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Our society is heavily reliant on a substance that is not renewable; it comes from the ground and can take thousands of years for the earth to create. We burn oil in several forms for myriad purposes; if there is something out there that doesn’t burn oil, we can be assured that it took oil to produce or transport. There is no getting around it; we use it for everything and anything, and our lives depend on it.

Saving the World, 300 to 500 Truckloads at a Time

Energy for the Next Generation

The use of energy throughout the world has a huge impact on global ecological sustainability, whether it is fossil fuels, hydro electricity, wind energy, solar power or any other method used to create it. To achieve sustainability we must find more efficient ways to create and use the energy that we have now; the future depends on it.

Green and Clean Energy

Smart Solutions

How do you become a dominant player in any industry? Einstein once said that, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” To be a pioneer is to embrace that philosophy wholeheartedly, for imagination is a catalyst for invention and invention is what sets you apart from the masses.

Carney Battery Handling

Leaders in Renewable Energy

Since it was formed in May of 1999, Canadian Projects Limited has become one of the country’s most experienced, respected, and sought-after renewable energy engineering consultants.

Canadian Projects Limited

Bettering the Built Environment

With over 100 years of continuous operation, Nelco Mechanical Limited is a multi-trade contractor with a great deal of responsibility – that of supplying many of the “hidden” systems that keep the buildings we occupy everyday functioning the way they should.

Nelco Mechanical

A Clear View

When speaking of a building’s environmental sustainability, it has become common practice to describe its green “envelope. The outer shell of a building, separating the interior from what lies beyond, the envelope includes such elements as the roof, walls, foundation, and floors. All of these features can be “greened in various ways – and in previous issues we’ve explored both green roofs and living walls – yet the installation of windows is akin to punching giant holes in that envelope.

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Tales of a ‘fountain of youth,’ able to restore health and vitality, go back thousands of years to ancient Greek historian Herodotus who first referred to these miraculous waters. Inevitably, an ambitious few would seek out this magical fountain and its rejuvenating properties. The best-known remains famous Spanish explorer and conquistador Juan Ponce de León (1460-1521) who accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to America.