Building Success for Thirty Five Years

A. R. Chesson Construction has been providing a comprehensive portfolio of construction services since 1981. Over the last 35 years, the company has grown to fill three offices in eastern North Carolina and expanded its operations to cover more than three states.

A. R. Chesson Construction

A Full-Service Family Construction Company

a.j. Veneklasen, Inc. is a family owned general contractor and builder delivering a full suite of services to customers throughout Michigan, the Midwest, and as far away as California…

a.j. Veneklasen, Inc.

Engineering and Environmental Solutions with a Difference

Beginning as a civil engineering firm in 1990, McIntosh Perry set out to serve the local eastern Ontario market. It built a strong legacy in contract administration, municipal infrastructure design work, and construction oversight, and almost thirty years later, McIntosh Perry’s reach has expanded ten-fold.

McIntosh Perry

Smart Growth in a Key Industry

Sometimes, success is found in the most unusual of places. Ron Lee had an idea for a company that revolved around the housing market, but the recession of the early nineties put a halt to his progress. Instead, he entered the pipeline industry, utilities and hydro sector…

Ron Lee Construction

Capping off Commercial Projects Across the U.S.

Since 1978, Progressive Roofing has been offering its services to a growing network of customers across the United States. From its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, the company has grown to multiple locations and employs upwards of seven hundred people. Progressive Roofing has established itself as a top commercial roofing contractor in the national commercial roofing market.

Progressive Roofing

Moving America Forward

Founded in 1933, the American Trucking Association (ATA) has been “developing and advocating innovative, research-based policies that promote highway safety, security, environmental sustainability and profitability.” The ATA is a federation, made up of motor carriers, allied members, state trucking associations and councils and conferences, bringing together some of the most influential voices from across the industry.

The American Trucking Association

Safety as Standard

Given the time-sensitive nature of medical emergencies and the vast distances that can be involved in transporting patients to emergency services in the United States, the air medical transport industry has seen massive growth in the past thirty years…

Metro Aviation

Continued Growth Brings a Complete Solution

Critical Path Express has grown from a humble courier start up to one of Ontario’s leading providers of courier, transportation, logistics, warehousing, and distribution services. After three decades of successful growth, Greg Doff (Founder) is proud to say the company continues to expand its list of specialized services to better support its customers.

Critical Path Express

Feeding the Innovation Economy

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Menlo College is an undergraduate business school with a strong liberal arts emphasis within a close-knit community of approximately 1,000 students. Graduates are well prepared for success in Silicon Valley – and beyond.

Menlo College

Higher Education, Brighter Economy

Northern Lights College (NLC) represents one of eleven colleges in British Columbia. It serves the northern third of the province, a vast and scenic region that is home to approximately 71,000 people. Anchored by its first established campus in Dawson Creek, NLC runs four additional campuses and three access centers across northern British Columbia.

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