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August 19, 2019, 12:30 AM EDT

Keep on Trucking

North America’s trucking industry has been wrestling with the growing issue of a driver shortage for many years – particularly in the long-haul sector. The industry, businesses, and government are all looking for ways to fill the urgent need for more truckers. Suggestions to solve this are wide-ranging, and many are viable but will see results over the long term.

In Focus

What it Takes to Make it in Texas Produce »

From sweeping the floors of a loading dock to owning his own multimillion dollar company, Nick Delgado knows what it means to build a successful business from the ground up. One of the most important parts of his achievement? His family.

Quality Fruit & Vegetable Company

Redefining Wholesome »

Years before farmyard fowl and humans would begin jiving to the infectious tune of Louis Jordan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens,’ the founders of Miller Poultry bought a small farm. And with food ethics concerns and allergy issues on the rise, it helps to know that there are U.S. chicken producers like this.

Miller Poultry

Natural Delights — The Name Says It All »

Sweet, succulent, nutritious Medjool dates are the pride of Morocco, where they have a history of cultivation stretching back thousands of years. However, happily for North American date fans, horticulturists brought Medjool shoots to the U.S. in the 1920s, and today, the descendants of these trees thrive under the watchful eye of the Bard Valley Date Growers Association. Once harvested, the dates


Full-Circle Pallet and Supply Chain Solutions »

In 1978, Frank Bonamie, an enrolled member of the Cayuga Indian Nation of New York, set out building pallets in a barn in Spencer, New York. His first client was Kodak and he experienced so much success that it changed the trajectory of his business and his future.

Ongweoweh Corp.

Over 50 Years of Precision Turned Components for Any Application »

Since 1965, Swiss Automation has been a supplier of precision turned components, and its work has been rewarded with contracts that extend to the aerospace, defense, medical device, firearms, and hydraulics markets. We spoke with National Sales Director Tom Irvin to find out more.

Swiss Automation

Vertically Integrated Molding, Machining and Manufacturing Solutions »

With customers in the chemical, water, and food processing industries – not to mention aerospace, medical and other high-stakes sectors – there is no margin for error. Jrlon recognizes this and continues to deliver parts, solutions and service of the highest quality, doing so by growing its capacity and expertise across materials and manufacturing processes.


Giving PEI Potatoes a Run for Their Money »

In 2012, David Campbell co-founded a company in the little province of Prince Edward Island, Canada called Origins Xtractions Limited that focused on making equipment for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. At the time, cannabis was not legal, but he suspected that someday it would be.

Advanced Extraction Systems, Inc.

For Demanding Industries where Pumping Failure is not an Option »

For industries like mining, power generation, steel mills, pulp and paper, sand and gravel/aggregate and water treatment, downtime from equipment failure can be catastrophic. They turn to GPM, Inc., known worldwide for its reliable submersible and horizontal pumps, and the toughest of all, the GPM-Eliminator™.


Coming Together to Fill the GAP in Marathon County »

The Marathon County, Wisconsin development corporation MCDEVCO has been around for forty-one years, and it is difficult to think of an entrepreneur here who has not been, in some way, influenced, encouraged, or helped by the corporation to follow through on their dreams of starting a new business. The organization was founded with the development and wellbeing of the economy in mind and works towa


Business Booms, Developments Flourish, and Life Becomes Even Better »

Oak Lawn, Illinois, is a village in Cook County that has become a site of burgeoning marketplace development in several sectors, especially since this publication’s last profile on the village in the February 2017 issue.

Village of Oak Lawn, IL