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Homan Roofing is a family owned and operated business that has built its success on the old school values of hard work, honesty, and respect for customers.
John Homan launched the business with his father back in 1972. The business primarily built custom homes and in the late 80’s switched gears and joined the roofing industry. John’s sons, Mike and Duane, took over around five years ago, and are both committed to maintaining their father’s and grandfather’s original vision. “We really try to do a quality job and charge a fair price and develop good relationships with our customers,” Mike Homan explains.

Homan Roofing operates primarily in the commercial sector. The team typically roofs institutional structures such as schools and hospitals, government buildings, big box warehouses, multi-tenant units, and high density housing projects. One of the team’s higher profile projects is the Kruger Paper Product warehouse, British Columbia’s largest single story building (please see sidebar for more details). Another project Homan is proud of completing is the expansion on the Soprema plant. Soprema is one of the main manufacturers of torch-on roofing membranes, and was very impressed with the quality and efficiency of Homan’s crew.

Soprema writes, “Homan Roofing was selected by our general contractor for our plant expansion project in Chilliwack, BC. We were closely involved with Homan throughout the install and found them to be very flexible to our needs and were very competent in their install techniques. We were in constant contact with their foreman for the coordination of the roof install and he was very open to our changes and implemented them to the RCABC standards. This project is part of a research project and as such we had various instrumentation installed at various levels in the roof assembly which involved coordination with a third party. Homan did a great job in working with the third party to ensure that the instrumentation was properly placed. Overall, we were very happy with the roofing work completed by Homan Roofing at our Sopraboard Expansion Project.”

The team at Homan does install roof systems on custom homes occasionally, but “we don’t ever chase residential work,” Mr. Homan reports. Typically, residential jobs come at the request of general contractors who are impressed with the team’s commercial work and want the company to roof their homes as well. Homan Roofing also has a thriving service department which excels in leak detection and repair. The team offers roof evaluations and inspections as well as full roof maintenance. Homan’s metal roofing and wall cladding divisions install many types of exterior finishes including cement board and various metal panels.

Mr. Homan says that it is the team’s underlying Christian principles that ultimately set the company apart. In an industry where there is not a lot of trust, he says, “we strive to be trustworthy and put value in being honest.” The team’s value system is clearly reflected in its overriding business strategy of providing high quality work and excellent customer service at a reasonable price.

Mr. Homan ensures the quality of his company’s work through hands-on management.
“I go on site myself,” he explains. “I try to visit as many sites as possible to maintain quality control and satisfaction… to make sure that once we leave, everything is in order and to our standards.” Homan Roofing’s commitment to quality has been recognized through numerous awards, including the 2010 and 2011 Top Five Percent North America Award. Homan was hand-picked from hundreds of single-ply companies across America and Canada; in fact Homan was the only company in western Canada to receive this award. Homan has also been a member of the prestigious “Excellence in Singe Ply” group for almost 15 years.

Homan Roofing is committed to providing outstanding customer service. Mr. Homan believes that this commitment is particularly important when doing repair work. “I know that when somebody has a leak in their building it can be disheartening and hard to deal with. We really want to make sure that we come in there and we find the problem and fix it. [We want the customer to] feel like they have been treated well and received the service they deserve and paid for.”

He explains that some customers are surprised by this level of dedication. “I know a lot of customers that have used other roofing companies and they keep getting bills for leak investigations, but [the leaks] never get found. Every winter they have the same leak and it’s really frustrating for them… we make sure this doesn’t happen.”

The Homan Roofing team also believes in treating its employees well, support that often extends beyond the workplace. The company recognizes that employees have responsibilities outside of their jobs, particularly when it comes to family. “I think that it is really important to keep… our families content and secure,” Mr. Homan reports. “We are very family oriented.” Focusing on family comes naturally for Mr. Homan and his brother – each of the men is the proud father of five children. And, having grown up in the business, they understand the importance of familial support. “Sometimes having 100 employees and five kids is really busy,” Mr. Homan admits. “Our wives are very supportive and understanding.”

The company regularly throws family oriented events to give employees an opportunity to enjoy time with their spouses and children and bond with coworkers. Popular events include camping trips, paintball tournaments, and family days. “Our company has greatly increased in size, so camping trips don’t really work out any more,” Mr. Homan admits. “But we are still keeping up the paintball. That way, guys can still shoot their boss or their supervisors and take out that negative energy.”

It’s an approach that certainly seems to be working. Homan Roofing’s winning strategies and well executed jobs have brought in so much word of mouth business that the company has never needed to advertise. “We haven’t really had any marketing strategies. We’ve just always been busy,” Mr. Homan says. The extent of the firm’s advertising is the name and logo on its vehicles and the odd banner on job sites. “The more people see your logo and see your name, the more comfortable they are with it,” Mr. Homan points out. “If they know that other people are using us they feel more comfortable using us as well.” Mr. Homan believes that name recognition is particularly crucial in the roofing industry, where reputations can be notoriously dubious. “A lot of people have a sense of uncertainty when they have a roofing company or any construction company for that matter, perform work for them,” he acknowledges.

The roofing industry has hit some challenges lately. “It’s pretty competitive out there right now,” explains Mr. Homan. “There is not a lot of new construction.” Homan Roofing, however, has managed to ride out the Global Financial Crisis completely unscathed. “We haven’t been affected by that at all. Last month was our biggest month of billing ever as a company.” He cites proactive management and wise financial planning as the secrets behind the company’s continued success through tough economic times.

“We have zero debt as a business, so no payments,” he explains. By avoiding debt and keeping overhead costs down, the team is able to bid more aggressively on jobs, win more work, and maintain steady revenue.

Homan Roofing isn’t ruling out future expansion, but for right now, the company is committed to maintaining its focus on what has brought it success: quality work and a dedication to customer service. Mr. Homan hopes that other companies will take note of his winning strategy. “I think that everybody needs to hear that hard work and an honest price do produce dividends.”

Roofing BC’s Largest Building
In 2011, Homan Roofing roofed the largest single storey building in British Columbia. The new Kruger Paper Products warehouse covers an impressive 12 acres and measures in at half a million square feet. The massive structure is located in Queensborough and was developed by the Burnaby-based Beedie Group.

Homan Roofing won the extremely competitive job through its enviable reputation and aggressive bidding. “It was a large job so a lot of people wanted their name on [it],” Mr. Homan recalls. “So we had to go in pretty aggressive. More aggressive than we would normally.”

After winning the bid, the company had to contend with multiple challenges posed by the scale of the operation and worksite. “It was a large site, so there was a lot going on.” Trucks loaded down with materials were constantly coming in and out. There was an army of construction personnel with which to contend. “Just having everything timed perfectly was the biggest challenge.”

Organization was crucial to the success of the operation and Mr. Homan commends the Beedie Group for running a well-ordered site. “They are a great company to work for, so we try to bid more aggressively on their jobs,” he adds. He also gives credit to his own company’s “excellent people” and their careful planning. “It went really well; the customer was very happy.”

As the Beedie Group says, “Whether a small or large roofing job, our contractor of choice is Homan. Homan has the skilled people to deliver good quality products on time and they do stand behind their work. The timely service and exceptional value is what separates Homan from the rest. Trust, care and good judgment is why Homan ranks higher in our list of preferred contractors.”

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