Your Complete Partner in Metals

Winchester Metals is a steel distribution, processing and fabrication company from Winchester, Virginia. The company has three primary operations through which it performs various services. It has an inventory warehouse where it stocks steel products for end users to buy, a processing operation enabling the company to transform the steel into a size or form that suits an end user or manufacturing application, and it has a structural steel fabrication division that makes weldments for residential, light commercial, and other structural steel applications.

Winchester Metals

Leading Solutions in Sealants and Adhesives

Uniseal is a manufacturer of adhesive and sealant products primarily for the automobile industry. The company was founded in 1961 in Evansville, Indiana. It is centrally located to serve the automotive assembly plants that tend to be based in the Midwestern United States.


Making a Vital Difference

Regarded for its plastic injection molding and contract assembly offerings, Vital Plastics is a problem solver for customers in a number of diverse industries. Customers have come to depend on its experience and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Vital Plastics

Customer Focused, Quality Oriented

Business transactions have increasingly moved online, taking place between parties who are remotely located from one another. Many companies and individuals are left yearning for world-class customer service where interpersonal relationships are nurtured and customers are appreciated. This is how ANCO Steel Company still does business.

ANCO Steel Company

The Problem-Solving Experts

Stockwell Elastomerics is a manufacturing company specializing in the fabrication of custom gaskets and elastomeric components for a wide array of applications. The company was founded in 1919 and is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Stockwell Elastomerics

Shooting for the Stars

Valcor Engineering Corporation is aiming for the stars. Based in Springfield, New Jersey, the company designs and manufactures fluid control valves and related products for a variety of industries. Some of its most prominent customers are found in the aerospace and aircraft sectors. Other sectors served include the scientific and industrial markets and the nuclear power industry.

Valcor Engineering Corporation

Setting the Standard

Strahman Valves, Inc., sets the standard for products in its sector – literally. Based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and nearly a century old, this company is the global leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing wash down equipment and custom process valves. It is proud of its heritage and reputation for quality and is eager to expand its product-line and business.

Strahman Valves

The Best in Sports Nutrition

Today, sports nutrition supplements are everywhere, but this was not always the case. Twenty-five years ago, this was an industry that only existed in concepts and ideas, with sparse offerings in drug stores. In 1994, Reflex Supplements, of Surrey, B.C., was born. It was one of the first supplement stores in Canada. From the onset, the company saw positive growth, and that continues to this day, as it is the fastest growing company of its kind in Canada.

Reflex Supplements

Getting Us Moving Again

As anyone who has experienced pain and discomfort in bones, joints, ligaments and other parts of the body knows, it can affect our ability to work, play, and even move. Fortunately, the professional and caring team at the Orthopaedic Specialty Group can help with musculoskeletal system injuries or diseases from advanced surgical and nonsurgical techniques to neurosurgery, pain management, and rehabilitation.

The Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C.

A Physician’s Trusted Partner in Laser Aesthetics Solutions

Nineteen years ago, a group of laser and optical engineers founded CUTERA, a global leader in energy-based aesthetic solutions known for its innovative approach to technological development and commitment to helping physicians exceed the expectations of their clients.


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