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For over 50 years, Singer Valve Inc. has been one of the world’s most recognized and dependable providers of reliable and time-tested water control solutions. Responsible for developing water solutions for applications ranging from the driest of countries to the largest and most populated cities in the world, Singer Valve’s custom-designed and precision manufactured automatic control valves have been installed in virtually every corner of the globe.

“You’re going to find Singer Valve on every continent,” says Mark Gimson, the Surrey B.C.-based company’s Business Development and Marketing Manager. Providing practical and efficient water management solutions to governments, cities of all sizes, companies and contractors, Singer Valve’s quality products are used in water distribution, and installed at water plants, pump stations, vaults, underground chambers, and other relevant parts of water distribution networks. “Anywhere you need to control pressure, flow, or levels in storage tanks you will find a control valve,” says Mr. Gimson.

From helping to prevent water loss management in Southeast Asia to meeting urban distribution demands from coast to coast in Canada, major American centres from Denver to Dallas, and cities across Australia, Spain, South America, Mexico, the Middle East and countless others locations, Singer Valve takes pride in the quality of all its products. Offering solutions to water works, fire protection, and building trades, along with Singer Packaged Systems, the company takes on all projects with professionalism, integrity, and innovation, all backed by decades of first-hand experience. In fact, many of Singer Valve’s products are the result of the company’s dedicated research and design team’s desire to work closely with clients to find solutions to water-based challenges.

Working with 60 to 70 basic bare valve models, privately-owned Singer Valve is able to create valves ranging from a half-inch all the way up to a metre in diameter. In the old days, cast iron was the primary choice for the waterworks industry; today, Singer Valve’s products are crafted from ductile iron or stainless steel. Metallurgically distinct from cast iron, which is usually brittle and prone to breaking or cracking when dropped or struck, ductile iron is considerably stronger and more “elastic.”

With prices ranging from about $900 to $70,000, much of Singer Valve’s work is customized to the individual needs of clients. Starting with a blue valve body, the company’s skilled technicians will attach a pilot system, which will determine the function of the valve. Pressure-reducing valves remain the most common, and there are literally thousands of different possible combinations and configurations. “Our customers can have a whole variety of additions, including different metals of construction,” comments Mr. Gimson of the company, which often creates custom schematics for its clients. “We want to drill down into the problem and discover what a valve needs to do, and its specific application.”

Solutions Based on Innovation

At Singer Valve, the company has a longstanding tradition of focusing on solutions, not problems. This forward-thinking attitude has resulted in over half a century’s worth of durable products and custom-tailored solutions for customers such as the City of Calgary, the City of Vancouver’s False Creek Fire Pump Station, the Halifax Regional Water Authority, the City of Toronto, the City of Montreal, the Department of Water and Power for the City of Los Angeles, New York’s Rockefeller Center, the Dominican Republic’s Instituto Nacional desallorro de Recursos Hidraulicos in Santo Domingo, Jamaica’s Water National Commission, the Reykjavik Water Utility in Iceland, the Golden Pyramid Plaza in Egypt, the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, Thailand’s Phuket Water Utility, the Sydney Water Authority in Australia, and countless other locations.

Once presented with a challenge, Singer Valve’s team – which includes electronic, instrumentation, and control valve specialists – put their training to the test, and pursue research and design strategies until a solution for the client is found. The company has worked on a number of innovative products over the years, including its patented anti-cavitation cage and its patented hydraulically controlled flow modulation valve. From creating a pressure reducing valve with integral, secondary backup systems to devising single rolling diaphragm technology, a self-flushing PRV pilot for dirty water, and specialty pilots and options to solve even the most difficult applications, Singer Valve remains one of the world’s leaders in creating custom-designed water control solutions.

The company has become so recognized internationally for its work that Singer Valve is often approached by municipalities to take on projects. Well known in New York, Singer was honoured when through their agents, it was contacted to provide customized valves for the World Trade Centre during the rebuilding of World Trade Seven, including stainless steel valves for the fire suppression system. “This was a very unique situation and they required a valve that had not previously been developed,” says Mr. Gimson. “As this was a new concept, it did require a lot of testing and various approvals before being installed.”

Quality Casting, Rigorous Testing

Along with innovation, reliability, selection, superior technical support and customer service, Singer Valve ensures its products meets rigorous quality control standards. The company sources castings from various foundries worldwide, while most of the machining, coating and final assembly is undertaken in Surrey, BC. The firm also has the ability to do sub-assembly in Canada, USA Malaysia, UAE and most recently China, where it is starting to break into the huge Chinese water market. However, quality is still at the forefront of everything Singer Valve does.

With a current staff of approximately 100, Singer Valve has sales associates and warehouses in Canada, the United States, Malaysia, The Middle East, China, and many other locations, and plans to keep expanding. Having outgrown its Surrey-based facilities, the company is in the process of creating a larger machine shop building, additional storage, and new offices, and is planning to build another storage warehouse. “As we spread into new countries, we are very much in growth mode,” comments Mr. Gimson.

With a focus on performance, all Singer control valves are manufactured to the highest quality. From the stem cap to the spring, from the fusion epoxy coating to the anti-vibration fasteners, the company prides itself on meeting and exceeding client expectations. For water works, the company produces valves that can handle real-world applications with ease, including extreme pressure, valves that can sense the slightest danger, and even valves that can call for backup in case of an emergency. The company’s fire protection valves are used in life-saving applications, and are engineered and built to be dependable, such as the pressure relief valve which automatically relieves excess pressure, so the fire protection system does not discharge. In the building trades, Singer provides a range of automatic control valves and electronic control systems for buildings large and small. From mechanical systems to plumbing, fire protection, water storage, booster pumps, hydro-pneumatic tanks and more, the company has solutions to meet every building need.

Singer Packaged Systems

To meet the water management needs of all clients, Singer Valve can create Packaged Systems. Designing and manufacturing a valve station to meet exact customer needs, the company can also test the system and deliver it, depending on the wishes of the client. Many choose this option, since it saves money through capital costs compared with on-site construction, along with labour, time, and traffic disruption. Systems are designed, packaged, tested and calibrated to suit the individual customer. Installation can be completed in just one day with minimal service and site disruption, and Singer takes responsibility for all the details.

When clients choose a Singer Packaged System, they will receive pre-assembled and factory tested valve piping arrangements, exacting AutoCAD drawings, fusion epoxy coating on piping, components and Singer valves, AWWA approved components, and more. Standard Packaged Systems incorporate proven and tested Singer Valve components, and other complementary brands specified by the client, and can include pressure reducing packaged systems, pressure relief/sustaining/surge control packaged systems, pump control packaged systems, level control packaged systems, flow metering control packaged systems, backflow control packaged systems, or customized packaged systems.

No matter the type of valve or system, Singer Valve has built its reputation on listening to the needs of all clients and developing unique applications and solutions. From meeting the water needs of some of the world’s largest cities to serving fire departments and construction companies, Singer Valve is a leader in its field for its quality products, expertise, and innovation. “We’re known in the industry as the guys who push the envelope,” says Mr. Gimson. “We are very strong technical competitors.”

December 16, 2018, 8:02 PM EST

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