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Panhandle Oilfield Service Companies

Along with a range of quality and diversified oilfield construction services such as roustabout services, trenching, painting and more, the company provides its many clients with equipment sales and servicing, tubular sales and services, trucking and transportation, and a selection of safety related services.

Since it was established by Tim and Terri Long back in 1988, Panhandle Oilfield Service Companies, Inc. has steadily built on its existing reputation. As a highly respected world-class provider to America’s oil and gas sectors, the company is more to its clients then just another business – it is a partner, and lives by the belief that success is not one-sided, but a collaborative effort. With an in-depth knowledge of the industry, and through the appreciation and understanding of those needs, Panhandle Oilfield Service Companies is in a prime position to deliver the best, most practical, and most cost-effective combination of products, solutions and services to meet the specific needs of each and every customer.

The company possesses five major service lines, with seven locations in Kansas, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.

To better serve the needs of all its oil and gas lease customers, Panhandle is able to provide not only products but oilfield equipment, sales, services and repair once locations are completed. To ensure all equipment operates as safely and effectively as possible, the company has a well-equipped, state-of-the-art reconditioning and machine shop. Under the watchful eye of highly trained professional machinists and repairmen, Panhandle Oilfield Service Companies remains truly diversified. In addition to equipment repair and refurbishment, the company also has a dedicated painting facility, making pumping units not only look great, but maintain peak performance in the process.

In the area of equipment sales and servicing, Panhandle provides its many customers with sales of new and used pumping units, pumping unit reconditioning and servicing, and welding and fabrication. With highly experienced crews in a number of areas, the company is also able to provide roustabout services. Skilled in the use of tobacco equipment, the team at Panhandle is able to handle a range of earthmoving jobs, such as clearing land and leveling well sites, all the way to constructing containment areas based on exacting client specifications.

In addition to roustabout and backhoe services, the company is routinely called upon by its oil service industry customers to perform a range of other duties. From trenching to the installation of polypipe, providing contract pumper services, weed spraying, and even power washing, Panhandle can meet the needs of each and every client, as it has done successfully for the past 26 years. For customers requiring new or used tubing, casing, rods, or pumping units and motors, Panhandle has the solution. On the services side, the company is able to offer EMI inspection, endary and drift to specifications, threading, forklift service, and tubing and equipment storage.

Providing a wide scope of inspection services, Panhandle provides hydrostatic pressure testing, tubular inspection, drill collar into inspection, magnetic particle tests, fluorescent penetrate tests, gauging (upon request), and thread and face inspections. As a full-service inspection company, Panhandle Oilfield Service has the capabilities, expertise, and decades of first-hand knowledge to take on Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI), Drill Pipe Inspection (Category 1 inspection all the way through to Category 5 inspection), and refacing capabilities on location. Panhandle Oilfield Service Companies, Inc. takes great pride in its service offerings to customers; using state-of-the-art mobile inspection units, POSCI has a team of API certified inspectors to produce comprehensive written inspections on every job completed, all backed by the best safety program in the oilfield service industry.

For budget minded customers, the company offers a number of rebuilt engines. These include a new radiator, an Emco carburetor, electronic ignition, muffler, stainless steel clutch plates, new rings and bearings, and a rebuilt head, along with new oil and antifreeze. The company also carries a range of reconditioned pumping units available for sale, all in solid working condition and reasonably priced. Models and manufacturers include the EMSCO FWB 160-212-64, the Bethlehem FWB 114D-125-54, the American FWB 114-173-64, the Lufkin FWB C114-143-64, the Oilwell FWB 228-246-86, and the Lufkin/Bethlehem FWB 228-213-86, to name just a few. Best of all, all the company’s used pumping units are fully reconditioned, carry a limited one-year warranty, and are ready to go.

Additionally, Panhandle carries a line of rebuilt engines. All include a new saddle, tail and wrist pin bearings and seals, with the gear box flushed and inspected; any problems found are repaired. Build cards and crank arm guards are included, and the unit is painted to customer specifications.

In the realm of rods and tubular products, Panhandle carries a range of sucker rods, tubing, and casing. These include sucker rods (yellow band rods, Grade D) from one-half inch in diameter to 7/8 of an inch, a range of tubing from 1 ¼ inches in diameter to 2 7/8 inches in diameter, and a variety of casing from 4 ½ inches in diameter to eight and 5/8 inches in diameter, including Stc Rii & Riii Yellow Band, Tested and Drifted, Red Band Casing, Yellow Band Casing, and more.]

With an unrivaled record for safety, Panhandle Oilfield Service is an expert when it comes to repairing, modifying, and maintaining oil and gas production equipment, including wells, pumping units, tank batteries and pipelines. A great believer in thorough training, the company has a strong emphasis on safety, and employees are well-trained in the handling of equipment and hazardous materials.

Using the finest equipment and tools available, the company employs equipment operators, field welders, and other experts to handle the setup of production tanks, flowline and pipeline construction and service, pit and environmental barrier excavation, well site clean-up, pumping unit installation, tank battery construction, separator installation and repair, fired to prepare, treater installation, crane and gin truck services, and a great deal more. In the trucking and transportation area, Panhandle regularly takes on crane and winch work, over the road trucking, hotshot services, and vacuum trucks.

With over 25 years of experience servicing the trucking needs of its oilfield customers, Panhandle has the equipment, skills, and tools necessary to meet all oilfield needs. With more than of 200 vehicles and yards in six states across America, Panhandle is able to load all client equipment safely, moved, and unloaded on site to meet the needs of all customers. The company’s crane operators and riggers are fully NCOO certified and able to meet all needs across diverse sectors. Panhandle Oilfield Service Companies, Inc. welcomes inquiries from potential customers, and looks forward to serving all its existing oil and gas industry clients for years to come.

May 29, 2020, 4:05 AM EDT