Most recently, the company achieved a platinum LEED certification for one of its recent projects in Nova Scotia, the first of its kind in all of the Atlantic Provinces. We spoke with Principal Carl Blanchaer and Associate Principal Richard Myers about this successful enterprise, and what the future holds for the skylines of cities across the globe.

Innovative Design for a Changing World

Franklin Empire

Franklin Empire is one such success story. The company began with the merger of two independent family owned electrical distributors in Montreal, Quebec in 1992 – Empire Electric which began in 1942, and Franklin Electric, launched in 1946.

Promoting Family Values

The Williams and White Group of Companies

In its modest beginning as Claxton and Williams, a Vancouver-based partnership between Christopher Williams, Jack Claxton, and Len Claxton, the company was strictly a machining operation with contracts from local industries.

On the Cutting Edge


“A lot of the competitors are either focused on just the freight broker logistics side or they are focused on just the transportation carrier side,” Tailwind General Manager Bhavik Chauhan explains. “Whereas we can cater to both at the highest level.” This makes the company’s software particularly appealing, he adds, because many customers straddle both sectors, and Tailwind is able to provide them with a comprehensive solution in a single purchase.

Advanced Transportation Software

STEMCELL Technologies

The team delivers over 1500 of these products to more than 70 countries around the globe to assist leading edge researchers in carrying out their work. “We provide the picks and shovels for the stem cell gold rush,” STEMCELL Technologies President and CEO Dr. Allen Eaves explains. “We are not actually looking for the gold – that is a new therapeutic process – but we are providing the tools that will help other people discover those new therapies.”

Scientists Helping Scientists

SPI International Transportation

A crucial component of SPI’s success is that the company is not tied down to one type of freight or a specific mode of transportation. SPI President Mitch Helten explains that, unlike a carrier, SPI isn’t distracted with managing its own fleet.

Customer Focused Transportation Solutions

Smoke NV

The story of Smoke NV began in 2006. Mr. Mohamedali was on vacation in the U.S. when he saw the electronic cigarette for sale and decided to make a purchase. He brought the product back with him and showed it to a group of physicians with whom he ultimately started the company.

A Company with a Conscience

The Econo-Rack Group of Companies

Appointed President of Econo-Rack in October of 2012, Mr. Mazzetti was able to combine his extensive experience in the lift truck industry with the business’s prominent position as a leader and solutions provider in North America’s demanding storage and material handling industry.

Innovative Storage Solutions

PNP Pharmaceuticals

During his time in retail vitamin sales through the eighties and nineties, Glen North felt that something was missing from the market. “Years ago there really weren’t many products in the fitness and nutrition sector that were available, maybe three or four brands to choose from.

Prescription for Success

Northern Transportation Company

Having been with the company for a year and a half, Marketing and Customer Service Director Scott Dryden has drawn from his extensive experience in the field of marine transportation to help shape Northern Transportation Company Limited into what it is today.

A New Perspective on Northern Necessity

December 19, 2018, 3:12 AM EST