Solid as a Rock

Back in February of 2013, we spoke with Kodiak Mountain Stone’s President, Jeff Heggie, about the company and its products. Back then, the company founder told us about the challenge of finding employees for the Cardston factory, and how operations in the U.S. and Canada were thriving. Jeff was happy to sit down with us again for an update as to what’s new at the company.

Kodiak Mountain Stone

Things Are Looking Up

Today’s construction industry as a whole is facing a number of challenges that are holding back its progress. Skyline Building Envelope Solutions is not only providing a top notch service for its customers but is attempting to address these and create change within the world of trade contractors. President and CEO Tom Hodson and Executive Vice President Bill Black spoke with us about the state of the industry.

Skyline Building Envelope Solutions

Quality Materials Testing

Over a quarter of a century ago, a company was created in a British Columbia basement with just three partners. It has since grown into a multi-million-dollar enterprise with over 250 employees, and continues to meet the material testing needs of clients across Canada and internationally.

Canadian Construction Materials Engineering & Testing Ltd. (CCMET)

Making a Difference through Strategic Partnerships

Canadian family-owned businesses often go unrecognized for the invaluable role they play in helping to drive the economy forward. Yet these businesses are a successful form of enterprise that deliver innovation, employment, prosperity and character to the communities in which they operate…

Canada North Camps

Sixty Four Years of Success

Allied Building Products got its start back in 1950 as a New Jersey based, family run roofing and custom sheet metal fabrication business. In those days, the humble start-up only had five employees, two modest trucks, 700 square feet of office space, and 5,000 square feet of warehouse space…

Allied Building Products

Looking Ahead

Anderson, South Carolina is focused on the future. A forward thinking municipal government is making smart investments to ensure that the city is the place to be – today as well as tomorrow.

City of Anderson, South Carolina

Employees Wanted

The economy in Aberdeen, South Dakota is standing strong – and has been for years, even through the recession. “We really didn’t see the downswing in the economy here,” says Chris Haar, Interim Executive Vice-President of the Aberdeen Development Corporation.

City of Aberdeen, South Dakota

Turning Vision into Reality

“Our vision for the city has really started to take place,” says Mike Schatz, Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s Economic Development Director. It is this vision – the bigger picture of what could be – that will transform Eau Claire’s ideas into reality.

City of Eau Claire

‘It’s Happening Here’

After being hit by the devastating blowbacks of the 2008 financial crisis, officials in Sparks, Nevada were forced to take a series of hard decisions to ensure that the city would continue to run smoothly…

City of Sparks, Nevada

Leading Saskatchewan in Growth

In sunny southeast Saskatchewan, a mere 16 km from the Canada-United States border, lies the city of Estevan. Surrounded by the Bakken oil fields and several power plants, it has developed from a small coal-mining town into one of the fastest growing cities in Saskatchewan, all in just a few decades.

The City of Estevan

May 29, 2020, 4:00 AM EDT