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April 20, 2021, 10:34 PM EDT

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Buyer Aware »

Living in a consumer-driven society means making numerous decisions every single day regarding purchases made in both a personal and professional capacity. With the growing awareness of and appreciation for sustainable products from environmentally conscious companies, customers are increasingly putting their money where their morals are and moving toward buying green —and businesses are learnin

Enabling Eco-Friendly Consumption

Delivering Superior Treated Lumber »

Recognized as the greatest in its class by television’s World’s Greatest in 2016, Madison Wood Preservers makes finding superb, treated lumber and agricultural fence posts easier than ever. End tags from this national powerhouse appear only on the best lumber money can buy.

Madison Wood Preservers

Founded on Knowledge and Integrity »

For over 35 years, Girish C. Dubey has gone to work every morning to make a positive difference to the pavement industry – and to the world.


Family Firm Sets New Standards in the Trucking Sector »

Seafood Express Transport, a family-owned, award-winning trucking firm based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, is gearing up for growth following an extremely challenging year.

Seafood Express Transport

Red-Hot and Ready to Roll »

Healthy, resilient supply chains – of food and other goods – are of the utmost importance to national security. PECO Pallet is a leader in quality pallet supply that helps North America run like clockwork.

PECO Pallet

Bringing Advanced Technology to the Grocery Sector »

The pandemic continues to affect our world, but business infrastructure must endure. While restaurant sales drop, grocery chains across North America are feeling the strain, and maintaining the complex machinery used in food service is a full-time job.

United Service Technologies

Good Eggs: Treating Chickens With Kindness »

It’s not often you meet someone with a PhD in Avian Ethology — the scientific and objective study of bird behavior — but it’s evident within moments of speaking to John Brunnquell, President and CEO of Egg Innovations, that he’s definitely an expert in his field. His organic, free-range egg production company is growing steadily with exciting new products arriving this year, as it aims t

Egg Innovations

This Leader in the Field of Meat Production is Expanding into Plant-Based Alternatives »

Throughout its sixty-year history, the Jensen Meat Company brand has become synonymous with quality meat products throughout its operating territory. The company processes high-quality beef products in a variety of sizes, shapes, and fat-to-lean ratios for the retail, foodservice distribution, restaurant, and school markets. The company is now adapting to the evolving needs of its customers by inc

Jensen Meat Company

Spend a Day in Cajun Country »

Allen Parish, Louisiana is home to a wealth of Cajun traditions and unique tourist attractions. After featuring the community several times in the past, Business in Focus caught back up with Allen Parish Tourist Commission’s Executive Director Adagria Haddock to get the scoop on the Parish’s new Cultural Center and hear the latest news.

Allen Parish, LA

Kicking off 2021 with a Gamechanger »

The Port of Green Bay is an economic engine that has been driving growth and prosperity in the City of Green Bay and Northeastern Wisconsin for centuries. But its true capacity will only now be realized, as new and exciting ways to maximize its potential build steam.

The Port of Green Bay