Make Your Mark

Emprint/Moran Printing

Emprint/Moran Printing wants to help you leave your mark on the world. “Throughout human history, mankind has marked its progress,” the company’s new marketing campaign points out. “Helping our clients make their own marks, both literally and figuratively, is what Emprint/Moran Printing is all about.”

The Baton Rouge based firm rolled out the new marketing and rebranding to celebrate its wide array of solutions – and to communicate the company’s ability to evolve along with a rapidly changing marketplace.

“We are keeping up with the technology that is out there,” says President and COO Rebecca Vance. After 130 years in business, the team has embraced the changes that the 21st century has brought to the printing industry – and managed to stay on top while many competitors have fallen by the wayside. The ownership change, a little over a decade ago, brought forth an opportunity for the company to re-invent itself. “We saw it not only as an ownership change, [but as a way to change] the way we do business, the way that we access the markets, the way that our whole facility operates,” CEO Courtney Westbrook explains. “We think we are a little bit further along the curve than some of the rest of the industry. We see so many things out there that represent opportunities.”

Emprint/Moran Printing is setting a new standard for modern print shops – and demonstrating what works in the digital age. “We don’t limit it to your father’s printing company,” Mr. Westbrook laughs. The team isn’t leaving traditional print by the wayside, however. “Popular wisdom seems to think that paper is obsolete,” Mr. Westbrook admits. “We recognize the fact that paper still remains as a very user friendly, disposable media.” As a result, the team is artfully – and successfully – integrating leading edge digital solutions into its traditional services. “You see all the press that says offset is dead and digital is coming and it’s all one or the other. We find that the best we can do to serve our clients in this changing environment truly ends up being a hybrid,” Mr. Westbrook explains.

As a result, Emprint/Moran’s products and services include offset printing, digital printing, bindery and finishing, mailing and fulfillment, typesetting and design, and signs and graphics. The company also provides digital form conversion, document management, facilities management, digital storefront, and healthcare solutions.

The strategy for staying ahead is simple. The team listens to what client needs are – and then responds. “One of the important things that we focus on is always being aware of the changing needs of our customers,” Ms. Vance insists. “In a lot of cases we have had a customer that we’ve recognized was changing their product so we came out and attached a technology solution to that.” With thirteen decades of service under its belt, Emprint/Moran Printing has a solid base of loyal customers eager to continue working with the company as the industry evolves. “When we get a customer it is very, very seldom that we lose that customer,” Ms. Vance reports.

For instance, just a few years ago Emprint/Moran Printing primarily offered traditional print offset services. Now many of those clients have transitioned to the company’s new web based solutions. “Many of the clients that we have now are web to print clients,” Ms. Vance reports. “About 70 percent of everything that we print comes from a web enabled transaction.” Emprint/Moran’s typical web to print client could be involved in virtually any industry, from healthcare, banking, or construction, to insurance, retail, or funerary services – anyone who wants to take advantage of the company’s easy to use digital storefront, myEmprint.

Recent improvements to digital technology have also been key. “In its infancy, digital could not really compete from a quality standpoint with offset,” Ms. Vance recalls. “And now, we have digital technology where one really can’t tell the difference between something that was produced digitally and something that was produced in the traditional offset way. So that has made a big difference with our ability to produce any product – from just one all the way up to high quantities – and still be able to manage it and maintain the economies of scale.”

The healthcare industry is another huge focus for the company. This specialization was an obvious fit since, as the company points out, any healthcare administrator is essentially also in the document management business. “More than almost any other industry, the healthcare industry generates millions of both paper and digital documents every day.” In response, the team has developed a fully managed solution for this document-overloaded industry. The team works with hundreds of hospitals, clinics, home health care services, and hospice agencies nationwide each day to manage the flow, storage, and retrieval of a myriad of documents.

“Our electronic solution, Emprint Client, provides healthcare institutions with an organized library of made to order forms, which healthcare personnel can then print onsite as needed. This eliminates the cost of shipping and allows a patient’s individualized data to be added on the spot, before printing.” As a result, “the old days of having to put labels on those forms are gone,” Ms. Vance points out. Forms can also be scanned back into the master database at the end of a patient’s stay to create an electronic medical record. “We are a partner in allowing them to move to the electronic medical record,” Ms. Vance explains. “This is a focus of our business and one that we believe will be able to be expanded on. We have a team of programmers on our staff who are dedicated to expanding and developing that product.”

In fact, offering a fully managed solution is a cornerstone of Emprint/Moran’s business. “Most large organizations produce thousands of paper and digital documents every day,” the company website points out. “Unless a specific, over-arching system for managing all these documents is created, the result is a chaotic, inefficient, and costly mess.” The team takes care of these document headaches by auditing a company’s specific needs, then streamlining its document creation, procurement, warehousing, and distribution system. Part of the solution often includes converting documents to digital form and creating a web-enabled system that allows employees to track orders, check stock levels, and build new documents right from their desk.
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Emprint/Moran Printing has worked hard to find the right people to manage these complex projects. “We have developed a really strong project leadership team,” Ms. Vance reports. “Not only do we have sales people and print professionals that know this industry in and out, we have added people to the organization that have project management skills. We work as a team to analyse [the customer’s needs] and custom tailor a solution.” Indeed, Emprint/Moran Printing has earned a reputation for excellent customer service and a commitment to finding the best solution for each client. “We are very good at implementation and follow-through,” Ms. Vance insists. “If we say we are going to do it we do it. And that is one reason that we hold onto our clients – we grow with them and we make sure that we deliver.”

Not surprisingly, Emprint/Moran Printing has earned industry recognition for these achievements. The company recently received the 2013 Louisiana Economic Development (LED) Lantern Award for the Capital Region of Louisiana. The award honours businesses that have contributed significantly to their communities and have shown substantial growth in employee numbers and facility expansion. “We were really proud to receive the award,” says Ms. Vance. “It shows that we are setting ourselves up to be successful in our future.” Emprint/Moran’s satellite print shop in Savannah, Georgia has also won a service award for the last five years in a row. “This illustrates that when we develop a partnership with a client, we take this responsibility seriously and we always are focused on performing.”

Nearly a century and a half after Emprint/Moran was founded back in 1881, the team is still offering the most up to date solutions. “We are developing and bringing to market programs that offer solutions to help our customers grow and market their businesses. We are not seeing that our services will ever move completely away from printing, but believe that a mix of services that focus on technology are necessary,” Ms. Vance insists. Whatever the solution – and whatever the technology – Emprint/Moran Printing will help its clients make their mark.