Respect for Safety and the Environment

CMS Oil Field Services

Through its multiple locations and 24 hour/seven day a week service – even in the worst weather conditions imaginable – CMS Oil Field Services has built a well-earned reputation as a thorough, solution-based business providing a solid range of environmental resource options to clients.
The company offers a comprehensive range of oilfield services backed by decades of combined experience, rigorous training, a commitment to the environment, convenient locations, a fleet of modern and well-maintained equipment, and a superior safety program.

Though its focus is on the northeastern United States, CMS Oil Field Services proudly works with customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, and is eyeing extending its operations to New York. The company has positioned itself as a one-stop shop by providing the finest technical service, through the most-skilled workers, using the best tools possible.

President Christopher R. Halgas has run the company for the past four years. Prior to taking on his role as president of CMS Oil Field Services, Mr. Halgas worked in a number of fields. He was an entrepreneur from an early age, forming a landscaping design company at the age of eighteen; it grew from just one truck to ten and had a sizable staff when he sold the company. His endeavours enabled him to amass a knowledge base in sales and new business development, skill sets which were then applied to his future endeavors.

Mr. Halgas takes pride in CMS Oil Field Services’ many accomplishments. Formed in 1994, the company entered the oilfield industry in early 2011, and has made significant progress in expanding its client base ever since. Part of the company’s success, he says, is being open-minded; the team investigates new markets, fresh ideas and growing industries.

“Energy is exploding, and we had a few people getting involved down in Marcellus,” he says of the company, which studied the market carefully and became involved in Utica. An area in the Appalachian Basin rich in shale, a major source of natural gas reserves and an emerging oil producer for the state of Ohio, Utica and surrounding areas presented an idea opportunity for CMS Oil Field to serve the industry and its customer base.

The company is a leading provider of rig and pipeline related support to the areas surrounding the Marcellus and Utica shale plays with multiple strategic locations.

CMS Oil Field Services has made considerable investments in state-of-the-art technology and machinery in order to successfully carry out cleaning operations according to environmental guidelines and with safety for staff and clients alike. All equipment in the company’s fleet of assets is model year 2012 or newer to serve customers reliably. In addition, the company’s trucks are all equipped with GPS technology, which not only improves efficiency getting to and from client sites, but also assists with guidance.

“We have about sixty heavy trucks and Super-Vacuum trucks, have hydro excavators and water trucks – there’s a lot of water delivery and waste disposal in the oilfield,” comments Mr. Halgas. “In addition, we have a tractor trailer, transports – which are basically bigger water trucks that are full tractors – along with flatbeds, dump trailers, dump trucks and our flagging operation.”

Its Super-Vacuum trucks are large trucks with a vacuum hose six or eight inches in diameter to clean up spills of both wet and dry materials. These vacuum trucks are capable of moving up to 5,000 cubic feet per minute, safely and effectively.

The company ensures all industry regulations, processes and procedures are carefully followed. Firmly committed to excellence – and working closely with state and government agencies – CMS Oil Field Services performs diverse services, all carried out by trained technicians and staff using quality machinery.

To meet the needs of all clients, CMS provides a full range of oilfield services: water hauling (100/110 bbl), water transfer, traffic control, rig cleaning and pad cleaning, equipment rentals, 130 bbl transport trucks, frac tank rentals and cleaning, equipment rentals, 24/7 spill response, snow plowing / cinders and rig moves / pilot vehicles, roadway flagging, water blasting services, roustabout services, transportation and disposal, Super Sucker trucks, hydro-excavation and dust control.

In addition to working with oil companies on cleanup operations, the company provides environmental solutions for others including local and state police. CMS, which uses the latest equipment to clean up spills, also has its own holding facility and disposal services. Its staff remove materials properly, safely and with full respect for the environment. The benefits of the company having its own holding facility are tremendous.

“Having our own holding facility is a distinct advantage over our competition,” Mr. Halgas states. “If there ever is a spill and it’s three in the morning, or the landfills may not be open, you have to have some sort of emergency holding facility. If you have thousands of barrels of material that need to be cleaned up immediately and it can’t wait until the morning, you need to have a facility that would be able to hold that type of quantity, then have it taken away and disposed of properly.”

Significantly, “Everybody who works for us is an employee,” says Mr. Halgas, explaining that the company uses no subcontractors. The company remains dedicated to training its 125 full-time staff in all aspects of the business, with a primary focus on safety. Oil Field Services maintains safety as the backbone of its entire operation. In addition to extensive training programs, the company has a safety director overseeing all operations who ensures that staff are put through drug and alcohol testing programs and properly thoroughly trained in all aspects of the job and equipment prior to operation.

“Training is a big part of everything we do. All of our drivers hold certificates in many different areas, including confined space cleaning, safe land training, and so forth. Some of our clients have specific training for their sites, to the materials that they hold. Many of these companies have something that they want our drivers to be trained in before they get on to their sites.”

At present, about seventy-five percent of CMS’s training is carried out in-house. The remaining twenty-five percent of training is brought in, with staff members educated at the company’s own site in order to bring all employees up to the company’s high standards.

With highly experienced and safety-conscious crews, the company is able to provide competitively priced, customized solutions for all its customers. CMS elevates training to a new level, working with driving schools and different colleges on confined space training. It regularly loans its instructors, vehicles and tanks to train other companies on the proper way to do confined space training, air monitoring and other necessary aspects of the job. Additionally, the company works with a number of driving schools on oilfield-specific driving programs, where drivers learn how to properly operate a tank truck and drive both on and off-road for Class A and Class B drivers.

With a well-known presence, the company frequently gets new clients through word-of-mouth from satisfied existing customers. Additionally, staff members pound the pavement to seek new clients, and salespeople regularly attend trade shows and other events to build the company’s stature. The company is also a proud member of ISNetworld #400-204614, PICS #51 160 and OOGA (Oil and Gas Association).

Serving clients through three locations, Mr. Halgas envisions CMS Oil Field Services becoming a dominant service contractor in the Marcellus and Utica formations while expanding to other areas to serve clients. From skilled staff and the right equipment to an in-depth knowledge of the industry and concerns for the environment and safety, the company looks forward to building on its reputation today and long into the future.

As Mr. Halgas emphasizes, “As a 24/7 operation, we will go anywhere – anytime – for our customers. Good weather, bad weather, it doesn’t matter. We will be there for them.”

September 23, 2020, 4:31 AM EDT