Value Based Innovation

Plasma-Tec specializes in precision machining, turning and grinding of components for various OEM industries, particularly high-wearing applications such as pump components. The company also provides wear-resistant and anti-corrosive hard surfacing to increase component lifespan.

Plasma-Tec Inc.

Leading the Way in High-Temp Applications

Fedmet Resources Corporation is a global leader in the demanding world of quality engineered products and services for high-temperature applications. Working for a range of clients in the steel, iron, and non-ferrous industries, the company prides itself on providing the highest-quality products manufactured from only the best raw materials.

Fedmet Resources

A Center for Innovation and Technology

Longmont, Colorado is one of the country’s hottest new destinations for creative, tech-minded entrepreneurs. Once a sleepy bedroom community, the city has transformed into a vibrant center of innovation and 21st century thinking.

City of Longmont

All Grown Up

Recently ranked second in the nation for job creation by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Greeley, Colorado is at the center of a major boom. “We have seen a significant change in our economic fortunes,” says Economic Development Manager Bruce Biggi…

City of Greeley

Where Businesses Want to Be

Located just minutes from downtown Denver, Castle Rock has transformed from a bedroom community to a prime business destination. CNNMoney recently ranked Castle Rock the 4th best small city to live in the United States, while Nerdwallet named it the #1 place to find a job in the entire state of Colorado.

Town of Castle Rock

Pure Colorado

Fountain’s motto, Pure Colorado, says it all. “The motto truly matches the city,” says Economic Development Manager Kimberly Bailey. “We are pure Colorado. When you come here you will actually live what you envision: Colorado lifestyle, Colorado views, and Pure Colorado experiences.”

City of Fountain

Room to Grow

Located just ten miles from Denver in Colorado’s Front Range, Thornton is in an ideal location for both business and recreation. Best of all, Thornton still has plenty of room to grow – a fact that sets the up and coming city apart.

City of Thornton

An Ideal Business Location

Conveniently situated halfway between Boulder and Denver, Westminster Colorado is an ideal business location. “You have access to labor force, access to suppliers, access to educational resources, access to a variety of housing,” says Economic Development Director Susan Grafton. “Access is the big differentiator.”

City of Westminster

125 Years of Uniform and Linen Solutions

For well over a century, AmeriPride Services has been proudly providing a wide range of high-quality, professional uniform and linen solutions to businesses in a variety of sectors, from medical to industrial, hospitality to food service, automotive to safety, and much more.

AmeriPride Services

An Organic Evolution, an Innovative Solution

With a telling past and a bright future, Cotton Logistics is one of the world’s top workforce housing companies, which illustrates the importance of experience and specialization. Operating in some of the toughest scenarios on earth, Cotton Logistics is skilled in providing workforce housing services which support and sustain labor forces in remote or high-risk environments.

Cotton Logistics

August 20, 2019, 6:29 AM EDT

Keep on Trucking

North America’s trucking industry has been wrestling with the growing issue of a driver shortage for many years – particularly in the long-haul sector. The industry, businesses, and government are all looking for ways to fill the urgent need for more truckers. Suggestions to solve this are wide-ranging, and many are viable but will see results over the long term.