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3 Points Aviation

Aviation regulations state indicate that an operating airplane will be kept in perfect working order at all times. This goes for new and old (legacy aircraft) alike. The opportunity nowadays is, when one of these legacy airplanes needs repair or fails an inspection because a part has worn beyond safe operating limits, there may no longer be a suitable replacement on the market… The opportunity for an aftermarket solution is here.

Fortunately for the operator, there is no need for the grounded airplane to sit there; 3 Points Aviation has the necessary parts and services to get it flying again. Founded back in 2004, the company began as an aviation parts supply business that would stock parts purchased or simply buy an airplane to be disassembled and the recertified parts be offered for sale or exchange to an airline operator.

“They would then take that repaired inventory and sell it on the open market,” says Eric Richard, the current Director of Sales for 3 Points Aviation. “We can also offer an item up as an exchange item,” he explains.

Each of the founders has significant experience in the aviation industry, either as buyers or salespeople in support of the Dash 8 product. They saw an opportunity to get into this niche market when most companies concentrated on newer fleets and stopped focusing on the older fleets and legacy aircraft. Their experiences told them that something had to be done about the issue of parts support. Since two of the founders were buyers for airlines that operated Dash 8s and they knew firsthand how difficult it was to get parts for the aircraft as the fleets aged. The market was starting to create a price structure where one could pick up a Dash 8 relatively cheaply, tear it down and refurbish the parts for sale. “You’d actually make more money with the parts than you could by selling the airplane,” comments Eric.

With the markets changing and airline operators looking for opportunities to lower costs, 3 Points Aviation has been able to adapt its business structure, causing new services to appear in the form of manufacturing redesigned parts and doing repair and overhaul on aircraft components. Today, 3 Points offers parts manufacturing and complete overhaul services to airlines in addition to supplying all the parts needed to keep planes in the air.

The company also offers fully featured inventory packages for any aviation company that needs affordable aftermarket support for their Dash 8 fleet, regardless if they operate newer Dash 8s or an aging fleet.

Almost 700 “classic” Dash 8s 100, 200 and 300 series aircraft have been built with over 600 still in use today. There are so many Dash 8s still around because of their reliability and performance. They have been proven to have low maintenance costs and a life extension option.

Because new airframe parts for older planes can be difficult to locate, pricing and reliable sources are hard to find, and airlines are often looking for options. 3 Points Aviation can reverse engineer and manufacture those hard to find items in limited quantity batches, providing brand new parts.

The part can be improved through either a redesign of the part or through the process that is used to manufacture the part. The OEM part may have been two pieces that were originally welded together, whereas 3 Points can now manufacture it as one piece to make it a better fit with better all-around performance. All of the parts that are manufactured by 3 Points meet the requirements that any OEM part would have, and in some cases they have been improved by using better materials.

“We take the opportunity to improve on design where possible,” says Eric. “We also provide all the documentation to ensure that everything we are required to comply with, as far as testing and design, have met the standards that were originally laid out by the OEM.”
Innovation is produced every day in this way and, even though 3 Points is making parts for older aircraft, there is no reason why the legacy craft can’t be made even better today. With quality inventory control and surplus materials management as well as supplying new and re-conditioned aircraft parts, 3 Points Aviation keeps aircraft safely in the air.

May 25, 2020, 3:41 PM EDT