Collaboration in Construction

Dexter and Chaney

The company, Dexter and Chaney, is the answer that Mark Dexter and John Chaney developed in response to the question: “Isn’t there a better way to do this?”

From early beginnings working out of the spare bedroom of Mark’s apartment, Dexter and Chaney has employed innovative applications of emerging technology to create incredible custom solutions for its clients. Now, more than thirty years later, the company is recognized as a world class developer with countless awards for growth and product excellence.

Founded in 1981, Dexter and Chaney has developed some of the most user-friendly, efficient and productive management software available for its clients in the construction industry. Today, the company operates from its offices in Seattle, Washington and employs many remote employees in order to provide clients with access to high quality tech support. Dexter and Chaney currently employs more than one hundred employees across all divisions of the company.

In order to meet the needs of the company’s clients, Dexter and Chaney has committed to developing and providing the most cutting-edge software solutions and to providing support through its staff of certified public accountants with expertise in providing tailored support for the construction industry.

By specializing and remaining narrowly focused the unique needs of each client within all aspects of the construction industry, the company is able to provide the most efficient and effective solutions. The specialty allows clients to uncover hidden profits and maximize efficiency in their businesses processes.

Dexter and Chaney is perhaps most well-known for its Spectrum Construction Management Software, which provides clients with a diverse portfolio of tools that facilitate the precise and accurate management of projects big and small. The Spectrum software offers accounting software, job cost software, construction project management software, document imaging software and a variety of other data sharing capabilities.

Since its founding, the company has experienced consistent growth each year, and today sees revenue of more than one hundred million dollars annually. As a result, Dexter and Chaney has been recognized across the industry with awards for excellence, recently ranking in the Washington Technology’s Fast 50, as well as receiving recognition from the Puget Sound Business Journal.

As its name would indicate, Dexter and Chaney’s latest Spectrum offering has been designed to provide the full spectrum of construction management support that clients have come to expect from the company. The ease of use will make the software a joy to use for clients who are new to software management systems as well as for those with a great deal of software expertise but who want to have a hassle free, consistently high-performing management tool.

The robust software solution provides all the features any client needs to effectively manage their construction business and has made the delivery of its features even more effective by offering cloud-based connection and completely redesigning the product’s user interface. The changes to the user experience have created an incredibly accessible solution.

Spectrum’s new dashboard feature is able to connect users to the product’s browser based experience and can provide login capabilities for each team member at a client’s company, facilitating an ease of access to information and an efficient workflow.

Dexter and Chaney’s new software solution excels at what it was designed to do – provide clients with an easy to use, robust set of tools which encourages, not hinders, the construction management process. Offering a less-complex user experience and less effort to get up and running, Spectrum software is able to save money by making expensive hardware upgrades redundant, and save time by eliminating the need for installation, maintenance and software upgrading. Of course, clients who prefer to install the software on their own dedicated servers are still able to access all their tools remotely by accessing their network and connecting through a browser.

In order to better facilitate collaboration across a project, Dexter and Chaney has developed Venture, a software tool designed to assist clients to manage documents, people and communications through state of the art technological integration.

Removing the often tedious task of document management, storing and sharing, Venture is able to streamline the flow of information throughout the lifecycle of a project. This reduces manual effort and provides centralized access to stored documents, version control and an audit trail.

Keeping the construction industry squarely in mind, Venture has been designed to work the way you work, offering search functions and organization based on construction codes, locations or bond expiration date. The software also allows client’s contacts to maintain their own information in a company database and provides a notification system to simplify communication across the organization.

Dexter and Chaney’s excellent software solutions are always built to the needs of its customers and the well-experienced, highly skilled people of the company have consistently shown they understand those customers well.

Serving general contractors, heavy / highway contractors, electrical contractors, mechanical contractors and owners, the company has the solution clients need to streamline their management process and get busy doing what they do best. Understanding that each of those businesses faces particular challenges, it provides customized solutions designed for each client’s specific needs. The company’s programmers are able to build authentic, meaningful relationships with clients in order to provide efficient technical services and utilities to support each business’s ever evolving needs.

Though Spectrum Construction Software and Venture Project Collaboration Software have been built for ease of use and effectiveness, the company offers implementation services to all new users to get them up and running productively as quickly as possible. Clients appreciate this attention to, and understanding of, the need to quickly and easily take full advantage of their investment.

The company has also become recognized for its continuation support provided by its team of support specialists working out of Dexter and Chaney’s Seattle office. It operates through normal business hours, Monday to Friday, though users always have access to the extensive Dexter and Chaney knowledge base, user forums and additional documentation twenty-four hours a day.

The company identifies the speed at which the world of technology grows, evolves and changes as a challenge it is well-equipped to navigate. In order to meet its focus of pleasing each and every customer, Dexter and Chaney invests heavily in research and development, ensuring that it is on the forefront and even driving, major changes in technology. It remains one of the most up to date systems in construction management, as evidenced by its move to cloud computing and browser based operations.

The company invests twenty five percent of its top-line revenue directly back into research and development in order to create the best and most innovative products possible for its clients.

With its continued investment in customer experience, Dexter and Chaney expects to experience ongoing growth in the future while maintaining the already strong relationships it has built with its many clients in the construction industry.

May 25, 2020, 4:19 PM EDT