Well Equipped

Wise Intervention Services

The company maintains principal offices in Calgary and Red Deer in Alberta, as well as operations in the city of Washington in Pennsylvania.

Wise Intervention Services is equipped to provide a range of services; it does everything from basic operations to solving highly complex downhole challenges using custom designed solutions. The company delivers high quality job analysis, preparation and execution of the services it offers with a core focus on deep and ultra-deep coiled tubing, high pressure stimulation and multi-conveyance downhole products and services. It also provides comprehensive continuation service contracts, including the continued support of clients’ well systems, maintenance and repair.

This young company has seen significant and ongoing growth since its inception. It has quickly grown to employ more than 130 highly skilled employees and built an impressive reputation as a high quality service provider for North America’s oil and gas energy markets.

When Wise Intervention Services first opened its doors in 2012, it consisted of four employees. Well intervention services being in high demand, the company wasted no time in developing and purchasing the necessary state of the art equipment. The company began building the business while enduring the twelve month lead time for its equipment and had already built a number of important relationships by the time of its arrival.

Josh Thompson, president of Wise, says of those early days of the company: “We had deployed a part of our business that didn’t require so many people while we got ourselves established.” This involved the deploying of equipment to areas in which there was an acute need for high capacity equipment while the company simultaneously set about acquiring the needed employees for the next stage of growth. “Our company has a product portfolio and an operating structure which meshes and addresses most of the client’s needs as it pertains to coil tubing and well intervention services,” Josh explains.

The company’s commitment to providing the most technologically advanced equipment for clients has allowed it to offer incredibly specialized services to an industry demanding innovative, new techniques and procedures. This plugging in to the market needs has created many new relationships and the company provides services and meets needs that many other providers cannot.

As it is a relatively young company, Wise has been able to attract highly skilled, well experienced workers who are excited by the opportunities for growth that it provides. “Our people recognize the opportunity for growth and advancement, and it’s an exciting environment when you’re working for a newer company.” Josh also attributes the company’s ability to attract a high quality workforce to the effects of its strong reputation built by word of mouth. “Good people attract good people; generally that’s where it starts.”

Convincing clients to take a chance with a young growing company was an entirely different matter, but Wise has consistently proven it has what it takes to provide comprehensive support for even the largest projects. Ultimately, it has been the decisions the company’s leadership has made, as well as the world-class services its employees have provided, that have helped the company quickly build a solid reputation across the industry.

“It boils down to the people within the company and how well they’re established and well known in the marketplace and what they are capable of doing – the track record, reputation and everything that goes along with it,” says Josh. “We have a great cross-section of highly qualified, experienced personnel working within the company – which is what the clients have responded to.”

Not only has the company attracted an excellent workforce, but it is also equipped with some of the most cutting edge equipment available, designed to tackle the challenges faced by the company’s clients. The importance of the innovative application of new technology in the oil and gas industry cannot be overstated, and Wise Intervention Services has consistently taken steps through its investment in equipment to ensure that the company can fully satisfy the needs of even the most demanding and challenging projects in the ever evolving oil and gas industry. “It’s about continuous improvement and refining the process wherever possible.”

Developments in horizontal well boring and multi-zone completion activities have forced service providers to adapt aggressively or be left behind, creating a wave in the service industries with providers having to adjust service delivery in order to meet new needs of industry clients in order to continue to execute innovative effective solutions. “We have our part,” says Josh. “We are one of the few providers that can offer some of these services – a specialized type of service.”

The company’s technology incorporates computer technology, automation and monitoring to provide data more accurately than the older equipment. “Because of horizontal well activity in the market, and other factors as well, there is a specific need for more specialized services to accomplish what needs to be done in these wells,” explains Josh.

The company’s three core offerings, designed to provide clients with comprehensive well support, include deep and ultra-deep coiled tubing services, high pressure stimulation and downhole support.

Wise Intervention Services’ purpose-built coiled tubing equipment has been designed to meet the needs of today’s producers operating complex well-bore designs. It offers greater efficiency through the application of automation and technology, as well as safer operation.

The company offers industry leading pumping equipment pressure rated to 10 K for all remedial pumping needs, sporting twin 1000 hp and 600 hp engines for low rate or high pressure pumping services.

Downhole services include extended reach tools and coil tubing fishing tools as well as unique products designed to increase quality, reliability and address many inherent downhole problems that clients encounter during the life of a well.

Josh finds Canada’s market receptive to the company’s philosophy of providing a comprehensive suite of services and recognizes that clients appreciate the efficiency and saving the model represents. “The Canadian market tends to be particularly supportive of innovative delivery and new ideas, though it’s working well for us internationally as well,” Josh says. “This year we are putting additional capacity and growth in the Canadian market and looking at further growth into the rest of North America next year.”

Ongoing growth has been a pattern for the company since its beginning, a trend Josh attributes to the its focus of building strong, lasting partnerships with clients and the importance of working together for both parties to succeed. Becoming commonly aligned with partners has been an important method for the company, which understands that when clients succeed and experience success, so does Wise. “We want to grow with clients and understand what makes them tick and how we can help them innovate in order to provide new solutions along the way.”

Looking into the future, Josh is excited about the developing liquefied natural gas export market in North America which will provide producers an alternate sales point for their natural gas products. Development of this market will result in increased drilling activities and continued growth for service providers like Wise Intervention Services. “Looking forward as those projects continue to develop, we’re seeing that we will continue to grow with our clients and provide them additional capacity as the time comes.”

Wise expects a bright future with continued aggressive growth across the industry and plans to continue its diversification into related products and services while it continues to grow both nationally, into northern Alberta and British Columbia, and throughout North America.

One of the greatest values the company continues to offer for clients is its ability to provide comprehensive support efficiently and at a great price point. “Working with Wise Intervention Services, you’re getting a specialized, focused service provider that is able to provide a more wholesome buying experience,” says Josh. “Because we’re specialized in our segment, we can provide our clients with a package approach where we have the business model and the comprehensive package to make their lives easier.”

So far, clients have responded well to Wise’s service model, allowing the company to build strong and lasting relationships as an increasing number of satisfied clients recognize the value of the services it offers.

May 25, 2020, 5:20 PM EDT