A Growth-centric Company

Bredero Shaw

International pipe coating company Bredero Shaw has led innovatively within the sector since the 1930s and has participated in some of the world’s biggest oil, gas and water pipeline projects. Focused on the development and manufacturing of pipeline coatings, the company has earned a reputation among industry giants as a global, reliable and effective provider of long-term integrity pipeline solutions.
With a long list of professional accomplishments and a wide network of acclaimed industry professionals to match, Bredero Shaw is a prime case study in stable, international growth. However, according Global Product Line Manager Cedric Oudinot, the world has only seen the very beginning of the company’s potential.

To this day, Bredero Shaw has protected over 400,000 kilometres of pipelines, and that number is fast growing. Whether it be in remote Arctic, non-conventional, or deep water resources, the company takes on complex pipeline projects with an unmatched ability at understanding specific requirements and delivering matching innovative solutions. It is this experience which ultimately, sets it apart and continues to fuel its innovative growth agenda.

Bredero Shaw is an instrumental piece of major global energy services company ShawCor. Working within a bigger, strategic business structure has served to further bolster the widespread success of the company on the international stage; together with ShawCor and its other subsidiaries, Bredero Shaw has the capability to respond to a vast array of pipeline coating need in the upstream, mid-stream and downstream segments. The company funds and carries out many developments across related technology platforms backed by ShawCor’s extensive knowledge base.

Growth in diversity
To say the firm has seen a fruitful few years would be an understatement. In the past five years, the firm has been granted the world’s largest and most expensive pipeline coating contracts. From the Middle East to Australia, Bredero Shaw reigns supreme in the realm of plant based pipeline services.

In 2012, Bredero Shaw was granted a $400 million USD pipeline coating contract on the Ichthys liquid natural gas project in Western Australia. As a key logistics hub and provider of pipeline coating services, the company was a major player in the creation of this massive gas export pipeline.

This year Bredero Shaw followed on this success with the largest gas project in Azerbaijan: the Shah Deniz II. Bredero Shaw was called on to provide and execute the pipeline coatings for the project, taking on a $200 million contract.

“Of course working across a broad range of countries and client bases can be challenging, but it has benefits as well – benefits for us as a market focused innovation company, and for the projects we work on, leveraging our innovative solutions portfolio as well as a global footprint key to delivering consistent quality,” says Mr. Oudinot. The company’s project experience, deep technical knowledge base and global exposure are key differentiators when compared to any of its smaller competitors.

Bredero Shaw currently provides the broadest and most advanced pipeline-coating solutions in the world. From thermal insulation to buoyancy control, from mechanical protection to anti-corrosion protection, and even internal flow-efficiency treatment, the company has the capabilities to deliver an optimal end to end solution to any challenging pipeline operator needs.

Decades of experience developing highly capable manufacturing processes, coupled with a market leading innovative portfolio allows Bredero Shaw to deliver solutions in the most challenging geographies, project timelines and technical requirements. Not only does this win the company major contracts, such as Ichthys or Shah Deniz Phase II but it enables Bredero Shaw to thrive despite changes in the global economy. The major industrial sectors in which Bredero Shaw operates can be volatile; however, as a result of the company’s relevant and proven offerings, the firm has staying and growing power.

Strength in numbers
According to Mr. Oudinot, “We are a growth-centric company,” and looking at the company’s global presence proves just that. With over ninety locations across the globe, and more than 8,000 employees, ShawCor’s operational capabilities are hard to match.

From worldwide manufacturing and corporate locations to the cohort of internationally recognized Bredero Shaw staff, there are few companies which come close to the global impact of the firm’s abilities. In an industry which is heavily dependent on changing time lines and external environmental factors, Bredero Shaw provides a level of rigor, product quality and product performance which smaller firms simply cannot compete with.

Bredero Shaw is home to the largest number of business locations in the industry. Location is an extremely important part of any major energy project, and Bredero Shaw’s international reach is an asset in terms of project quality and timeliness. As a result of the company’s expansive list of locations, the firm is conveniently in range of every energy basin in the world and firmly positioned to optimize for any large international pipeline project in the world.

With the most extensive network of strategically located facilities and professionals around the world, Bredero Shaw has coated more pipelines, in more diverse geographic locations, than any other company in the industry. In the case of pipeline solutions, bigger is better; Bredero Shaw, supported by ShawCor, ultimately can deliver faster results, more advanced technology, and a greater number of skilled staff than any other pipeline coating company on the planet.

Bredero Shaw’s international footprint is hard to match, but achieving global success is no easy feat; so what exactly is it that has sustained the company’s avid growth while allowing it to maintain control over its wide-reaching and diverse projects? According to Mr. Oudinot, organization and structure is everything. “We really believe in organizational and process excellence at Bredero Shaw; it’s something we are very good at.”

The innovation continues
Bredero Shaw relies heavily on its international reach, diverse offerings and the company’s highly skilled workforce to promote the continued growth of the company, but without the quality and innovation that backs the firm’s technology, this success would be impossible.

Research and development are critical features of the company’s efforts to remain at the forefront of the pipeline industry. Through the constant development of new, improved technologies, it is able to guarantee clients the most relevant and effective solutions to pipeline coating problems.

The company’s newest product – SureBond – was developed in direct response to the changing needs of the pipeline industry. As a result of new industrial advances in technology, pipelines are being constructed for more demanding mechanical and thermal environments, factors which influence the overall reliability of pipe joints. Realizing the fragmentation of market solutions to this issue, Bredero Shaw created SureBond. As a result of its unique composition, SureBond ensures not only superior pipe protection but also joint integrity, which is reliable even under a broad range of temperatures.

SureBond is only one example of Bredero Shaw’s continued innovation in the pipe technology sector, but points to the changing needs of the pipeline industry. In a market which is constantly reinventing itself through technological advancement, Bredero Shaw remains a steadfast provider of much needed innovations.

For the past eighty years, Bredero Shaw has worked to earn its place as the world’s leading supplier of pipe coating solutions to a range of industrial markets. Whether it is the major gas projects of Western Australia and Azerbaijan or vast pipeline works in the arctic, Bredero Shaw’s experiential knowledge is second to none. With the widest network of professionals, and the largest number of manufacturing and development facilities the pipe coating sector has ever seen, the company remains a top choice for the industry’s pipeline needs.

Ultimately, it is the firm’s ability to provide quality in both products and development under any and all circumstances which has fuelled Bredero Shaw’s healthy growth thus far and will ensure further expansion in the future. The past eight decades have proved that this growth-centric company is here to stay, and according to Mr. Oudinot, the next eighty years, promise to be even more impressive.

September 23, 2020, 5:09 AM EDT