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May 6, 2021, 7:06 PM EDT

In Focus

Safe Travels »

Last fall, a couple decided to do a whale watching tour off tiny Brier Island in south-western Nova Scotia, Canada. The area is known for its bird watching, whales in the Bay of Fundy, and the occasional seal popping its head up to say hello. The couple wondered how crowded the fifty-foot boat might be and how close they would be to other passengers, bouncing over the waves.

Tourism in the Pandemic Age

Navigating the Waters to Remain a Leader in IT and AV »

JKL Technologies is an information technology solutions firm with offices across the United States, poised for a glowing future as opportunities open up once again.

JKL Technologies

Imagination Without Limits »

Today, one of the world leaders in bringing digital dreams to life is New York City-based SNA Displays. Through the innovative use of LED display technology, the digital canvases designed and manufactured by SNA Displays are nothing less than spectacular.

SNA Displays

The Warehouse Automation Experts »

ABCO Systems Inc. is a market authority in solutions for warehousing and distribution center automation. From the pre-design phase to construction and automation, the company delivers the best quality and service with more than three decades of experience in the field. From their headquarters in Belleville, New Jersey, the ABCO team serves customers across the United States, with a concentrated pr

ABCO Systems

Family-Run Firm Deals with COVID and Builds Its Business »

Hightowers Petroleum Company (HPC) has successfully adapted to the challenges posed by COVID and shifting energy markets. Incorporated in 1984, this Middletown, Ohio-based, family-run gas and diesel wholesaler, profiled in the July 2019 issue of Business in Focus magazine, continues to be a leading African-American-owned fuel company, primarily serving the downstream petroleum sector.

Hightowers Petroleum Company

Providing Canada With the Keys to Security Success »

With brands older than a century and a legacy of innovation, Allegion Canada offers the finest technology and mechanical quality in smart security locking systems.

Allegion Canada Inc.

Rural Development Gets a Boost in Finney County »

The county seat and largest city in Finney County, Kansas is Garden City. At a population of 32,000, it holds more than half of the county’s growing population of 40,000. Although the county has a fairly low number of residents, Garden City, in particular, covers a wide trade area. It brings in numerous customers from nearby regions including southwest Kansas, the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles,

Finney County Economic Development Corporation (FCEDC)

Powering New Manufacturing Opportunities »

In the past, batteries ended up in landfills or banished to boxes in the basement and forgotten. But today, as a new awareness has revealed the environmental fallout of used batteries, recycling has become the option for battery disposal going forward.

Battery Solutions

From the Top Down »

The idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) first emerged in 1953, gained traction in the 70s, and increasingly became the standard. Today, it is an integral part of a company’s brand and value proposition.

The Impact and Reach of Corporate Social Responsibility

Buyer Aware »

Living in a consumer-driven society means making numerous decisions every single day regarding purchases made in both a personal and professional capacity. With the growing awareness of and appreciation for sustainable products from environmentally conscious companies, customers are increasingly putting their money where their morals are and moving toward buying green —and businesses are learnin

Enabling Eco-Friendly Consumption