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November 22, 2019, 2:54 AM EST

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Development in Action »

Green Bay is a built-out city with room to grow. Despite the rapid rates of growth and development that have taken place, resulting in demographic, social and technological shifts, the city has remained adaptable, responsive and viable as an economy and as a community.

City of Green Bay, WI

A Lone Star State Success Story Experiences Explosive Growth on the Eve of its 175th Anniversary »

Located in Central Texas near major transportation routes, the city of New Braunfels is one of the fastest-growing communities in America. The city has become a popular destination for businesses, tourists, and residents alike. Now, as it approaches its 175th anniversary, local officials plan to mark the city’s founding by highlighting its unique heritage and contemporary appeal.

New Braunfels, TX

Making it Work »

In a not-so-distant past, big department stores ruled the retail world in the United States and Canada. Juggernauts like Sears, Eaton’s, and Simpsons seemed unstoppable, as they sold everything from towels to transistor radios. These and other big retailers were the only places to shop other than small, specialized businesses carrying footwear, hardware, and the like. If you needed a television,

E-Commerce and Warehousing Logistics

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping »

What everyone’s been waiting for is almost here. Well, maybe not every consumer – but certainly every retailer – in store and online alike – has Black Friday circled on their calendars. But because of changes in consumer behaviour, Black Friday is no longer the one-day shopping frenzy it was and now extends for two months, beginning early in November, while Cyber Monday is catching up.

A Look at Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Superior Service Built on Strong Values »

Providing warehousing and logistics services from its head office in Edmonton and a secondary location in Fort McKay, Fort McKay Logistics is a growing and ever-evolving presence in the warehousing, transportation, procurement and supply chain business. Today, the company has the capacity and expertise to move goods from anywhere in the world by air, marine, rail, and truck.

Fort McKay Logistics LP

Powered Up – Rock-Solid Repair for Turbines, Generators and Motors »

When a service company has someone in the office taking calls on Christmas Eve, that’s a plus. And when the company can get a team to work over the Christmas holiday to make an important repair – that’s going above and beyond. Paul Crawford, CEO of NorthPoint Technical Services, tells the story.

NorthPoint Technical Services

Automation Systems for the Present and the Future »

Automation is the new frontier in manufacturing and supply chain management. But how do businesses get up to speed? Conveyco Technology is a renowned automation and efficiency systems integrator that designs and tailors automation systems to each client's present and future needs.

Conveyco Technology

North America’s Leading Rack Safety Solutions Company Marks Its 30th Anniversary in Style »

Warehouse pallet racking systems used for product storage are sometimes seen as an afterthought. Once in place, they are expected to serve their purpose without much care, as storage locations for a company’s inventory. Unfortunately, the reality is much different, says Eric Naaman, president of Damotech, North America’s largest rack safety solutions specialty firm.


Faith & Family »

Family-owned Timmons Oil Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma and Springdale, Arkansas specializes in on- and off-road diesel fuel, as well as lubricants, heavy-duty oils, and exhaust fluid – which is in particularly high in demand.

Timmons Oil Company

Heating for the Long Haul »

Counterintuitive as it may seem at first, wood energy is becoming one of Canada’s hottest and most affordable go-to fuels when it comes to the effective heating of indoor human habitats. A leader in this field, Biothermic brings Austrian brilliance to modern wood burning across the country.