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Academy Petroleum Industries Ltd.

For almost 30 years, Academy Petroleum Industries Ltd. has been meeting the needs of the world’s most demanding resource sectors – the oil and gas industries. As a one-stop shop, Academy Petroleum Industries recognizes that for clients of all sizes, time is money, and company has earned a reputation for manufacturing, repairing, and fabricating projects in a timely, precise, and cost-effective manner.

Working with customers on a range of specialty items, Academy Petroleum Industries strives to not only meet but exceed customer expectations each and every time.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Academy Petroleum recently expanded to accommodate a growing demand. Today, with three facilities spread over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the team of 65 highly skilled professionals at Academy is able to successfully tackle projects of all sizes. Taking on work ranging in value from a thousand dollars all the way to $100,000, the company works mainly with onshore oil and gas clients, and is licensed to work with offshore oil and gas companies as well.

“At Academy Petroleum, we have welding qualifications, machining qualifications, and procedures for doing inlay of stainless steel and inconel. This helps with corrosion resistance, and is very good for offshore technology,” says Andrew Nelson. As Sales Manager for the company, Mr. Nelson has been with the company since 2001. Incorporated in 1985 by his father Duane, a welder, and his partner, Garry Brown, a machinist, the younger Nelson started working on the shop floor, and earned his Journeyman Machinist ticket. Cory Brown, Garry’s son, joined the team, earned his Machinist ticket, and is presently Shop Foreman.

Highly Accredited

Employing welders, professional engineers, journeymen machinists, journeymen welders, pipefitters and other skilled men and women, Academy Petroleum is accredited to a number of standards, including The American Petroleum Institute (API), the International Standards Organization (ISO), and the Alberta Boiler Safety Association (ABSA). With extensive capabilities in engineering, welding, and machining, Academy is able to meet the demands of all its oil and gas customers.

Academy Petroleum has not only extensive industry knowledge, but the in-house engineering and design capabilities needed to transform ideas on paper into reality. Remaining up to date, says Mr. Nelson, is critical to not only the company’s ongoing success, but the success of its many clients. Utilizing state of the art 2D and 3D software such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks Simulation Finite Element Analysis, Mathcad, and Inventor, Academy also maintains a permit to practice engineering through The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGGA), and is ISO 9001:2008 accredited for design.

Many oil and gas companies frequently send products to Academy Petroleum for repair. “It is stipulated in API certification that wellhead equipment can only be in service for three years; after that, it has to be tagged out and serviced and shipped back to the manufacturer,” explains Mr. Nelson. “We repair it, send it out, and certify it for another three years. As a one-stop shop, we do a little bit of everything.”

By employing numerous journeymen welders – some of them holding a Pressure ‘B’ Certification – Academy is capable of welding almost any material, thanks to its abilities with SMAW (Stick/MIG), GTAW (TIG), SAW (Sub-Arc), FCAW (Flux Core), and other welding procedures. Along with state of the art Hot-Wire TIG welding systems – capable of cladding bores and ring grooves with Inconels and Stainless steels with superior quality and disposition rates – Academy uses two furnaces to provide Post Weld Heat Treatment services, which helps improve customer deliveries.

From Design to Manufacturing

With extensive in-house design and engineering capabilities, Academy Petroleum is not only creating single or multiple products, but has the skills necessary to assist clients with prototype testing and design validation through the company’s own Pressure Testing Facilities and advanced Quality Control and Measurement capabilities. All equipment – including Academy’s own Portable Coordinate Measurement Machine (CCM) and Rockwell Hardness Tester – is fully calibrated and certified.

As a one-stop shop, Academy Petroleum Industries continually updates not only its technologies, but facilities. Late last year, the company completed work on a new manufacturing space which will serve Academy’s purposes for years to come. “We built it a little bigger on purpose so we could expand down the road,” comments Mr. Nelson of the project, which required considerable investment. “We have some large milling machines now, along with vertical turret machines – it is all top of the line equipment.”

Since it was incorporated almost three decades ago as a subcontract machine shop to serve oilfield products from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Academy Petroleum has expanded considerably. Keeping pace with today’s technologies, the company specializes in small run parts with speedy delivery, and has expanded its capabilities to handle large production runs through its sophisticated CNC machining department.

Based on a four acre site in Edmonton, Academy Petroleum is able to offer its clients a range of services. In addition to engineering, design, production and welding expertise, the company’s state of the art CNC controlled Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centres have five access capabilities and are able to handle even the most complex geometry. A dozen conversationally controlled CNC lathe machines have a swing up to 76 inches, and the company maintains manual lathes – which have a 30-inch swing – along with manual drill presses. Rush deliveries are never a problem for customers, since Academy maintains its own inventory of commonly used barstock and forgings in a variety of material types and sizes and is able to cut barstock up to 32 inches in diameter. Moving large products and materials is never a problem, owing to the company’s overhead lifting capacities able to handle up to 15 tons.

Academy Petroleum’s diverse range of products includes tubing head adaptors, studded tees, studded crosses, flanges (weld necks, blinds, companions), drilling spools, snubbing slips, qrc blowout preventors, and ram blocks. From design to manufacturing and repair, the team at Academy Petroleum has the years of experience, technology, tools, equipment and facilities necessary to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

Working with clients across Canada and the United States, Academy Petroleum has also undertaken work for oil and gas entities based in Germany, Saudi Arabia, and other nations worldwide. Working for customers such as Weatherford International, FMC Technologies, and GE, the company strives whenever possible to deal with local suppliers. “We like to support our own economy, and whenever possible we like to buy North American,” shares Mr. Nelson. “Prices can sometimes be more expensive, but we believe in keeping Canadians and Americans employed.” This commitment to locals extends to apprentices hired by Academy Petroleum. Many start as labourers, and if they demonstrate initiative and a commitment to the company, Academy will pay for their education. “Being local is huge in the oil and gas industry,” says Mr. Nelson. “It definitely helps.”

Driven to serve all clients large and small, Andrew Nelson and the team at Academy Petroleum Industries Ltd. looks forward to building on the industry-wide reputation for quality and service set down by founders Duane Nelson and Garry Brown 29 years ago. “We’re a shop out there that offers quality work, and we stand behind our product, there’s no doubt about that,” states Mr. Nelson. “If there is ever a problem, we fix the problem. We strive to be a lot quicker on deliveries than most people out there. That’s how we get our work; ‘service, service, service,’ is our key.”

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