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Streamline Mechanical

The company, based out of Fort McMurray, Alberta, has built an incredible reputation for itself as an excellent employer of highly skilled tradespeople and is focused on providing clients with the best one-stop shopping to promote efficiency and profitability.

Streamline Mechanical has never been the sort of company to rest on its laurels and has always taken advantage of opportunities to add new and valuable skills to the wide ranging portfolio of services it offers. The company offers its clients: construction management services, excavation, backfill and compaction; underground sewer, water and gas line services, road building and general maintenance services as well as a whole host of other services too numerous to mention.

Streamline began in 1974 as a small family business that offered mechanical services such as plumbing and heating repairs to private customers. It then grew to become a large-scale provider of commercial mechanical installations in the city of Edmonton in the 1980s. By 1987, the company began its growth into the industrial market, providing camp installations for major clients.

Justin Bach, Vice President of Streamline Mechanical, joined the company in 1990. He continued the group’s growth into large-scale commercial and industrial contracts, including portable schools, industrial camps and office spaces across Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba. By 2004, the company recognized the need that clients had for ongoing services and so developed an additional suite of high quality general services to better meet their needs. For both new and existing clients, a range of complementary services, including snow removal and electrical, plumbing and janitorial services, were now available.

Having been a family owned business for two generations, the company has always put its people first and recognizes the importance of building an excellent team environment that encourages learning, empowerment and growth in order to further the success of the company.

The company now employs more than 250 employees across the Fort McMurray area and offers employees continuous work across its various sites and projects while supplying world-class management. Its employees value the opportunities for professional growth the company provides, and many skilled tradespeople seek out employment with the group because it is a young and growing organization.

Justin is proud of the culture the company has worked so hard to build. “We have employees that have been here for twenty five years, and I think we all enjoy the fact that we know we are all valued and are all working for one common goal, which is the success of the company,” he shares.

With the incredible success and growth the company has experienced, he has recognized the need for the ongoing development of policies, procedures and management to support the group’s ever expanding workforce as it continues to complete large-scale projects. This past June, the company was acquired by Mosaic Capital, a move which Justin feels will allow the company to continue to grow while it continues to provide customers with the high quality services they have come to expect.

“Our goal now is to have more focus on bringing a strong management team into place while keeping our family values intact,” he explains. The company’s family values, and its support of an inclusive supportive workplace that encourages growth, are of paramount importance to Justin and are a focus he expects to maintain moving forward.

Much of the Streamline’s success can be attributed to consistently completing projects that meet or exceed clients’ expectations and completing them safely. Indeed, safety is a major focus for Streamline Mechanical. “Safety is a huge factor, particularly in the oil sands, as we often face very challenging projects.”

Justin stresses the importance of having a strong safety culture and creating new ideas, policies and procedures that support it. Through mentorship programs and ongoing professional development for all employees, Streamline has been able to build a strong reputation for safety and the results have been recognized by its clients. At the start of each year, the people of the company gather to reflect and to set goals for the upcoming year. “We hold each other accountable,” says Justin. “And having a philosophy that it’s okay to approach others with your best intentions and not feel that you’re being singled out. The focus point is everybody working safely, every day.”

The company truly understands its role as a partner for clients and works to meet schedule demands while relieving pressure on the client. The partnership results in working together to generate success.

Streamline Mechanical has seen tremendous growth over nearly forty years of activity, and has completed many major projects for a diverse range of clientele. “Our work at Long Lake was a real turning point for our company, where we changed our focus from being just a mechanical contractor to getting more into the industrial and civil work that we complete today.”

Streamline Mechanical’s involvement in the Long Lake project began in 2005 and initially involved the installation of sewer, water and gas lines as a subcontractor under modular structures provider ATCO Structures. Its work on the project soon grew to include a range of maintenance services for which the company successfully gained a direct contract for services with oil and gas company Nexen Inc. The company was able to successfully complete a wide range of services, broadening its offerings and growing significantly in the process. Work on the site included general construction, final grading, excavation, road maintenance, dewatering and a number of other services. “Our company, when we started, included twenty to thirty employees, and, at that time, we reached seventy to eighty,” Justin says.

Another turning point for the company began in 2008, with its work at Fort Hills North, in Fort McMurray. This project saw the company now taking on a much greater volume of work. Over 2008 and 2009, the company provided a number of services under contract at the site, including the installation of underground electrical, communications, sewer and gas utilities, as well as a number of civil works.

“One of the thing taking on these projects, is that we took on new employees and construction managers, whereas before, it was myself or my father running them, but we brought key people on,” says Justin, discussing the need to accommodate the tremendous growth of employees with the increasing volume of work the company was experiencing.

During phase one of the Kearl oil sands project, in addition to general maintenance services, Streamline Mechanical completed a number of civil works such as excavation, hauling and backfilling as well as the construction of roadways, pads and approaches.

In order to facilitate the incredible volume of work, Streamline Mechanical has not only increased its number of employees, but also its comprehensive fleet of machinery to be able to tackle even the most complex and challenging projects. The company operates more than two hundred pieces of equipment, which it also provides on lease for clients. The impressive fleet of vehicles includes: “excavators, loaders, skid steers, dozers, Bobcats®, rock trucks, directional drills, packers, water trucks, fuel trucks, vacuum trucks, tractor and low-bed trucks, sanding trucks, graders and services trucks.”

The incredible range of services the company has built up has also been a driver of its growth and success. Clients appreciate Streamline Mechanical’s ability to offer a one-stop shop, saving them the time and money of parting out contracts to a number of service providers. “We’ve never been a company that’s been focused on one thing, and we have taken on things that are uncharacteristic of the company, from dewatering on a project, putting up construction tents, to building modular ambulance building that we designed and constructed,” Justin says. He believes in the importance of continually challenging yourself to learn and better the company. “The biggest key is being able to take on new challenges; it really helps energize the whole team.”

Justin is excited about Streamline Mechanical’s future and expects with Mosaic’s support, the company will be able to provide even greater large-scale support for clients. “We’ve got a lot of great work opportunities and people that are focused on building Streamline Mechanical as a group, while keeping our family based values intact as a company,” he says.

Streamline expects to continue building its strong presence in Alberta’s oil sands which represent continued opportunities for many years to come. It also expects growth across the province and throughout much of Western Canada. “It does take a team effort to build a company. Sure you have your individuals that lead the group, but it truly takes each and every one, with a strong sense of accomplishment at the end, where everybody is valued and wants to work together.”

June 4, 2020, 11:41 PM EDT