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Canadian Pump & Compressor

Before starting Canadian Pump & Compressor, President Owen Myhre had worked since 2004 in the oil field, taking care of the most important asset to the operation of any oil field: the pumps. The company he has since built is involved in the rental, sale and service of a wide variety of pumps, generators, light towers, filtration and associated rental equipment.

In the beginning, it was rather a rough start. Owen Myhre practically lived in his truck with his laptop and phone, moving around from job to job in a timely manner on the remote and sometimes dangerous roads of western Canada. His customers relied on him to ensure the proper operation of the pumps that would keep their operations going.

Even though there were some challenging times, by the beginning of January 2012, Owen was able to open his first branch of Canadian Pump & Compressor in Nisku, Alberta and, by July of that year, had opened a second in Grande Prairie, Alberta. “I thought that there was a robust market for our products and services in Canada. The opportunity to start this business came through my network, and I was able to find a solid financial backer. It was just the right timing to start this business,” explains Owen.

The trend continued and a few months later, in November, yet another branch was opened in Vancouver, British Columbia followed by a fourth branch in Calgary, Alberta, this past May. “To date, from the start of the company, we’ve done business with over 140 customers in Alberta and British Columbia,” says Owen. Canadian Pump & Compressor, headquartered in Calgary, AB is affiliated with National Pump & Compressor, which is headquartered in Beaumont, TX, and through that partnership has over 30 service centres throughout the United States as well. Through this affiliation, the team is able to offer unmatched support and service on both sides of the border.

Although the company’s expansion has been rapid, management has been careful to grow organically, without taking any risks of becoming unsustainable.

Today, the company has grown to over twenty employees, and each service centre has including a business development specialist, at least one mechanic and one rental coordinator. The mechanic is responsible for maintaining the equipment and keeping it to specifications with a fifty-one point checklist; Owen feels that the standard to which all of the rental equipment is maintained differentiates the company from its competition. The rest of the team comprises drivers, electricians, field installers and management who also offer sales and assistance to clients. The company also has a fabrication facility in Alberta where it manufactures its own brand of diesel pumps which are, Owen proudly announces, “the highest performance centrifugal pump that is available on the market, for a very competitive price. Our products have applicability across many, many business sectors and we’ve done business literally from Vancouver to Baffin Island in the short time that we have been in business.”

When the company began, its focus was on diesel pumps from Pioneer Pump – a private label submersible pump line – small generators and a small range of light towers. Since then, the company has seen a great deal of demand for larger generators and larger submersible pumps. The team was able to meet those demands by adding more power to its product line. “We have a lot more big power in our fleet then we did when we started,” explains Owen. “We also have a more diverse range of pumps; we now carry small sump pumps for residences, small gas pumps for the construction industry. We started off with around fifty units in our rental fleet and we now have over five hundred units for rent.”

In fact, the company is the primary rental distributor for Pioneer Pump in Canada. “The Pioneer pump is a real game changing pump,” says Owen. “It is a centrifugal diesel pump that we package here in Canada, and is proving to be much more hydraulically efficient than other pumps on the market. This means clients are able to get more flow and pressure while using less energy, making it a more efficient way of pumping.” According to Owen, “When a customer uses a Pioneer pump for the first time, they are always blown away. When you look at the direction that the world is going, it is good to be more efficient. The Pioneer line of diesel pumps also have a priming mechanism that is totally self-contained, preventing any product carryover.”

Other examples of more efficient pumping systems are the BBA well point pumps, of which Canadian Pump & Compressor and National Pump & Compressor have the exclusive rights to sell in North America. According to Owen “The BBA well point dewatering pumps are by far the most efficient way of insuring a dry work site. They use 1/12th of the fuel of their nearest competitor.”

Canadian Pump & Compressor also performs many turnkey installations for clients in the field. For example, when a municipal pumping installation needs to be upgraded, the company can deal with the project from top to bottom. This includes the piping, the electrical and the proper pumps for the volume of water or sewage. All contractors chosen for turnkey work are experienced in the industry and are known as being able to produce quality, hassle-free work.

“We need to choose the right contractors because, when it comes to something like pumping sewage, we can’t make any mistakes. Imagine what would go wrong if a sewer bypass job went seriously wrong in a nice neighbourhood in downtown Calgary… From my perspective, we really need to make sure to have that experience on our side. We need to give the customer the best service possible without the potential of a problem, now or in the future.”

Canadian Pump & Compressor has high expectations for its staff, focusing on teamwork and getting anyone with multiple talents to lend a hand wherever it may be needed. There is no job too tough (or too dirty) for any member of the staff; even the company owner will get his hands dirty when he is needed.

The company has the ability to react to the changing demands of its clients, even if it means purchasing a large amount of brand new equipment. With the slogan, ‘Whatever you want. Whenever you need it. Whatever it takes.’, Canadian Pump & Compressor strives to take customer service to the next level as it focuses on delivering value from all the areas of the business.

Canadian Pump & Compressor plans to continue building its strong presence in the oil and gas industry, municipal markets, sewer bypass markets, construction, pipeline construction, mining and agriculture as well as continuing to expand the business through building relationships with its customers. “We don’t take any business for granted, and we are just extremely aggressive about how we go after the market,” shares Owen. “Which takes us back to our tag line – the ‘whatever it takes’ philosophy that is on the back of every one of our business cards.”

June 4, 2020, 10:04 PM EDT