiatives.

City of Prince Albert, SK

Community, Culture, Character

Winter Park seems like a strange name for a city in the central part of Florida. I was intrigued to find out why, but first I discovered that this was an area which was a major attraction for businesses and people alike. This is a city that is expanding in many areas, including healthcare, tourism and scientific and technical services. Economic development is of paramount importance, as the city strives to target and expand business clusters…

City of Winter Park, Florida

Developing Opportunity in Southern Alabama

Covington County, located in rural south Alabama, is a place where industry thrives. We spoke with Rick Clifton, President and CEO of the Covington County Economic Development Commission, to learn about what Covington County has to offer.

Covington County, AL

Rural, Progressive & Winning

Last year, the Alabama Wiregrass region caught our attention as a national leader in business development and innovation. Sometimes referred to as ‘Wiregrass Country,’ the area encompasses parts of southern Georgia, southeastern Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle with the Alabama Wiregrass region sitting in the southeastern part of Alabama.

The Alabama Wiregrass Region

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