Committed to Excellence

3-J Ryan

With years of industry experience and an unrivaled record for quality and safety on all projects, 3-J Ryan, Inc. continues to proudly serve a variety of growing industry sectors across North America.
Headquartered in Pasadena, Texas, the company’s vast skill sets, along with fabrication capabilities totaling 90,000 square feet over two locations, enables 3-J Ryan, Inc. to successfully work take on projects both in the field and in-house.

With an ongoing dedication to industry excellence, the company works with many well-known companies in a range of sectors, including onshore oil and gas / petrochemical refining, pulp and paper, food processing, power, chemical, refining, manufacturing, and fertilizer industries. While maintaining the sectors in which it presently works, 3-J Ryan is actively expanding is geographic range, according to John Spruiell.

“We are trying to reach out more,” says Mr. Spruiell, the company’s VP of Business Operations. “In an ever changing economy and environment, 3-J Ryan is constantly looking for ways to better our services to our clients. One way we can do this is by expanding our reach to geographical areas where we have had less of a concentration in the past. This would include customers reaching to Corpus Christi, TX to the South, Midland / Odessa, TX to the West, Southern Oklahoma and Arkansas to the North and to Baton Rouge, LA to the East. With the proper planning and sales / marketing strategies these areas too will be home to members of the 3-J Ryan team offering our full array of services,” he explains. In time, once there is a sufficient revenue stream, the company will establish new offices to serve its clients, many of them associated with the onshore oil and gas and petrochemical refining sectors. At present, about 75 percent of the company’s services are focused on oil and gas.

A History of Service
The company was founded in 1994 by Joe Reyes, Sr.Mr. Reyes Sr., who had previously provided engineering services for xxxx paper at their Pasadena, TX mill. Upon retirement from the mill Mr. Reyes Sr. opened 3-J Ryan as a mechanical service provider for the industries within the Houston Ship Channel area. The privately owned company was purchased by his son, Joe Reyes, Jr., in 2006. With a fulltime staff of approximately 130, the company continues to provide superior and comprehensive I&E services, construction, maintenance, and industrial fabrication.

3-J Ryan is able to take on both repairs and new fabrication. “The company is roughly divided into three separate divisions,” Mr. Spruiell explains, and the team is equally at ease working from its own designs and those supplied by clients. “We have our fabrication division with an 80,000 square foot fabrication facility. In addition to that, we have a mechanical division that works on refineries and petrochemical plants, installing the items that we fabricate along with carrying out repairs, new construction, and maintenance performance inside those facilities. Also, we have an electrical and instrumentation division… all [divisions] complement each other at one time or another.”

For customers, the company’s structure enables it to take on a hands-on approach to everything it builds and repairs, making 3-J Ryan a one-stop turnkey operation requiring just one purchase order. “We can break ground, build it, install it, wire it up and have it ready for the customer to turn it on.”

Certified and Experienced
In addition to holding an “R” stamp certified by the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 3-J Ryan, Inc. uses the respected ASME Code (“U” and “PP” stamp) which establishes safety relating to pressure integrity and governs not only the design but fabrication and inspection of boilers and pressure vessels.

In addition to oil and gas, the company is active in a variety of markets, providing a range of services such as procurement, construction, engineering, piping, instrumentation, electrical, fabrication, and maintenance. Clients come to 3-J Ryan for site preparation, structural fabrication and erection, fire water systems, Coker structures, foundations and general concrete, heater and furnace installation and repairs, ASME Code Fabrication (“U” stamp), Coded Pressure Pipe Fabrication (“PP” stamp), API Tank Fabrication, industrial lighting systems procurement, design and installation, instrument calibration, fiber optic cabling, and a great deal more.

3-J Ryan’s massive fabrication facility (ASME code) also benefits from a large, 2,500 square foot access-controlled area where trained staff members take on sandblasting and painting projects. Having such a large, well-equipped facility allows the company to perform services such as CNC flame cutting, saw cutting, specialty fabrication (per customer design), API tank fabrication, plate rolling, structural fabrication, ASME Pipe Fabrication (B31.3 and B31.1), ASME Code fabrication (“U” stamp), Coded pressure pipe fabrication (“PP” stamp), equipment repairs, rerates, and alterations per NBIC (“R” stamp), along with many other services.

