Better Health and Wellbeing Since 1991

Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) is a nutriceutical company with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. The supplement formulator is dedicated to providing unrivalled research and development for the natural health and wellness industry. Its diverse lines of health products serve over fifty categories with everything from bone health to cardiovascular health.

Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR)

Merchandise, Marketing, and More

Promotions Unlimited provides the products and services that mom and pop businesses need to successfully compete with the big chains. “We have always been a company that roots for the independent retailer,” says President of Sales Ellen Phelps.

Promotions Unlimited

Driving Growth and Delivering Results

Hearn Trucking LLC has established itself as a reliable logistics company with an extensive fleet and a committed team of drivers. Hearn continues to expand its services to keep pace with ever-increasing demand.

Hearn Trucking LLC

A Breath of Fresh Air

The air solutions sector is a dynamic and essential player in North American industry. As industrial leaders across the planet recognize the need for safer working conditions, clean air solutions have become became a top priority.


A Longstanding Legacy of Promoting Healthy Living

As a pioneer in the health movement, Bragg Live Food Products provides its customers with a diverse lineup of organic and natural food and nutrition products that enable people to live a healthy lifestyle. For over one hundred years, the company has offered superior quality products, adhering to the philosophy that, “You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say, and do!”

Bragg Live Food Products

Your One-stop-shop for All Things Pasta

Since 1985, La Pasta has grown from an artisanal pasta maker to a foodservice and retail leader, manufacturing an extensive offering of healthy pastas and sauces, including its gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic certified options.

La Pasta Inc.

An Industry in Transition

Affected by myriad factors including a sluggish global economy and production delays, the global aerospace industry continues to face challenges. Through long-range planning and a careful assessment of the future needs of the industry, it can succeed.

Ups and Downs in Aerospace

Building Blocks of Global Success

CMC Biologics is the largest independent contract development and manufacturing organization dedicated to creating biologics.

CMC Biologics

Meeting Bulk Material Handling Needs

Surrey, British Columbia-based Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Ltd. is recognized for its superior-quality engineering and manufacturing of a diverse range of bulk materials handling equipment.

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.

Bridging the Gap

Saskarc is a leading custom metal fabricator and site equipment supplier serving the petro chemical, power generation, mining and construction industries across Western Canada. With locations in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Saskarc has become the go-to source for custom fabrication, project management and equipment rental and sales.

Saskarc Industries

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