Town of Lexington

Birthplace of American Liberty

A column of soldiers march boldly toward the Lexington Green, muskets ready, bayonets flashing in the morning sun. A handful of Minute Men watch nervously, Paul Revere’s warning ringing in their ears. An unexpected shot whirs through the air, followed by smoke and chaos. The American Revolution has begun.

Town of Lexington
Town of Natick

A Quintessential New England Town

A visit to Natick, Massachusetts is a bit like strolling through a Norman Rockwell painting. Colonial homes line the streets; red barns and stone churches dot rolling hills of farmland; families still gather in the town center to celebrate Independence Day with a patriotic parade. But, while Natick may feel like the quintessential New England hometown, it is located just 15 miles from Boston, creating an ideal balance of classic Americana and urban amenities.

Natick, Massachusetts
Surface Mount Technology

New Technologies, Novel Solutions

When it comes to electronics manufacturing and engineering technology, it isn’t just large corporations that need these services. Surface Mount Technology Corporation (SMT) was founded to meet the needs of diverse companies of all sizes.

Surface Mount Technology Corporation
Shepherd's Care

A Community of Caring

Shepherd’s Care Foundation has a long history of providing Christian, age-in-place care for moderate income seniors, in a person-centred environment. Business in Focus spoke with John Pray, its President and CEO.

Shepherd's Care Foundation
Segue Manufacturing

Global Neighbors

In a business landscape as competitive as manufacturing and engineering services, it can be a challenge to stand out. Every business opportunity is competed for by a multitude of companies, all promising the highest of standards and claiming to be one step ahead of its rivals.

Segue Manufacturing
Panhandle Oil Field

Proudly Serving the U.S.

For more than a quarter of a century, Panhandle Oilfield Service Companies, Inc. (POSCI) has proudly provided area producers with the highest quality products and services, and has lived up to its goal: to continually set the standard in the oilfield service industry.

Panhandle Oilfield Service Companies
NW Signs

Signs of Our Times

Since forming over two decades ago, NW Sign Industries has become a national leader across America in providing high quality interior and exterior signage services and solutions.

NW Sign Industries
Mountain Crane

Reaching New Heights

Occasionally in business, one part of the chain that runs from the initial concept to delivery of a project does not receive the thanks it deserves. It does not get intentionally forgotten per se, but somewhere along the way, its input is almost taken as a given…

Mountain Crane
Millwaukee Electronics

Custom Made Solutions Since 1954

Milwaukee Electronics was launched way back in 1954, making it one of the oldest electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers in the industry. Founded to meet the needs of mining equipment manufacturers, the company has continued to evolve as both an engineering firm and a contract manufacturer.

Milwaukee Electronics
MCR Oil Tools

Innovation as an Everyday Goal

It might be fair to assume that in today’s business climate, particularly one of tentative recovery from the challenges faced over the last eight years, businesses are merely digging deep and trying to safely navigate the turbulence. However, there are still patches of genuine drive – innovative solutions that are pushing their industry forward.

MCR Oil Tools

October 19, 2017, 5:02 AM EDT

Wind on the Rise

In the world of renewable energy, wind power is growing fast. It is projected that 10 percent of the energy generated in the United States will come from wind farms by 2020. Offshore wind farms are a relatively new addition to the American energy market, but the technology has been well established in Europe and is now taking off state-side as well.