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Tri-State Industrial Group

With over 30 years of proven success in each of the industries it serves, Tri-State Industrial Group maintains a focus on innovation, ensuring quality output and a strong commitment to its clients, its employees and the local and regional communities in which it operates.

When Tri-State Electrical Contractors was founded by CEO Gary Allison, it was a reactionary measure in the wake of the oil bust to ensure his family’s needs would be met. Like many others, Gary found himself without work. He and his original partner had a tool belt, a rolodex, a strong work ethic, and a keen business sense – a recipe for success.

As an electrical company doing work in the energy industry, they found themselves relying on subcontractors, outsourcing certain jobs when required. For example, they would need to hire excavators when the job required ditches to be dug when running wires in the ground. Recognizing the company’s increased reliance on subcontractors, it was consciously decided that an investment should be made to add a construction and excavation division, enabling the team to do it themselves, diversifying their offerings and furthering the degree to which they were able to experience success.

Over the years, Tri-State Electrical Contractors enjoyed continued success in each facet of the growing business, as the company secured more work and established a loyal and diverse clientele, including some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. As the work increased, so too did the need for a team of highly specialized and skilled professionals at every level, to meet Tri-State’s goals for growth.

Building upon the solid framework established with its electrical portfolio, a similar degree of success was experienced in the construction / excavation division, and the company continued to build, adding an automation and control systems division, Tri-State Automation and Controls. Today, the company offers a suite of complete infrastructure solutions, providing customers with “a single point of contact for electrical, automation and controls, construction services including excavation and concrete and foundations, power construction, and more.”

Presently, Tri-State has indicated an interest in the aviation, military and medical sectors, as well as in adding trades such as mechanics to enable the company to install and maintain equipment in diverse industries. It is Tri-State’s intention to move into areas that present opportunities for growth and expansion.

Recognized as the fastest growing business in Oklahoma last year (a jump from fifth place the previous year), Tri-State Industrial Group employs over 300 people in six offices, and continues to expand regionally and nationwide, including to Texas, Kansas and Colorado.

Tri-State Industrial Group (TSIG) provides complete infrastructure solutions and project management services to the energy, commercial and industrial markets. By providing a variety of services and support, TSIG has been able to establish itself with clients, always trying to reduce costs and time associated with projects. Some key customers include Devon Energy, Chesapeake Energy, Plains Pipeline, Magellan Midstream, Sandridge Energy, Coca Cola, and Solo Cup.

By building its capacities to provide start-to-finish services and support for clients, Tri-State Industrial Group has found a blueprint for success, maximizing value through the use of innovative methods, operational excellence, and a high standard of quality and service at every level of the expansive organization. The company has made a conscious decision to grow and maintain that growth by reinvesting profits back into the company and strategically expanding geographically, as well as in terms of service offerings and industry expertise. In particular, the company has put a great deal of emphasis on its business development team, who are constantly working to generate new opportunities for growth.

Tri-State is not only focused on growing, but doing so in a sustainable manner, learning from past experiences. The company was built on a strong foundation of hard work and smart business decisions, as well as learning the hard way and adapting when circumstances arose. By prevailing through challenging experiences and adapting to them, the company has developed a formula for growth and has continued to apply the same formula, successfully, at each stage of development, essentially creating a new business each stage of progression according to the same business plan and a highly skilled team of people.

Mr. Allison explains that, as Tri-State remains diverse, it makes it very difficult for any one company to be a direct competitor. In taking this approach, Tri-State has evolved from a single industry leader, an electrical company that did its own construction, into a multi-industry leader with a proven track record of quality – a force to be reckoned with. Mr. Allison attributes much of this success to his employees and their efforts, but also to the fact that the regional economy is strong and state leaders are committed to business and allowing it the opportunity to operate freely.

Although the government understands the needs of business and does what it can to foster a favorable economic environment, as CEO Mr. Allison recognizes that, “the environment alone does not guarantee success.” Indeed, one of Tri-State’s competitors recently failed despite the strong economy.

Indeed, one of the biggest challenges facing Tri-State Industrial Group is a direct product of its success, in that maintaining growth is proving more difficult than it was to initially attain it. Tri-State is well poised to deal with this challenge as there is a strong confidence in the company’s ability to expand geographically to find avenues for further growth, while also adding products and services to the team’s ever diversifying and expanding portfolios.

Certainly, a strong reputation in the community also helps, and Tri-State Industrial Group is not only committed to excellence and leadership within the business community; TSIG is also committed to the local and regional community through significant contributions to a number of causes, a mandated corporate obligation to the community. To be sure, the company has been recognized for its high workplace environmental and safety standards, as well as for its significant levels of growth. Yet when asked about the accolades of which he is most proud, Mr. Allison shares that, beyond the pride he has in his employees and the work they do, as well as his pride in his nation, after all these years what is most enjoyable to him is the ability to have a positive impact on those who are less fortunate, affording people opportunities they may have not otherwise had.

To this end, Tri-State Industrial Group proudly supports a number of local and regional charities including the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Sunbeam Family Services and the Oklahoma City Ballet, among many other causes, empowering the communities in which Tri-State’s employees work and live.

Whether Tri-State is the fastest growing or among the list of fastest growing companies, CEO Gary Allison’s aspirations are that it continues to grow and compete, while enabling the business to continue being able to give back to the community. Tri-State’s goals for the future include building a strong leadership team that will advance the company’s interests, continuing the legacy that has been established. Success in this respect will take hard work, a desire to continuously improve on past successes, and continuing to develop a highly trained and specialized team of professionals, paired with a disciplined financial approach and a keen approach to business expansion and development at every level of the organization.

By creating a strong and adaptable framework and business plan one industry at a time – in this case starting in the electrical field – Tri-State has hit upon a solid formula for growth, allowing the company to become a multi-industry leader. The business is, ultimately, a legacy in the making, one that Mr. Allison and his team should be proud of; it is one that is working to change the way its industries operate to maximize value – both in the marketplace and in the community.

May 7, 2021, 11:57 PM EDT