Care, Commitment, and Performance


AcmeLabs has been providing mineral preparation and laboratory testing services for mining, minerals exploration, and research since 1971. The Vancouver based company got its start as a small, family business – and stayed that way for many years. But, despite its smaller size, Acme was always known for its innovation and leading edge technology…

In fact, the company has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the leading geochemical and assaying laboratories to geologists and stock exchanges worldwide.

Now, the company’s footprint is beginning to reflect its reputation. After transitioning from a family owned business to an employee owned business, Acme has grown into a global network with 26 offices in 11 countries, primarily throughout North and South America. Last year, the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) giant Bureau Veritas acquired the growing company (please see sidebar for further details). As a result, Acme has become a key member of the largest commodities testing and inspection organisations on the planet. And the company’s reach only continues to grow.

Recent Milestones

Acme has just rolled out a brand new slogan: ‘CareCommitmentPerformance.’ The phrase demonstrates that, no matter how large the company grows, the team’s commitment to individualized customer care and quality results will always remain a top priority. “Our employee ownership reflects a very high level of personal commitment from our staff to our customers and our product,” the company website explains. “It is this care and commitment that makes acme unique and strong. We have now incorporated this into our company slogan, to convey how we approach our work, our company, and our customers.” The new tagline will soon be included on all company certificates, invoices, and emails.

A number of other exciting new developments have taken place over the past year as well. New Acme offices sprang up in Guyana, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, and many existing sample preparation offices were expanded or improved. Acme also just completed a new, state of the art laboratory in Vancouver for sample preparation and fire assay. The facility was designed to provide better work spaces for employees and to increase efficiency overall. In fact, the company estimates that the new lab should triple its capacity for preparation and analysis. Additionally, Acme’s ICP/ICPMS laboratory was expanded to become one of the largest in the world. The most notable result will be an increased capacity for test tube, large beaker, and fusion digestions. Acme’s Chilean laboratory also saw a substantial renovation and expansion in order to increase analytical capacity and efficiency.

The company also completed its Acme Access web services so that customers can easily access their data over the internet at any time, day or night. “This powerful tool gives our customers unprecedented access to information,” the company website reports. Lastly, the team finished installing a new Laboratory Information Management system (LIMS). This important sample tracking and analytical reporting system now forms the core of all laboratory operations and will provide a high level of traceability for both the company and its customers.

Diverse Services

The experts at Acme provide analytical services for soil, till and sediment; rock and drill core; water; and vegetation. Sample preparation is a substantial part of the process – and the company’s business – because the majority of samples need preparation before they can be properly analyzed. In fact, “correct preparation is critical to obtaining appropriate and correct results,” the company website warns. “Without good sample preparation, the analysis is wasted.”

Acme also offers metallurgical testing. The Vancouver facility delivers a complete range of services to the mining industry, from bench scale testing to continuous pilot plant operation. The company’s complete metallurgical testing investigative package covers everything – from the early exploration phase through scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility to process development. Acme’s metallurgical services have been in particularly high demand recently, as rising metals prices have led to a boom in exploration over the last couple of years. This boom has placed significant pressure on drill rig suppliers – and mineral laboratories like Acme that test the core samples.

Regardless of the specific service, customer satisfaction is paramount and the team strives to deliver timely and accountable results. Acme maintains client services teams in multiple office locations including Goiania, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Lima, Peru; and Vancouver. These employees are expected to provide customer support and to ensure that a customer’s job is done on time and to their satisfaction. The team keeps careful track of client service performance by charting how long staff members take to respond to inquiries and how long it takes staff members to deliver results. They also gather feedback directly from the customer.

Acme’s quality assurance also provides customers peace of mind. In fact, the team first began adapting its Quality Management System to an ISO 9000 model way back in 1994, when the market first began moving in that direction. And, in 1996, Acme became the first commercial geochemical analysis and assaying lab in North America to earn registration under ISO 9001. The team has kept this registration in good standing to this day. And, the company has continued adding a slew of certificates and accreditations its name.

Acme Laboratories has come a long way from a small, family owned business. Now a multinational laboratory service company within the Bureau Veritas Group, the company has earned its place as an industry leader. And with its reliable service and dedication to customer satisfaction, Acme is sure to continue expanding its customer base – and living up to its new slogan: ‘CareCommitmentPerformance.’

May 29, 2020, 3:51 AM EDT