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Mountain Supply & Service

By focusing on these principles, the company has undergone a period of tremendous growth and expansion in the oil and gas industry by listening to its customers and supplying them with what they need.

Headquartered in Longview, Texas, Mountain Supply & Service also maintains service locations in Oklahoma, North Dakota, Colorado, West Virginia, Texas and Pennsylvania to serve all the major shale plays throughout the United States. The company serves the oil and gas industry by providing completion fluids, 1502 flow iron, plug valves, pump parts, o-rings and gaskets, tools, safety and environmental supplies, general supplies, water filtration services, tank battery hook-up and fittings trailers. In addition, the company is also a licensed Katch Kan dealer for the Appalachian Basin.

Company CEO Dennis J. “Denny” Bowles, Jr. and Marketing Director Bill Fisher spoke about why Mountain Supply & Service has grown so quickly and how it has made its mark in the oil and gas industry. “Our goal is to build strategic partnerships with our customers by providing value through exceptional service and product-based solutions,” says Mr. Bowles. “We have built our company and reputation as solution providers with excellent customer service. We’re not trying to just sell something, but becoming long term partners with our customers.”

Mountain Supply & Service offers a vast array of products and supplies to help its customers get the job done. One specific product grouping that Mountain Supply and Service has seen great success in is its extensive line of Dynamo Completion Fluids. The chemistry behind the Dynamo Completion Fluids is designed so that immediate and effective hydration of the polymers allows the fluid to begin working as soon as it heads down-hole. These completion fluids are designed to be effective in high brine, produced or fresh water, offering consistent performance even in different environments. Mountain Supply’s line of friction reducers effectively reduce downhole pressure and ease insertion during coiled tubing and work over rig plug milling operations. In fact, Mountain’s Dynamo Completion Fluids helped the company break a state record for the deepest well plug drill-out in North Dakota.

Water utilization in the oil and gas industry will continue to be a high priority as the industry moves forward. To this end, Mountain offers skid-mounted mobile filtration plants. The company’s water filtration plants are designed to filter completion, workover and stimulation fluids through vertical four-pod or horizontal single-pod filtration plants to remove solid contaminants. The filtration units use propylene double stitched bags to filter 50 to 95 percent of solids at rates from 16 to 62 barrels per minute, at flow rates up to 5000 gallons per minute.

Filtration plants are operated and maintained by Mountain’s team of filtration technicians, who are trained, fully mobilized and on call 24/7 with the knowledge and equipment to adapt to various operating conditions and individual requirements. The company’s field supervisors work with their clients to assess and adapt customized filtration plants designed to address challenges particular to their operations. Without filtration, improper removal of solids can plug perforations and lead to formation damage, reduced production and lost revenue costing thousands of dollars per day.

Mountain Supply & Service also offers Hot Shot Services in all of its current locations to address the logistical needs of customers. The company has a fleet comprising more than sixty vehicles including flatbed trucks and goose-neck trailers for heavy hauling cargo. The company’s private fleet can carry cargo up to 15,000 pounds and all vehicles have tracking capabilities so customers know when their items will be delivered.

The company has also recently started providing Tank Battery and Pipeline fittings service trailers. Each trailer is fully stocked with the exact parts and supplies that customers request and is directly delivered to their respective location.

Due to the boom in the oil and gas industry, Mountain Supply & Service has been undergoing a phenomenal period of growth. “Halfway through this year, we are projected to grow 25 to 30 percent,” Mr. Bowles share. “This gives an idea on how rapidly we’ve grown.”

He believes that the company’s dedication to providing excellent customer service is one of the reasons why Mountain Supply & Services continues to grow. “We didn’t set out to be in every major oil play; we took opportunities and moved forward with them. What we’re most proud of is that our customers ask us to go to these various locations. We started working in the Marcellus Play [in Pennsylvania] for a client and we were asked by them to go to the Bakken [in North Dakota] in 2010. That type of expansion is the reason why we are in various locales because our customers ask us to go there.”

“As we’ve grown, our buying power with vendors continues to increase,” Mr. Fisher explains. “They see the value of our footprint and getting our products out to markets. Our purchasing department is great; they’ve worked tirelessly with vendors to provide products.”

“Also, we just had our largest month of growth sales last month (June 2014),” says Mr. Fisher. “Several of our sales reps met their goals. We’ve hit lots of milestones; there’s something happening every month as we move along. It instills a sense of pride and ownership in our employees.”

The two gentlemen credit Mountain Supply & Service’s success on principles that reflect treating people right and their Christian faith. “We work hard to make sure not to do anything illegal, immoral, or unethical,” says Mr. Fisher. “We’re always looking for people with a strong work ethic, not afraid to put in a hard day’s work. Internally, we instill a culture of treating each other the same way we treat our customers. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t have great employees, so we treat them with the highest respect.”

“Both of the owners came from mom and pop type operations,” agrees Mr. Bowles. “We have a background of working in family atmospheres and wanted to have that feel within our company. Even though we have added various management positions to handle the growth, we’ve done a good job at keeping that family atmosphere here and have our employees believing in us and our company vision.

“Adhering to our principles and solid ethical business practices are the main reasons why we’ve seen success,” Mr. Bowles continues. “We’re not willing to compromise our principles just to get a sale. We’ve become what we are by keeping our heads above water and will continue to operate that way.”

According to Mr. Bowles and Mr. Fisher, the company is planning on even more expansion and understands that holding onto these principles will help them stand out from the competition. “We are very excited about the upcoming developments for our company,” says Mr. Bowles. “The company is making plans to expand into additional locations within the territories where we already operate.”

Some of these plans include opening locations in the Utica Shale Play in the Northeastern United States, looking into expanding into Ohio, and further expansion within shale plays throughout Texas and North Dakota. The company has also purchased a 10 acre tract south of Pleasanton, Texas to construct a 20,000 square feet warehouse and storefront to expand operations in the Eagle Ford Shale Play. “We are moving forward and hitting our benchmarks. We are setting internal company records and are excited about what our future holds.”

For the last five years, the team at Mountain Supply & Service has experienced a period of explosive growth and made strategic moves in the oil and gas industry by providing optimal customer service and sticking to their principles. “It all goes back to mission statement of building strategic partnerships with our customers by providing value through exceptional service and product-based solutions,” says Mr. Fisher. “It serves as the core of who we are and what we do. We’re not in this to sell products, but to provide long-term product-based solutions to our customers; that’s how we’ll continue to go to market. It has worked for us and continues to work because our customers are looking for solutions, not just buying something.”

June 4, 2020, 11:50 PM EDT