Building Dreams

We all want to enjoy life to its fullest, and spend our hard earned money on worthwhile and enjoyable activities. We do have choices here – theme parks, water parks, entertainment centres, resorts, shopping, science or history centres, cultural endeavours, and much more. Can you imagine a company that could possibly cover all of these bases, and do it well?


Predicting the Future

Cesium Telecom, a distribution company that deals in accessories for smart phones, tablets and other consumer electronics, was incorporated in 2003. The company is a major distributor of accessories for top brands such as Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Apple centered brands such as Griffin, Incase, Iskin, Moshi, and other Speaker & Bluetooth Audio brands like Plantronics and XMI.

Cesium Telecom

Harness the Sun

With over nine years of Canadian manufacturing experience, Centennial Global Technology is a world leader in photovoltaic systems, exporting these systems to more than 23 countries worldwide.

Centennial Global Technology

Leading the Way for Renewable Energy

With a strong financial team managing assets in excess of $1.5 billion, highly experienced global operations crews, sound management and a board of directors backed by decades of experience in renewable energy, mining and engineering, Alterra Power Corp. has rapidly become a leading global renewable energy company.

Alterra Power Corp.

December 16, 2018, 8:00 PM EST

Home Free

Tales of a ‘fountain of youth,’ able to restore health and vitality, go back thousands of years to ancient Greek historian Herodotus who first referred to these miraculous waters. Inevitably, an ambitious few would seek out this magical fountain and its rejuvenating properties. The best-known remains famous Spanish explorer and conquistador Juan Ponce de León (1460-1521) who accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to America.