Innovation, Expertise Shine Bright for Energy Focus

Energy Focus is a relatively small company that is having a sizeable impact on the LED lighting industry. Through its exceptional products and innovation, and unbridled passion for smart lighting solutions, Energy Focus has placed itself at the forefront of the LED lighting and retrofit revolution.

Energy Focus

Gearing for the Future

Headquartered in Palmyra, New York, Jrlon, Inc. is a premier polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) processor in the United States. PTFE, best known by the brand name Teflon, is a synthetic tetrafluoroethylene fluoropolymer. Jrlon has established a reputation for quality and expertise with diverse processes and a wide assortment of performance plastics and exotic alloys.


A Vertical Integration Hardwood Business

Founded by John J. Yoder in 1944, Yoder Lumber Company is a third-generation family operation that continues to offer its customers superior selection and timely delivery from its in-house transportation and logistics division. Its consistent quality is rooted in tradition and enhanced by technologically advanced equipment and processes.

Yoder Lumber

Master Distributors, Exceptional Service

Christy Metals offers dependable service and quality products to its domestic and international customers every day. The company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, and so is compliant with stringent quality standards. The company has no minimum order size and aims to meet all its customers’ metal needs, large or small.

Christy Metals

Designing the Future

Thermwood has made its home in Dale, Indiana since it began operations at the end of the 1960s. Jason Susnjara has served as vice president of marketing for ten years at the pioneering company and spoke to me from his office.


Moving the Industry Forward

The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International® (FMA) is a professional organization with more than 2,500 individual and company members working together to improve the metal processing, forming and fabricating industry.

Fabricators and Manufacturers Association

Keeping Industry Running

As a full-service industrial contractor, Atlas Industrial Contractors works to keep its customers’ operations running efficiently. The company is recognized for safety, quality and longstanding industry expertise.

Atlas Industrial Contractors

Making its Mark in Canada’s Window and Door Industry

Landmark Home Solutions has been a family-owned business for more than twenty-five years. At first, the company catered to the Niagara area but has since expanded its reach to serve all of Ontario from its base in St. Catharines…

Landmark Home Solutions

Packaging Greatness with a “One More Thing” Philosophy

Whether you are looking to package a beverage, a chemical, or a beauty product, Kaufman is a great partner to have. Kaufman Container has been a major supplier of rigid containers for over a hundred years, offering the complete package from concept to completion.

Kaufman Container

Smart, Sustainable Growth

The Odom Corporation is a premier wholesale distributor of beverages in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska. Recently a deal was inked to serve the State of Hawaii. One of the many strengths of the company is its unique expertise in the logistics of serving remote states like Alaska and Hawaii. Business in Focus spoke with its Chief Operating Officer Adam Hilpert.

The Odom Corporation

June 4, 2020, 10:52 PM EDT