In the area of civil and structural work, 3-J Ryan is able to handle virtually all industrial concrete and applications for structural steel, including the provision of design work, engineering, and construction services. From site preparation to concrete foundations and concrete contaminants, rebar fabrication and installation specialty concrete repairs, coker structures, pipe racks, rotating equipment and more, clients can take advantage of a host of superior-quality service offerings.

For the industrial instrumentation and electrical sectors, 3-J Ryan proudly provides work for industrial electrical, automation applications, and controls through design and construction, engineering services, commissioning and maintenance. The company’s wide range of services include everything from the design of turnkey high-voltage substations – along with construction and commissioning – to all types of cabling, conduit system installation, termination, and testing, control system wiring installation and troubleshooting, fiber optic cabling, instrument calibration, industrial lighting systems procurement design and installation, turnkey fabrication and installation of PCR and RIE buildings, in addition to other services.

In the mechanical area, the highly trained staff members at 3-J Ryan, Inc. are able to provide services including process piping, structural steel, tie-ins, fire water systems, equipment installation, and repairs or modifications made according to customer requirements, or per National Board Inspection Code (NBIC).

Safety, First and Foremost
With an industry-wide, enviable record for safety, 3-J Ryan continues to lead the way when it comes to the delivery of projects on-time, on or under budget, and with an adherence to quality and safety from start to finish. With a focus on accountability, safety initiatives include 52 weeks of training, monthly OSHA training, annual HACSC training, and training specific to equipment operators and site. Fostering a culture of safety, training is comprehensive and mandatory, and serves to benefit not only the company and its own staff, but clients, subcontractors, and the public at large.

In addition to the many training topics within the training program, the company utilizes incentive programs for all staff to report near miss safety incidents. These reported near misses are then used as training tools and team members are rewarded for their awareness and willingness to assist in providing a safe work environment. The 52 week training program includes 26 training modules covering topics such as hand safety and incident reporting. Project Managers and Supervisors attend safety meetings weekly and carry the message to the team members in the field along with assistance from the 3-J Ryan HSE Manager. “Our HSE manager is not there to police any negative findings, but to give corrective plans and reward them for their positive actions,” says Mr. Spruiell. Additionally, the company has a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Program along with its “Take two” program. This benefits employees by giving them the authority to review, and put a halt to, any procedures deemed unsafe before they happen. This serves as another example of the 3-J Ryan ideology, which sees employees take responsibility for one another’s safety and well-being through comprehensive training, safety walk-through audits, valued employee input, job safety analysis, and other initiatives. “A safety plan is only as good as its results,” according to the company.

3-J Ryan works with junior colleges and trade schools in the Houston area to search for young up and coming talent. In addition media outlets such as the 3-J website, (, LinkedIn, Facebook and industry web pages are utilized as well. As the market demand continues to increase so does the demand for a dependable and qualified work force.

“That is the biggest issue in this industry,” says Joe Reyes, Jr. “There is a lot of work [at present], and a lot of work coming down the pipe, and just not enough people to do it. Part of what we do to overcome that is to pursue younger talent from trade schools, nurture them and attempt to create the loyalty which is required to be a true team player.” Very much a family atmosphere, the company has an employee appreciation luncheon every quarter. “We either cook out or bring in catering while issuing safety awards and recognizing any of our team members who were not afraid to go above and beyond in an effort to assist in safety awareness and training. Every employee within the 3-J Ryan organization is considered a member of the team. From the entry level apprentice to the president of the company, we all work together toward the same common goal of safe quality project completion.”

While taking on projects in the United States at this time, the company is open to work outside the U.S. if the timing and the project are right. “We foresee within the next five years having two to three satellite offices, with fulltime staff attached to those offices and revenue growth doubling to maintain that work and to maintain those offices,” shares Mr. Reyes. “From there, it just depends on the market. With the majority of our work being in the oil and gas industry, it really depends on the market, and what the market does in the next five years.”

September 20, 2020, 4:30 PM EDT