The Impacts of Flooding

Massive flooding can often have a devastating impact on the economy of a region and the livelihood of its people. Loss of human life, property damage, destruction of crops, loss of livestock, non-functioning infrastructure facilities, and the possibility of waterborne diseases are just some of the ways a flood can impact upon a community.

The Impacts of Flooding

Better Drilling in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

In the 2013 federal budget, as well as the 2013 Economic Action Plan, the Canadian government placed a large emphasis on the skilled trades and efficiency in the Western Canadian sedimentary basin to ensure the sustainability of the industry and maintain the many economic and social benefits of a strong economy.

Increased Efficiency for Sustainable Growth

The State of Labour Unions in Canada

While approximately 70 percent of employees in the public sector are unionized, recent figures show that union density in the private sector is at an all-time low of 15.9 percent. With these declining numbers, the possibility of a post-union workforce in Canada may become a reality and the question may arise: are labour unions still relevant in today’s workforce?

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Cultivating Success

While financial success is vital to the survival of any business, it is the culture of a company that makes survival and longevity viable.

The Importance of Workplace CultureThe Importance of Workplace Culture

Bilateral Trade with China

Bilateral trade, simply explained, is the exchange of goods between two countries under an established framework aimed at minimizing trade deficits faced by countries in our globalized market economy. These agreements are treaties, established to facilitate trade and maintain and support these commercial relationships.

What FIPA Means for Canada

The Importance of Business Reputation

The reputation of a business is essential to its survival. The trust and confidence of the consumer can have a direct and profound effect on a company’s bottom line. Recently, the importance of reputation has become increasingly apparent, as companies such as BP and Toyota have had to cultivate their responses to crises in order to maintain the reputation and standing of their companies to the world.

Business Reputation

A Democratic and Sustainable Approach to Socioeconomic Development

2012 is the International Year of Cooperatives, as declared by the United Nations General Assembly. What is a cooperative? How do they work? What are the benefits of joining a cooperative?


Building Ontario

Dating back pre-1939, the Ontario General Contractors Association, or OGCA, has evolved to become the leading advocate and service provider for Ontario’s construction industry. The association has proven to be a proactive organization that aggressively tackles the many issues and challenges faced by its members and the industry.


Australian Beverages Council

Representing the interests of the non-alcoholic beverages industry throughout the country, the Australian Beverages Council Ltd (ABCL) has been making strides to ensure that the interests of its members are maintained in regards to the important issues while also promoting healthy lifestyle choices to the broader community. With members comprising of ninety five per cent of the industry’s production volume, ranging from the very large manufacturers and distributers through to the small family owned manufacturers, the Council coordinates with a broad range of stakeholders, including government departments, senior bureaucrats, regulators, the media, non-government organisations, consumer advocacy groups and, on occasion, members of the general public.

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